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White Label Casino Solutions Provider: a Ready-Made Gambling Project in a Few Days

1. More Information on the White Label Casino Solution

2. What Is A White Label Casino and Why it Will be Profitable to Order it

3. How Much Will it Cost to Buy a White Label Casino?

4. What do You Need for the Start of Work?

5. The Most Reliable Providers On The Market

5.1. Offer from CasExe

5.2. Offer from Slotegrator

A White Label casino solution is a great way to launch your own gaming project within a few days with minimal cash investments. White label casino providers have created for burgeoning entrepreneurs some optimal conditions, and these conditions enables businessmen to launch a branch of a big project under their own name.

White label gaming platform 2018

This scheme is practiced not only in the gambling sphere. Some companies are engaged in the production of goods, while others are selling them under their own brand and are responsible for quality conformance. For example, in America this concept is so popular that it permeated even a financial sector.

The first white label casino solution appeared in early 2000s, when the operator CasinoShare has launched a number of gambling establishments with video slots from Microgaming. This began an entirely new era in the online casino world where using white label wasn’t something out of the ordinary — people immediately understood the beneficial side of this new online casino type.

The price of a good platform and licensed slot machines is very high, and in most cases it is beyond the strength of a person who has just decided to create white label casino. Moreover, online casino software also includes integrated payment systems and administrative tools that require some additional resources.

For this reason it is much easier to buy white label gaming platform that is already made, and to start investing your time and efforts into the creation of your own project.

More Information on the White Label Casino Solution

White label casino providers give operators everything they need for a start:

  • a license to run an online gambling business;
  • high-quality hosting;
  • a platform (the basic white label casino software includes everything that you may need in order to manage the casino, to control its activity, etc.);
  • gaming software (slot machines, board games, baccarat, blackjack, poker, etc. — all this can be chose by clients from options that were offered to them);
  • customized payment systems;
  • technical support;
  • a package of marketing tools;
  • custom website design;
  • advisory services.

Those operators who have decided to buy white label casino will have to face the following worries:

  • choose a domain name;
  • think of their own brand and its logo;
  • develop the gaming site’s design (in most cases it can be ordered directly from the provider with whom you carry out a deal);
  • work on promotions, bonus programs, tournaments and other incentive schemes to provide their players with the best gaming experience.

Usually, white label casino providers offer a ready-made project that can be launched right after you receive it. Operators do not even have to change or invent anything. However, you need to understand that such product will look rather unoriginal. In order to stand out against the background of competitors, you will need to add something of your own and work on marketing actions.

White label solution requires a thorough analysis of online casino software. Since you choose the target audience, you must know what your clients are up to and what online casino games they prefer. You don’t specifically select the igaming software providers, but you can directly influence the entertaining content you will have on your online casino website.

What Is A White Label Casino and Why it Will be Profitable to Order it

Profitable solution: White Label casino

Ordering a turnkey casino solution using the white label system, operators will be able to start their business in a few days after contacting the provider of such a service. After the negotiation of the agreement, an entrepreneur creates his own design (he orders it in a web studio or from his own provider), resolves all the nuances with the domain and customizes the resulting content for himself. That is all. Everything is done, and you can start attracting players.

Your white label online casino won’t be different from any other gambling platform. The clients won’t notice any changes in online casino software, payment procedures, or anything else. You don’t have to worry about the lack of possible traffic. For them, it will be just another online casino platform with enjoyable content.

How much time will you spend, if you decide to develop your project from scratch? Only the casino licensing process may take about six months, depending on the chosen jurisdiction. And afterwards in order to remain a licensee, it is necessary to be constantly reviewed and to make a yearly installment of 10 thousand dollars at the best case (Costa Rica, Curacao, etc.).

Also, you will have to buy games and a platform, cooperate with payment systems, and do many other things. Broadly speaking, all this requires huge financial investments, efforts and is time consuming. You will need at least $ 100,000 for launching a well-established online casino.

A good white label casino solution is qualitative and advanced software from the world's leading developers, which is difficult for an inexperienced operator to get.

Most of major providers refuse to work with small and young brands. However, if you use the white label casino software, you will be able to avoid such problems.

White label allows you to fully concentrate on the promotion of your project, since white label casino providers are responsible for all technical problems and legal formalities.

How Much Will it Cost to Buy a White Label Casino?

How much would it cost to create white label casino

To create white label casino, taking into account the provided package of services, the code size, the quality and popularity of the provider, can cost from 1 to 10 thousand dollars. This price is, so to say, a guarantee of a commitment and allows the supplier to protect himself from young and irresponsible entrepreneurs. By standards of the gambling business, it is a cheap price.

Operators have the right to use additional services of a marketer, designer, translator and other specialists, but they will have to pay for them separately.

On the Internet you can meet providers who offer free cooperation. You should remember that there's no such thing as a free lunch: working with such «firms», honest operators will give the bulk of the profit, and exert themselves trying to somehow fix a huge amount of bugs.

What do You Need for the Start of Work?

  • Startuppers must develop a detailed plan of actions for the promotion of their casinos. A serious provider will not waste time on the candidate with the in relation to a project, and the detailed plan will allow you to count on certain privileges.
  • Today in the gambling world there is a fierce competition. Because of the rapid development, new casinos appear almost every day: in order to survive in such conditions, it is necessary to work on new ideas and marketing tools throughout the day and night.
  • The excess supply has spoiled players, so when choosing a gambling establishment, they take into account many factors: the range of games, the usability of the interface, supported payment systems, physical appearance, etc. Therefore, before starting a project, it is better to save money for the development of a good design. Together with a considered marketing strategy, it can accomplish wonders.

The Most Reliable Providers On The Market

White Label casino providers

It is possible to buy white label turnkey casino solution from many companies, but the most profitable conditions are offered by two brands: CasExe and Slotegrator.

Offer from CasExe:

  • perfect infrastructure (it takes only a few days to start working, in fact, it is the same turnkey casino that provides the customer’s participation only at the stage of thinking out the physical appearance and customizing the platform);
  • gambling license obtained in an authoritative and respected jurisdiction;
  • high-quality and modern content that will strike the gamblers' fancy;
  • connected and customized payment systems;
  • ability to focus on marketing;
  • prospects for gaining independence;
  • quick launch of the project.

Offer from Slotegrator:

  • license from an authoritative jurisdiction (operators will work legally);
  • advanced CMS-system (a set of functions for the administration of a project, an ability to control all actions of players);
  • development of a design (in the same way as if you ordered a turnkey casino solution, working with Slotegrator on the white label system, you can control the creation of an exclusive design — it is already included in the base cost of the package of services);
  • reliable and stable server (hosting provides the highest level of security and is capable of filtering a large traffic volume);
  • connection of slot machines from the world’s leading suppliers;
  • ready-made financial infrastructure.

In order to buy white label casino and get your own project with minimal financial investments, we recommend you to contact Casino Market. The company has collected the best offers for the development of your gambling establishment, which will become attractive for players.

If you still have some questions on how to start a white label casino, Casino Market will provide you with no-cost consultations on issues related to the creation of a white label casino solution. Remember that together we can reach new frontiers. We offer white label experience you have never heard about.

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