Casino web hosting: Top 10 casino server solutions as on August 2017

Furniture and chairs are not so important in any house as solid foundation and sturdy walls. In the context of Internet gambling, the following analogy can be drawn: everything we see is furniture, and the base for it is casino web hosting. For a web resource to be stable, fast and capable of handling a large volume of traffic, it has to be hosted on powerful casino server.

Casino web hosting

When it comes to gambling business, it’s all the more necessary to devote a great deal of effort and resources to hosting.

Gambling is directly related to money. Big money. We all perfectly know that wherever big money is, there are thievery people with dirty conscience in search of easy pickings. The most vexing thing is that nature often bestows such people with extraordinary talents in the form of programming abilities for some reason.

All online gambling sites are regularly exposed to numerous hacking attacks. Nor do we forget the high level of competition in this niche, where a great many unscrupulous business rivals operate on the basis of the principle «any port in the storm».

Online casino hosting is your main fortress. Almost everything depends on it. Even if the platform has a multi-level security system, but is based on «leaky» servers, wait for trouble to come. An enterprising hacker will certainly indulge in cracking such a site.

If you need a really high-quality, proven and reliable online casino server, you should seek assistance from Casino Market. The most appropriate gambling project hostings that have all the important features were selected specially for you.

So let's give a detailed consideration for each provider. Note that they were selected by a group of experts from the Casino Market company with due account for the views of the operators.

1. - casino server

We're going to start the reviews with the company. Operators can obtain casino web hosting here with a full service cycle, starting with the registration of the domain name and ending with the rest. You can use the IP telephony service. Every customer receives his own payment card.

A company customer can select one of several tariffs that differ in the capacity of the resource provided and the processor parameters. A detailed description of each specific tariff can be found on the official site. has several own data centers. All provide for duplicated independent channels of communication, modern fire-extinguishing systems. The company's specialists pay great attention to the security of the system, which is very important for Internet casino operators.

The interface is quite simple to learn, and is quickly to get used to. The years-long history of the provider, the absence of rumours and scandals associated with the name of, quick reaction of technical support makes this gambling hosting one of the best options for an entrepreneur.

2. - casino web hosting was founded as far back as 2007 and has since managed to win the ranks of the leading hosting providers. At the moment, the company's representative offices can be found in several major cities.

Here you will get a complete web hosting package, including domain name registration and the lease of the dedicated server. The cost of services is democratic for all tariff plans. The online casino server is limited only by disk space, but operators are free like birds as what concerns the rest. Sites, domains, databases, and email boxes are not limited in qualitty. To test this beauty, the provider gives 30 days of free use.

There's no need to mention security again. The companies that have been cooperating with since its foundation assure that they have never experienced any serious problems — casino web hosting has been working without interruption.

The interface may seem complicated at first glance, but after a brief use, it shows itself in all its glory. A lot of useful features and capabilities make the virtual casino server from an excellent choice.

3. is a well-known hosting provider that provides a server for online casino clients. The company is notable for its personalized approach to all customers and taking into account their wishes. Everything is set up and configured quickly, within an hour.

The company's customers note a high level of stability and reliability so that becomes the perfect solution for hosting a game project. The provider adheres to a fairly democratic pricing policy. The free 10 days of use are provided for learning the service.


The company was founded in 2004 and is located in Russia. Modern channels of communication allow good communication on the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. The customers of the provider is free to choose one of several tariffs that differ in the memory capacity.

To check the quality of services, you can test your gambling hosting. The company can boast the highest level of reliability, as the servers are located on the territory of Netherlands. The data centres have advanced power supply systems, and the backup power supply is also provided. staff pay close attention to safety matters. Access control, video surveillance system, gateway system… You can see such things only in American action movies and the data centers of As what concerns the control panel, it’s quite simple to master and causes no problems.

5. - online casino hosting

It's one of the most budget-friendly but no less good hostings of Runet. The company offers several tariff plans so that anyone could choose a service according to own needs. To verify the quality of the services, offers the opportunity to test the gambling hosting and its full functionality free of charge for 10 days.

The service can boast a convenient user interface. It’s also worth noting that many known companies use the services of this provider. offers to register a domain name in any of the popular zones.

The customers are given an opportunity to decide on the operating system, script set, and disk space.


The advantages of, a company that was founded as far back as 1997, providing casino web hosting solutions are more than obvious:

  • unlimited traffic for gambling hosting;
  • unlimited storage space for data;
  • opportunity to pay with a credit card or via PayPal system,;
  • five-day testing period;
  • a free domain with the opportunity to add an unlimited number of addresses.

Additionally, we should note the multi-level security system of this provider and a fast-responding technical support service.

7. REG.RU - gambling hosting

One of the best choices in terms of price and quality ratio. It is possible to place databases without limit, the traffic is not limited either, which can be a decisive factor for a gambling project. Experienced webmasters highly appreciate the REG.RU control panel, which is truly incredibly convenient and thoughtful. This makes this casino server a very good choice.

Casino web hosting provides for automatic visitor statistics and a number of additional business-useful services. If something goes wrong, you can contact technical support at any time or use the video lessons.


A cheap online casino hosting that, despite a low price, is considered reliable and functional. The risk of unauthorized intrusion by third parties is simply excluded.

Next, is ready to actually prove the high quality of its services and provides a 10 days of server free use. Additionally, there are many other useful features here.

9. offers an opportunity to host any number of sites with databases, regardless of the selected tariff plan. The traffic volume has no restrictions, so a client pays only for a casino server.

The hosting can also boast a high level of security and a data backup feature that allows you to recover all information in the event of a disaster. For a potential customer to fully test all the beauties of a functionality, the option of 10-day free use is available.

10. Slotegrator

Slotegrator offers an unlimited amount of memory at an incredibly low price. The support service operates 24 hours a day, has never been reproached and responds to any request within two minutes. Slotegrator provides its customers unlimited traffic and high capacity.

Since Slotegrator works in gambling business and develops software for online casinos, the company's specialists have the firsthand knowledge of the security matters. That’s why the agency gives so much attention to safety issues. Multiple security systems provide the highest level of protection. This is the best anti abuse hosting on the market.

The number of all operating hosting providers is startling. Many of those not present in our ratings also provide high-quality services. But let's be realistic. This is the a rather specific niche where our special rules are applied.

We have selected the best hosting providers for gambling business. They do not ask extra questions and provide a complete package of services. For more information about each of these hosts, you can find on the official websites of companies .

To buy casino web hosting and use quality services for development of your project, contact Casino Market. The company has been working in the gambling industry for many years and has been able to study the environment perfectly.

You will surely find there exactly what you need. If there are matters raising questions with you, feel free to turn for help to the Casino Market consultants and receive detailed information about conducting the gambling business and the peculiarities of this industry.

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