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The process of creating my own online casino seemed to be time and resource consuming. Moreover, another problem was the lack of proper experience in the gambling sphere. Luckily, Casino Market appeared in my life just in time. Together we managed to build a profitable casino from scratch, and I am very grateful for that. Chloe Jennings The USA
It is pretty complicated to enter the Latin American gambling market. Even though I have already had my online casino in Europe, I was looking for a way to get to LATAM as soon as possible. Casino Market offered me a wide range of services, including a turnkey business option that easily solved all my problems. Tomas Franco Argentina
You know how difficult it is to enter an unknown market? Especially with hardly any help. I couldn’t feel luckier when I found out that Casino Market offers its services all around the world, and I was able to receive a fully-functional online casino in just a matter of months. Ethan Harris Australia
Here, in Africa, the legislation about the online gambling business is pretty confusing. Launching any type of business is much easier said than done. So, I was desperately looking for high-quality help from professionals who would offer me an all-inclusive option. You can’t imagine how excited I was when I started working with Casino Market! Tobias Zondi South Africa
Do you know how high taxes for the gambling business in Europe are? They are ridiculous! Unless you find yourself a knowledgeable guide (that what I did with Casino Market), you will overpay two or even three times. A turnkey project will certainly make your life a lot easier as it did with mine. Mateo Ramos Spain
I was ignited with the idea to create my online casino when I investigated the potential profit. The bad thing is that I was a complete newbie in the gambling industry. However, a few days of searching were rewarding with a turnkey business option from Casino Market — saved my time, my money, and a lot of nerve cells. Samuel Rojas Colombia
As an avid gambler, I wanted to try a completely new experience as an operator. But all I knew was related just to playing. Not only did consulting Casino Market allowed me to gain invaluable knowledge about the operator’s experience but I also used an opportunity to order a complete project from the beginning to the end. Omar Nour Egypt
The total lockdown influenced society severely in general. As an experienced entrepreneur, I was eager to help others and benefit from it. Since the time was limited, I was recommended to resort to Casino Market. With no time wasted, I asked for the most convenient service — a ready-made project — and never regretted it. Elijah Ross The USA
Man, I love gambling and everything that is connected to it. My dream was to own a casino, but it was too costly to start a land-based one. After finding out about Casino Market and their possibilities, I immediately rushed for their help. Just 9 weeks after that, I was a happy operator of an online casino on a turnkey basis. Anthony Leiva Chile
Do you know how hard it is to start a business with a low budget? Whatever I tried, I was unable to enrol in since more and more resources were necessary. However, it was not until I met Casino Market. Their amazingly convenient turnkey franchise solution was like a daydream to me. David Gil Spain
I simply hate all that red tape in the gambling sphere. So much time has to be wasted before you can finally get any benefit. I was always looking for a company that would do everything for me. Casino Market provided me with this opportunity. A ready-made online casino was ready for my operation in just a few weeks. Abigail Reed The USA
Modern gambling legislation was the main issue that prevented me from building a successful online casino. Casino Market helped me avoid a lengthy burdensomeness and was there for me with an attractive ready-made business solution. Thanks a lot! Sue Kelly Australia
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Online Casino Game Development: Titanic Work Behind The Reels

1. The Main Aspects Of Online Casino Software Development: Getting Started

2. Tips And Secrets: What You Need To Know About Slot Machine Software Development

3. Casino Market Software Solutions: Only Highly Experienced Casino Game Developers At Your Service

Today, it's rare to see someone who's never tried an online casino. Unfortunately, few people think about who exactly does casino game development. Well, it’s the result of human labor. It should be noted that it really takes a lot of effort and time.

Casino game development

Slot machine software development is a fascinating and creative activity. Online casino game developers want gamblers who will spin the reels in the video slot they created to enjoy the gaming process in the first place. To do that, you need to know why a player can turn off the game and start looking for something more interesting.

Long load, annoying sounds causing headaches, unoptimized special effects that are disruptive to software. This is only a superficial list of potential factors of poor gambling game development that can discourage users from playing.

And be assured: they will think three times about whether or not to run that machine again.

The second point is functionality. If online poker software development involves a limited number of functions, a player will feel trapped and would feel uncomfortable while playing. A quality game should always open up new horizons and maintain a lively interest.

Before casino game development, you have to run a huge amount of spins on third-party products. The most interesting and original ideas are collected this simple way. If all this is combined in a single concept, a new good gaming machine can be obtained, which will be able to compete with the solutions of the world's leading providers.

Slot machine development is a responsible process. It is important that the product is truly exciting and does not turn the game process into a prolonged routine. You should take care of the game dynamics because there is a lot of things depending on it.

We will now look in details at casino software development and you'll understand: it takes strenuous efforts to create all those fancy reels and beautiful symbols.

The Main Aspects Of Online Casino Software Development: Getting Started

How is casino software development carried out? How to make a gaming machine to bring profit for the gambling establishment? What specialists are needed? What components does casino game development consist of and what does the team on each of the stages?

So let’s clear the things out.

Stage One: Concept Development

Casino game development begins with the same way as all great things do: an idea, the most valuable thing in this world comes to someone’s clear head. The concept of a future project is being contemplated at this stage. The experts are work on all aspects of the slot machine, bringing together the team's ideas, and based on this material, create a common core of the game to translate it into reality.

Gambling software developers for casino games discuss the storyline, the thematic scope of the future gaming machine and elaborate casino game design with their teams. At this point, it's important to determine how many reels the game will have, the maximum number of active lines, the availability of extra bonus rounds, jackpots, and a lot of other things. Effective online casino game design is a formula for successful gambling environment.

All of this is formulated and documented. As a result, the participants of the casino games development process have a clear understanding of the tasks to be accomplished. The customer, in turn, has the opportunity to it is that he’s investing money in. Casino game developers regularly update all documentation, keeps it up-to-date, and informs the customer of any changes.

Slot machine software development

Stage Two: Prototype

When the concept is ready, casino software developers create a prototype. If something looks good on paper, it doesn't mean that it's actually going to be as bright when created. The prototypes of casino game development solutions evaluate the main gaming process, test various hypotheses, test game mechanics, and check key technical points.

The prototype implements only what needs to be urgently verified. It is very important that it’s realization caused no difficulties because the prototype is put aside as soon as the casino game development is finished. The quality and professional slot machine software development does not imply the use of a prototype as a base for creating a project.

Stage Three: Vertical Section

The third phase provides for the creation of a primary version of the full-fledged game with the implemented game process. Only those elements that have the greatest impact on the quality of perception are specially elaborated by an online poker software developer. The basic functionality is still present only in the draft view.

Step Four: Content Development

This is the longest stage. Following the successful completion of the first three stages of the project, the online gambling software developers proceed to the fourth, the most important step, which is the creation of a full-fledged game. Here the online casino slots developers realize all their ideas.

Online poker software development at this point involves a maximum number of professionals joining the creative process. Artists and designers work hard to create quality graphics, programmers work on the game process and combining all ideas into a single unit. The results of casino gaming development are integrated with each other. Next, online casino software developers optimize, improve, and customize.

All of the above is getting fine-tuned and prepared for the next, fifth stage.

Step Five: Testing

To test the success of casino game development, the availability of bugs, errors, or shortcomings in the finished product, third-party testers are involved.

This way it is possible to record the failures of the fourth phase of casino game development services and correct the problems that have been identified. In general, experienced gamers are involved in the testing, but newcomers are also welcomed. It is critical that the end product has a simple and straightforward control panel.

Stage Six: Release

Now the finished product can be released to the joy of gamers and operators.

Tips And Secrets: What You Need To Know About Slot Machine Software Development

Online gambling software developers

Let us be frank: operators need casino games to make money. Those are actually entertainment attractions, but with a more complicated payment principle. The process of video slot game development is designed so as to return players some of the money they put in the play. In order to be more precise: the gaming software retains a certain percentage of money, and the rest is returned as a win.

The development of slot machines involves setting of a return percentage with the option of individual adjustment (within sensible bounds). The optimal minimum a bona fide gambling software developer will set is 86%. Dishonest operators are engaged in a blatant robbery and set 50% of return using low-quality software. For the players to trust a gambling establishment, you should give them as much chance to win as possible.

If once the one-armed bandits used to actually spin the pictured reels, today it's just an ancient prop. A beautiful picture hides the generator of random numbers, and the possible patterns of symbol positioning are estimated in tens of millions. Such casino game development costs more for the operator but brings a steady influx of satisfied punters.

RNG is an algorithm, which calculation principles are carefully hidden. Casino game software developers utilize its work to create an accidental effect. This is done in order to comply with gambling ethics and the concept of fair play. Casino game development involves blocking access to the RNG code so that casino operators cannot affect it in any way.

The gaming machine will always be in high demand because it is the easiest way to get the adrenaline you want. Video slots do not require special skills or knowledge. All you have to do is choose the game that suits you, find the necessary buttons, check what each of them is responsible for, and immerse yourself in the game.

A good slot machine should not only delight operators but also the users. Only then casinos will develop and thrive. Gamblers will return to the place where they wins and enjoy their time.

Casino Market Software Solutions: Only Highly Experienced Casino Game Developers At Your Service

If you want to order a unique casino game design for your online casino that would highlight your place among competitors, feel sure to contact Casino Market. A team of experienced professionals will take charge of any complex project and guarantee you professional casino game software development. The customer may leave his or her wishes for the idea or fully trust the developer's fantasy.

Order a service

Casino Market will open new horizons to operators and will help to make a project better.

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Updated 08 february 2023
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