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The process of creating my own online casino seemed to be time and resource consuming. Moreover, another problem was the lack of proper experience in the gambling sphere. Luckily, Casino Market appeared in my life just in time. Together we managed to build a profitable casino from scratch, and I am very grateful for that. Chloe Jennings The USA
It is pretty complicated to enter the Latin American gambling market. Even though I have already had my online casino in Europe, I was looking for a way to get to LATAM as soon as possible. Casino Market offered me a wide range of services, including a turnkey business option that easily solved all my problems. Tomas Franco Argentina
You know how difficult it is to enter an unknown market? Especially with hardly any help. I couldn’t feel luckier when I found out that Casino Market offers its services all around the world, and I was able to receive a fully-functional online casino in just a matter of months. Ethan Harris Australia
Here, in Africa, the legislation about the online gambling business is pretty confusing. Launching any type of business is much easier said than done. So, I was desperately looking for high-quality help from professionals who would offer me an all-inclusive option. You can’t imagine how excited I was when I started working with Casino Market! Tobias Zondi South Africa
Do you know how high taxes for the gambling business in Europe are? They are ridiculous! Unless you find yourself a knowledgeable guide (that what I did with Casino Market), you will overpay two or even three times. A turnkey project will certainly make your life a lot easier as it did with mine. Mateo Ramos Spain
I was ignited with the idea to create my online casino when I investigated the potential profit. The bad thing is that I was a complete newbie in the gambling industry. However, a few days of searching were rewarding with a turnkey business option from Casino Market — saved my time, my money, and a lot of nerve cells. Samuel Rojas Colombia
As an avid gambler, I wanted to try a completely new experience as an operator. But all I knew was related just to playing. Not only did consulting Casino Market allowed me to gain invaluable knowledge about the operator’s experience but I also used an opportunity to order a complete project from the beginning to the end. Omar Nour Egypt
The total lockdown influenced society severely in general. As an experienced entrepreneur, I was eager to help others and benefit from it. Since the time was limited, I was recommended to resort to Casino Market. With no time wasted, I asked for the most convenient service — a ready-made project — and never regretted it. Elijah Ross The USA
Man, I love gambling and everything that is connected to it. My dream was to own a casino, but it was too costly to start a land-based one. After finding out about Casino Market and their possibilities, I immediately rushed for their help. Just 9 weeks after that, I was a happy operator of an online casino on a turnkey basis. Anthony Leiva Chile
Do you know how hard it is to start a business with a low budget? Whatever I tried, I was unable to enrol in since more and more resources were necessary. However, it was not until I met Casino Market. Their amazingly convenient turnkey franchise solution was like a daydream to me. David Gil Spain
I simply hate all that red tape in the gambling sphere. So much time has to be wasted before you can finally get any benefit. I was always looking for a company that would do everything for me. Casino Market provided me with this opportunity. A ready-made online casino was ready for my operation in just a few weeks. Abigail Reed The USA
Modern gambling legislation was the main issue that prevented me from building a successful online casino. Casino Market helped me avoid a lengthy burdensomeness and was there for me with an attractive ready-made business solution. Thanks a lot! Sue Kelly Australia
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How To Start An Online Casino: 3 Key Stages For Successful Outcome

Gambling business has been listed among the most profitable business spheres for many years. For a gaming project to be truly successful and profitable for its owner and delight a player, there are many factors while considering how to start a casino. It's not easy to start an online casino in real life because you have to focus on each detail.

How To Start An Online Casino

Casino Market is all there to assist its clients to open online casino. Casino development is a painstaking process that requires a professional approach. So, how to start an online casino business? Beginner entrepreneurs can order quality casino software, a game pack, a customized platform, and anything else they may need for a gaming business from this company.

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We are going to analyze here the basic stages of casino development, so that you get to the bottom of how to start an online casino. It’s essential to have a clear idea of how things are going. So, what do you need to start an online casino?

Stage One. How To Start A Casino: Deciding On Formalities


The gambling business has to be licensed, and the choice of jurisdiction should be approached in the most responsible manner. It is easiest to register online casinos in one of the offshore zones:

Costa Rica, Curacao, Alderney, etc. Elite online gambling clubs are registered in the European Union. But this, to put it mildly, is not a cheap pleasure.

However, the EU countries give about 6 months for the application of the potential licensee to get processed, whereas in the offshore zones this procedure takes not longer than 24 hours.

Starting an online casino might be a lengthy process for inexperienced managers. You will have to register the legal entity, open the bank account for it, and come to terms with the payment services.

You can also apply the White Label system, within which framework an operator receives a licensed facility. Though such solution would save time, but it would limit an operator greatly.

Casino Software

After you settle legal issues, you have to search for a reliable casino software vendor. Software is what defines the stability and security of your project in the first place. Therefore, before you start an online casino you have to be absolutely sure about the software.

A quality platform should have everything that is necessary for a workflow:

  • tools to control and manage all accounts;
  • email integration;
  • convenient chat for players and technical support to communicate, feedback option;
  • instruments for development of bonus systems and loyalty programs;
  • game administration tools;
  • alert mechanisms;
  • safe security systems, etc.

A serious provider regularly updates and fully supports its software, always assists with solving any problem. Such casino software will be quite expensive but you’ll be able to acquire a reliable foundation. In case something suddenly happens to the software, a vendor will quickly fix a problem.

Development of the promotional campaign

Development of the promotional campaign

Effective promotional strategies can make impressive strides. To achieve that you need to analyze each competitor first. This way you can gather useful information about the market and understand how industry leaders work.

Eventually you are probably going to come up with something completely new that will help you get gambling traffic. In short, each marketing step has to be well-planned.

If an operator already has a land-based gaming facility, and decides to open online casino, it’ll be most wise to take advantage of the regulars. For example, you could attract players with pleasant bonuses, and retain customers by offering a loyalty program, which they cannot ignore.

You can seek assistance from a marketing company dealing with gambling projects to promote your Internet establishment. In order to start an online casino and popularize it among a wide audience, a special approach is required, making the usual SEO methods irrelevant. Of course, persons familiar with this sphere and confident about their abilities, can simply rely on themselves.


How much does it cost to start an online casino? It depends on the casino manager's goals. All revenues and expenses must be calculated in advance to give you some benchmarks. A young businessman will need to spend most of the money on software and license. It's also important to invest sufficiently in your promotional activities. A rough estimate of costs and profits helps to optimize the business plan.

Stage 2. Starting An Internet Casino Was Never An Easy Task: The Scope Of Work

There is no specific time period for launching an online casino. Everything will depend on you and the service providers you chose.

How to open an online casino business quickly? In most cases, creating and customizing casino software, designing and integrating the gaming content takes about three months. Regular feedback and cooperation can hasten the working process, not significantly though.

While casino development is in full swing, an operator has to:

  • acquire an official permition;
  • open account (s) in a bank;
  • sign contracts with payment systems.

Project owners are personally responsible for all matters laws and finances, so they are is entitled to use advisory services only.

Stage 3. Marketing Campaign

When you open online casino even the coolest design solutions or huge assortment of slot machines cannot guarantee the success. At the beginning you can go for a simple look and provide about half a thousand videoslots to start an online casino.

The main thing is the promotional plan you choose and follow on any stage of the development. There is aggressive competition for a player on the gaming market today. An operator has to make serious efforts to keep oneself afloat.

Before you start an online casino, it's important to realize: you will only have a single opportunity to succeed.

If you managed to open online casino and everything worked out well, you have to then think what to work on next to achieve prosperity?

  • Positioning

You will need a team of experienced professionals. Development strategy and tactics, as well as clear objectives are important. Make detailed answers to the following questions: which niche will be of the highest priority, what can you provide your customers with, what is unique about your establishment and what are your plans for the future?

How to create online casino

  • Advertising before launch

Make a potential customer wait anxiously for your project to come out. Apply every available feature such as Internet advertising, presentation, publication, and so on.

  • Advertising after the start

Use search engines, tools for online promotion, and order banners on themed websites. All of the above will bear fruit.

  • Attracting/retaining customers

Technical support should handle user requests 24 hours a day. A customer should feel being cared for. An equally important component is the availability of free game versions.

Impending Financial Issues: How Much Does It Cost To Open Your Own Casino?

In fact, there’s no specific amount of money for launching a gambling project. Before you start an online casino, you need to define the goals you want to achieve.

For a small business that will bring stable yet very good incomes, a White Label project will do fine. With minimal investments, you can acquire a ready casino, which requires only promotion activities.

Operators who want to open online casino of the international level, be prepared to spend a substantial sum of money. If you operate on the European or American market, you will need a license from the authoritative jurisdiction.

Registration in the offshore zone will allow you to work in the EU and the United States. But you will have no competitive advantages, because there are a lot of popular establishments on those territories. The higher the status of the jurisdiction, the more expensive it will be to become its licensee.

The second point is software. If you want to work directly with game developers, be prepared to invest hundred thousands of dollars. You can as well use the package offers from the Casino Market agency and get a package of casino software, an advanced platform, and everything required for running the business paying relatively small money.

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The question of how to create online casino for free should not be raised in serious circles at all. You can find free cheese only in mousetraps.

By contacting Casino Market, you can buy turnkey casino, thus avoiding many problems faced by beginner businesspeople. The company's specialists provide comprehensive support with settling legal issues and free consultations to their customers.

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