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The Benefits of Working in the Africa Market

Loyal business conditions for operators

Moderate level of market competition

Demand for online gambling projects

Development of mobile technologies

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How to Open an Efficient Gambling Business in Africa — An In-Depth Experts’ Guide from Casino Market

1. African Online Gambling Laws

2. The Appealing Side of the Gambling Market in Africa

3. Turnkey Casino in Africa

4. The Main Things about Opening an Online Casino in Africa

When an entrepreneur wants to launch the African gambling business, he should consider a lot of essential aspects about the African casino license. 

There is plenty of room for development in this area. Such countries as Tunisia, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, and Algeria attract dozens of operators to start a casino in Africa. Casino Market decided to explain how to develop a lucrative gambling business in Africa.

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African Online Gambling Laws

African online gambling laws

No country in Africa has regulated online gambling yet. At the same time the gambling business in Africa has its benefits.

There are a few legal notions that will help orient better in the African gambling market and understand how to start a legitimate business in the region:

  • in 2004, the National Gambling Act restricted any applications to register online gambling establishments on the territory of all countries;
  • there are neither regulations that would forbid accessing foreign-based online gambling platforms for Africans nor punishment for using them;
  • even though a lot of countries on the territory of Africa are Muslim and their representation of gambling implies a complete refusal from such activity, it does not restrict young modern Africans to enjoy their favourite entertainment.

The Appealing Side of the Gambling Market in Africa

The wise operators do start online gambling in Africa. The most popular targets are South Africa, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria. But what makes entrepreneurs choose these countries particularly, despite the lack of proper African gambling laws? The answer is simple — future possibilities.

Since no one can open gambling in Africa on the internet inside the region, people here are craving for this entertainment. Therefore, foreign-based platforms often target the gambling market in Africa, considering the advantages they get upon entering it.

Reason to enter Africa


Highly solvent players

It can be pretty beneficial to start online gambling in Africa, targeting specifically the solvent audience. A thoroughly configured and promoted internet casino does not require a lot of players that are capable of huge bets, and Africa has plenty of such people

Outer investments

Surely, affluent people are key to a successful gambling business in Africa. However, what is even more important is the investments that are pumped into the region to stabilize the economic sphere and increase people’s earning capabilities in most gambling countries in Africa

Total digitalization

Operators who buy casinos in Africa benefit from 90% of the population in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, and Tunisia who have access to mobile internet

Cryptocurrency growth

South Africa is called a new frontier of cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin. Since this type of payment is now widely utilized in the gambling industry, operators are thrilled with the possibility to launch African gambling platforms with the focus on this country

Enjoyment from gambling

The lack of abundant entertainment means that online gambling, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world, becomes one of the most demanded leisure pastime in the region

Though African gambling laws are not regulated, this type of entertainment is amazingly popular on the continent. It implies increased profitability because of high demand, and effortless organizational process due to the presence of professional guide companies on the market. These firms can be extremely clear on how to start a gambling business in South Africa, for example.

Turnkey Casino in Africa

Turnkey casino in Africa: benefits

Since online casino law in Africa allows entering the market with foreign-registered websites, an efficient setup is the only thing that now matters. Such professional guide companies as Casino Market offer a convenient turnkey casino in Africa. It is an excellent opportunity for inexperienced entrepreneurs to open gambling project in Africa without much concern and with any type of budget.

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So, what does a turnkey casino in Africa from Casino Market include?

  1. Software. By resorting to professional support, an operator receives access to the best online casino software in Africa from the top-rated manufacturers that include Greentube, Amatic, EGT, Microgaming, and others. The most reliable way to ensure a successful start of the project is to buy gambling software from these renowned vendors.
  2. License. The gambling law in Africa in 2020 does not allow registering this type of business on the territory of any country. Therefore, by resorting to Casino Market, an operator receives swift and knowledgeable assistance in obtaining a license that allows them to operate in Africa.
  3. Payment methods. The experts at Casino Market regularly conduct researches to understand what payment casino software in Africa is the most demanded for the time being. Currently, the most popular transaction systems are PayPal, Skrill, SADC Payment Systems, M-Pesa, Visa, and MasterCard.
  4. Technical maintenance. A turnkey casino in Africa includes a 24/7 service support for the operators to ensure any of occurred issues are resolved timely and effectively. Also, our developers try to minimize the chance of malfunctioning for all systems that they configure for you.
  5. Individual development. Our designers are aware of the latest trends of the gambling business in Africa and come up with the most attractive themes for the interface.
  6. Advertising campaign. The online casino law in Africa does not say anything about such a particular promotional strategy as affiliate marketing. Moreover, since it is one of the most efficient ways to popularize an internet gaming platform, it will be extremely beneficial to receive professional support in advertising your project.

The Main Things about Opening an Online Casino in Africa

Opening an online casino in Africa

It is easy to open gambling in Africa if you know what you do. For an inexperienced operator, it is highly recommended to avoid independent development. The best option to start a casino in Africa is to resort to professional help. Casino Market has already launched dozens of gambling platforms in the region, including websites for legal online betting in Africa.

So, before you buy a casino in Africa, you should be aware of the continent’s key aspects:

  • there is nothing new in the gambling law in Africa in 2020 in comparison to a few last years — the online industry is not regulated;
  • if an operator decides to start an online gambling platform in Africa, it is necessary to obtain an official operational permit from an abroad jurisdiction;
  • the most popular software providers of online casino software in Africa are Greentube, Amatic, EGT, Microgaming, Aristocrat;
  • the main aspects that attract operators to the region are highly solvent players, increased earning capabilities of the locals, total digitalization, cryptocurrency growth, enjoyment from gambling;
  • one of the most efficient ways to launch an online casino in the region is a turnkey casino in Africa that includes a complete transfer of responsibility from an operator to the company’s experts.

Is gambling legal in Africa? Yes, it is! Can I open an online gaming platform in the region? Surely, you can. How to start a betting business in South Africa? Casino Market is always ready to provide high-quality assistance to anyone who wants to start a lucrative gambling career. We are patiently waiting for your orders!

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