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Where to Open Gambling Businesses in Europe: Overview of Prospective Countries

Explore one of the most influential regions in the world. Like many years ago, new trends that affect the global industry are being created here.

Gambling business in Europe: overview

The largest gaming companies began their journey to international success and recognition from the gambling market in Europe. Get acquainted with the specifics of several prospective EU countries to choose the best option for starting your business.

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Lucrativeness of the Gambling Market in Europe

The EU regularly takes first positions in the top lists of the most profitable regions in the world. A high level of economic development contributes to rapid progress in the gaming industry.

According to the latest research, the gambling business in Europe accounts for a quarter of the global industry — more than 80 billion euros per year (over 93 billion US dollars).

The key countries of this region are as follows:

  1. The United Kingdom.
  2. France.
  3. Germany.
  4. Spain.
  5. Italy.

About 75% of the turnover of the entire gambling market in Europe falls on these promising states.

The United Kingdom has consistently shown the best profitability growth rate of the local entertainment industry — 4–8%. UK operators generate about 20 billion Euros (23 billion US dollars) per year.

Germany has the second-highest rate of lucrativeness growth. The revenues of local entrepreneurs are steadily increasing by 1–2% every year.

Legal Aspects of the Gaming Industry’s Development

Even though the EU is a single legal space, there is no unified casino law in Europe today. Each country establishes its regulatory standards.

Is gambling legal in Europe? Yes, it is lawful in many states. The authorities seek to create optimal conditions for controlling the gaming industry as a single system. However, this process is progressing rather slowly.

The main gambling laws in Europe were adopted from 2005 to 2011. Some changes to legislative acts are made periodically. This is due to the rapid development of technologies in the land-based and online segments.

The most perfect system of regulation of the gambling market in Europe is the legislation of the UK.

It is characterized by such features:

  • detailed regulation norms for online and offline projects;
  • special rules for establishments with local and offshore licences;
  • the tax rate is 10–15%, depending on the scope and specifics of a business.

The Best Countries for Launching iGaming Projects

Online casino in Europe: best countries for the start

Check out the most favourable states for opening gambling businesses in Europe.

The United Kingdom

This country is the leader of the European Region. The local governance system of the gaming industry is a role model for many other states.

The main regulatory authority is the Gambling Commission. This committee is responsible for licensing gaming projects and controlling their activities.

Entrepreneurs are allowed to work in such areas:

  • betting;
  • lotteries;
  • card games;
  • bingo;
  • slot machines.

UK operators can start casinos in Europe with both local and offshore licences. To obtain a British permit, an entrepreneur should provide the following information to the gaming committee:

  • data on the company’s founders;
  • registration documents of the legal entity;
  • financial documentation and forecast of the firm's profitability for the next 12 months;
  • address and contact information for communication with the applicant.

The cost of a permit depends on many factors: the field and the scale of a business, the size of the start-up capital, the range of services offered, etc.

The sum of the application charge can vary from 600 to 7 thousand pounds. At the same time, the amount of the annual licence fee in the UK is between £1,000 and £155,000.

The availability of a prestigious British permission document will let you open a legal online betting portal in Europe or launch a gaming project and gain the loyalty of players from different countries very quickly.


The gambling business in this country is legal. Operators are allowed to start casinos in Europe both in the land-based and in the virtual segment.

The volume of the online gaming market in France exceeds EUR 1.5 billion (1.75 billion US dollars). About 35 licenced operators work in this country. Their number is constantly growing. Most of the entrepreneurs work in such fields as bookmaking, the online poker industry, and the casino business. More than 3 million punters from France visit various gaming sites every day.

The gambling area is regulated by the main legislation act — the Security Code. This bill came into force in 2012.

Such regulatory bodies as Autorité de Régulation des Jeux en Ligne and the Ministry of Home Affairs are responsible for licensing and controlling the activities of gaming enterprises.


This is another optimal market for launching gambling businesses in Europe. The entertainment field in this country is growing very actively. There is no single system for regulating the iGaming business in Germany. Each region establishes its rules for the operation of establishments.

The state of Schleswig-Holstein has the most loyal legislation. The government of this region issues licences to both local and foreign entrepreneurs wishing to work in the online segment.

Other promising territories are as follows:

  • Baden-Baden;
  • Berlin;
  • Leipzig;
  • Hamburg;
  • Cologne;
  • Munich, and others.

The age limits for players in different cities vary significantly. For example, users over 21 are allowed to use gambling services in Baden-Baden. At the same time, players can visit casinos and online gaming resources from the age of 18 in Berlin.


Operators wanting to open gambling sites in Europe should pay attention to this market. The legalisation of the gaming industry began here in 1977.

Currently, the gambling business operates following the law de Regulación del Juego. Spanish legislation provides for both federal and local regulation of the gambling field. Each of the 17 autonomous territories establishes its standards for control over the entertainment area.

Here are the most promising cities for opening a gambling start-up in Europe:

  • Barcelona;
  • Valencia;
  • Zaragoza;
  • Madrid;
  • Murcia, and others.

The regulatory authority is Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego. Besides, each region has its controlling department. These bodies are responsible for the legalisation of iGaming projects and control over their activities.


Here is another ideal variant for buying a casino in Europe. Games of chance and betting activities are allowed here. The entertainment industry contributes over EUR 8 billion (USD 9.4 billion) to the state budget every year.

Until 2006, Italian entrepreneurs were unable to start online gambling projects in Europe. However, in 2011 the local laws were changed dramatically.

Italian gaming legislation has such specifics:

  1. Minors (people under the age of 18) are prohibited from using casino software in Europe and visiting land-based clubs there.
  2. It is forbidden to locate bookmaker offices and gaming halls near schools, hospitals, and churches.
  3. Slot machines can be placed not only in casinos but also in other establishments with the appropriate permission.
  4. Gambling taxes vary from 4.5 to 20% depending on the field of activity.

Strong Points of Ordering Turnkey Casinos in Europe

Turnkey casinos in Europe: strong points

To enter the desired market, a novice operator needs to cope with lots of important and responsible tasks. To make them significantly easier, we recommend you order a turnkey casino in Europe.

This service includes everything you need to start and run a successful iGaming business:

The preparation of the necessary documentation

The employees of an intermediary company will help you collect the required papers and apply to the gambling committee

The acquisition of demanded casino software in Europe

When ordering a ready-made project, you will receive a collection of the most popular games from such top manufacturers as Amatic, Gaminator, Playtech, NetEnt, and others

The connection and configuration of programs

Experts will install the desired casino software in Europe and adjust it to your requirements

The integration of payment systems

The most requested financial instruments will allow you to attract many clients from the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and other countries

The installation of security tools

When purchasing a turnkey casino in Europe, you will get access to safety software from such outstanding manufacturers as A.S.A.P., Feature Space, Yoti, and others

The Main Things about Implementing Gaming Projects in the European Market

The choice of the right market is the key to the prosperity of any gambling start-up. Buy a casino in Europe to receive substantial financial benefits and lots of prospects for entering the international business arena.

The European iGaming industry has such features:

  • high profitability of internet projects;
  • well-developed legislation in most states;
  • the possibility of obtaining a licence;
  • adequate tax rates in many countries.
Do you want to open a gambling portal in Europe? Contact our experts to find the optimal format for implementing your start-up.

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