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Casino Fraud Protection Software: Purchase a Reliable Solution From Casino Market

1. The Key Tasks of Security Products

2. How Does Security Software Work?

3. Wide Range of IT technologies

4. The System of ID Verification for Casino: How it Works

5. Characteristics of Good Software

6. Respectable Security Software Vendors

7. The Main Things About Programs for Casino Fraud Protection

Casino security is an extremely important element of gambling projects. If all the nuances are well-thought-out, operators will be able to get a properly functioning website and protect gamblers against money thefts from their accounts.

Online casino security

To accomplish these goals, it is important to take care of the reliability of the online casino website. You can order reliable IT solutions from Casino Market.

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The Key Tasks of Security Products

Let us name the functions that good casino security software should perform:

  1. Protection of the gaming site against external threats, such as hacker attacks, the introduction of a malicious script, theft of copyright solutions, reverse study of the code, phishing, DDoS attacks, spyware, and TCP desynchronization.
  2. Prevention of the criminal activities carried out by users. This is the protection of the casino against fraudsters, the fight against multi-accounting and bots, and the control over the distribution of bonuses.
  3. Prevention of incompetent actions of the staff. It includes the disclosure of confidential information and steps that lead to data leakage and the wrong operation of payment modules.
  4. Identification of gamblers. It is necessary to connect verification for a casino so that minors and people who suffer from ludomania cannot enter the resource. Identification also restricts access to the gaming site for citizens of those countries where gambling is forbidden by law.

How Does Security Software Work?

Online casino safety depends on the operator's approach to such matters as business integrity and reliability. The casino security software you choose must ensure that the website works effectively and protects it against any threats.

As a rule, trusted casino security software consists of the following components:

Data prediction system

The module is responsible for:

  • audit of the current level of protection;

  • forecasting unauthorized interventions;

  • certification of a website (verification of the script, hosting, and channels that connect them)

The attack prevention service

This is gambling security software that protects against hacker attacks and malfunctions in the work of a casino website

Risk management

This service is focused on the part of casino security that is related to payments. The system:

  • analyzes transactions without affecting the resource’s performance;

  • checks suspicious money transfers;

  • controls the fact that IP addresses of senders are registered in jurisdictions where gambling is allowed;

  • blocks risky transactions for more detailed verification

Casino ID verification system

This is a module for instant authentication of gamblers. The system helps to separate potential fraudsters from decent users who want to play their favourite slot machine honestly and get decent payouts

Additional services

Providers of gambling security software providers often offer other options in addition to the basic ones:

  • round-the-clock professional technical support;

  • module with detailed reporting on the security of the resource;

  • business insurance against the theft of confidential data;

  • digital signatures the aim of which is to speed up the operator's document traffic

Wide Range of IT technologies

Security of a casino: IT tools

Among the IT tools that guarantee the security of a casino, we can name the following:

  1. SDK plugins. Special sets of functions and data with an improved level of protection. They are easily adaptable to any changes in the basic script.
  2. Firewall screens. Multi-channel filters that help to protect casinos from hacking. They block attempts for the cyberattack, protecting programs from illegal interference.
  3. Cryptographic encryption tools. A special program that encodes important information. Even if attackers steal confidential data, they will not be able to decrypt it and turn it to account.
  4. The optical image recognition technologies. They are used when you need to connect verification for a casino and provide more thorough verification of gamblers when they enter the website.
  5. The urgent copying service. It is needed when the basic script is damaged and it is necessary to quickly save important information. This service works in conjunction with hosting and is stored in cells on a dedicated server.
  6. 3-D Secure. The XML protocol, which is used as an additional level of protection during the operation of payment gateways of the gambling establishment.

The System of ID Verification for Casino: How it Works

Authentication services are integral components of any security solution. Most modern products provide complex identification with several levels of casino ID verification.

A reliable verification system includes the following methods:

  • Simple — based on the phone number and PIN. This option will better suit for players with minimal gambling experience when they first visit an online casino.
  • Advanced — based on the personal information of users. Programmers are guided by both standard (for example, the name of a pet) and more sophisticated queries.
  • Complex — in this case, several identification techniques are used. These include the verification of documents, age, IP-addresses of gamblers, etc. To protect the casino against hacking and prevent minors from accessing it, the developers use the biometric facial recognition technology.

Characteristics of Good Software

Casino security software

When buying casino security software, it is worth paying attention to the following key features:

  1. Adaptability. The product should be easily adapted to the specifics of the market (change of the jurisdiction, adoption of new laws) and quickly respond to the new types of fraud.
  2. Availability of a demo version. It is needed so that customers can make certain of the quality, performance, and other advantages of the solution.
  3. Easy operation. Basic processes (response to attacks, timely updates) should be automated. The operator's task is to monitor the system's operation and make additional adjustments using convenient filters.
  4. Simple integration. In the ideal case, the installation and testing of security solutions should take a minimum of time. To achieve the desired result, manufacturers use fast and seamless API integration tools.
  5. High quality. Reliable software should be certified by ISO 27 001 international standards (information security) and PCI DSS (work with payment tools).

Respectable Security Software Vendors

By turning to Casino Market, you get an opportunity to connect software to protect the casino from the world’s leading providers.

Our range of offers includes security solutions from such well-known brands as:

  1. Afimac. A product with an incident prediction centre that prevents 100% of hacker attacks and unauthorized interventions. This casino security software is distinguished by its cross-platform interface, quick adaptability to new threats, and professional technical support.
  2. Arxan. The company has created reliable Arxan Application Protection software. The solution protects important data from hacking with the help of cryptographic encryption, the obfuscation technology, and integration with platforms of the SIEM and BI class.
  3. Bet IT Best. The developer offers to connect software to protect the casino with simple management, compatibility with other components, and excellent adaptability to changes in the markets (legislation, preferences of gamblers, etc.).
  4. Yoti. The ID verification for casino of this manufacturer includes verification of the documents of users, identification based on age, and the use of biometric facial recognition. To increase the security of the circulation of documents, entrepreneurs can buy branded tools for the electronic signature.
  5. Accertify. Casino fraud protection from Accertify includes a system for the detection of risks, a module with risk management of financial transactions, and a reporting system. Moreover, all clients receive full-fledged round-the-clock technical support.
  6. A.S.A.P. Secured. To guarantee the security of online casinos, the provider has created the two-component software. It includes the modules called Veritas (it protects a gambling resource from hacking and money theft) and Score (evaluates the performance of a casino website).

The Main Things About Programs for Casino Fraud Protection

A high-priority task of every operator is to ensure the security of gaming sites. Reliable platforms attract loyal users who are willing to deposit massive amounts of money.

  • Casino security solutions prevent fraud and unfair game, are responsible for the reliability of financial transactions, and ensure timely ID verification for casino players.
  • The high-quality software has several characteristics: adaptability, easy management, quick integration with other software components of an online casino, and availability of a demo version, which helps customers to make certain of the product's advantages.
  • Companies use modern technologies to create software. These are SDK plugins, electronic copying services, 3-D Secure protocols, and other useful tools.

To purchase casino security solutions, please contact Casino Market. Our catalogue consists of cost-effective products for launching online gambling locations. We offer software from the best providers (Microgaming, Amatic, Evolution, Xpro Gaming, Ezugi, etc.), develop HTML5 games, help with licensing, and create casino scripts.

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