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Why is the Online Gambling Business in South America so Appealing Now? Casino Market Experts Analyze

1. What is so Beneficial about Online Gambling Market in South America?

2. Peculiarities of South American Online Gambling Law

3. Why Is a Turnkey Casino in South America so Popular among Operators?

4. Main Things about Starting an Online Gambling Business in South America

A new operator should know the South American gambling laws to be successful. Such countries as Brazil and Colombia have already made huge steps towards legalizing both land-based and online directions of the industry. Some other states can boast of a favourable gambling market in South America.

At the same time, questions continue to appear about why operators are eager to launch South American gambling platforms. Casino Market decided to shed light on this issue and bring some disclosure to the online gambling business in South America.

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What is so Beneficial about Online Gambling Market in South America?

Gambling business in South America

A few reasons can explain the increased demand for online gambling entertainment in South America. The first and most important is the players’ desire to join the websites with their favourite games. Secondly, it is a rapid digitalization of the entire continent that makes the gambling business in South America a great place for offering services on the internet. Let us review the advantages of the local market a bit closer.

  1. Worldwide market. Once operators open gambling in South America, their gaming platforms become available online all over the world. With the right configuration of such a business project, it is possible to cover the desired audience in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and still keep in mind the possibility of expansion.
  2. Availability of innovative technologies. Online casino software in South America utilizes the latest achievements of progress. Multifunctional administrative systems allow keeping track of all necessary analytical information. The gaming part of the issue is even more impressive. When operators buy a casino in South America, they expect to benefit from the latest VR, AR, and live technologies that concern the most popular gambling activities (poker, Black Jack, roulette, etc.).
  3. Effective competition. No scammers are operating on the gambling market in South America. There is simply no point in attracting players with unbelievable offers when the giants of the gambling industry work in the region. So, when you open gambling in South America with the corresponding license, you immediately join a healthy competition and start offering players your gaming content with attractive bonuses.
  4. Deserved reputation. If you have a South American casino license, you show how reliable your business project is. The benefits of operating officially are amazing. You can resort to manufacturers of online casino software in South America. Such pillars of the industry as EGT, Novomatic, Igrosoft, Nextgen, Aristocrat, Amatic work only with reputable gambling establishments.
  5. Hyped demand. Even though such countries as Brazil, Argentina, Peru, and other South American giants are still considered third-world states, people there still try to correspond to the latest international trends. Online gambling is one of the most demanded entertainments on the continent. Such demand makes operators launch South American gambling platforms even more widely, considering the right promotion is being used.

Peculiarities of South American Online Gambling Law

Gambling laws in South America: peculiarities

Very few South American countries have regulated online gambling environments. Most of the casino website owners operate here with a license from a foreign jurisdiction. No gambling law in South America in 2020 prevents the locals from accessing such sites. However, such countries as Brazil are currently very close to regulating the industry and fight for the taxes that can be received from issuing licenses. Let us review the most influential countries in the region and their relation to a casino law in South America.


Poor online gambling regulation resulted in different provinces to have their own laws on the industry. Consequently, the national government is working towards reinstalling control over the online gambling sphere in the country in a unity


The recently failed SB 186/2014 was the closest bill towards regulating online gambling in the country. However, the government rejected it for now and is working on improving certain aspects for better control in the future


After installing strict regulations in 2016, this gambling market in South America became an example for a lot of the country's neighbours. Today, the local gaming commission (Coljuegos) issues online gambling licenses for operators who meet the requirements


There is no possibility to start an online gambling business in this country after the national referendum in 2011. The local authorities do not issue gaming licenses either


It is possible to start a casino in South America with the permission of this country. However, the regulations were adopted long ago and can contradict the international standards of the online gambling sphere


The local government has been working very hard on the local regulation of the online gambling industry. The operators might soon have another destination for launching South American gambling platforms

South American gambling laws are not stable but some countries have great potential. If you want to open gambling in South America, you should look for a proper foreign jurisdiction that issues operational permits for working in the desired region. Moreover, if you want to avoid the possible mistakes, you should probably order a turnkey casino in South America.

Why Is a Turnkey Casino in South America so Popular among Operators?

So, you have made your mind to buy a casino in South America. The only problem is where to start. First of all, a casino website looks like any other serious business project. So, you might need to elaborate a business plan first to understand what you will have to go through. Apart from individual project development, it is also possible to order a turnkey casino in South America from Casino Market.

Basically, it implies a transfer of all organizational responsibility from an operator to the company’s experts:

  • a turnkey casino in South America involves an individual approach to the website's design according to the operational area and local trends;
  • South American casino license from the company’s juridical assistants will guarantee a legal operational process, taking into consideration the selected working zone;
  • the best online casino software in South America will be available in no time, and the world-renowned vendors (Amatic, Greentube, Aristocrat, etc.) will be at your disposal;
  • the technical support from Casino Market experts will guarantee a flawless operational process regardless of any possible obstacles;
  • the preparation of an efficient advertising campaign for any online gambling business in South America overviews the possibilities of the promotional environment in the area;
  • the most widely used transaction casino software in South America (MasterCard, Visa, MercadoLibre, Boleto, Elo) will enable secured transfers and a reliable streamline of deposits from customers.

As efficient as an independent development of the gambling business in South America can be, it is much safer to have professionals there for you. The experts from Casino Market will eagerly provide you with high-quality assistance and help you develop a lucrative gambling environment.

Main Things about Starting an Online Gambling Business in South America

Turnkey casinos in South America: key notions

The decision to start online gambling in South America can be very profitable if you ensure your organizational process is smooth. It is not only about high-quality software and the increased functionality of the website.

It is essential to be aware of certain peculiarities when you start a casino in South America:

  • the demand for online gambling in the region is enormous due to the rapid increase in technological progress, availability of internet payment methods, healthy competition on the market, and world-wide recognition;
  • the gambling law in South America 2020 is favourable for operators who try to get a foreign-based operational permit as most countries do not have a regulated environment for now;
  • it is also possible to start legal online betting in South America as the locals are fond of various kinds of sports, with a massive incline to football;
  • a turnkey business solution is the most efficient way to start online gambling in South America if you are a new operator.

There is no need to worry about an online casino law in South America. The experts at Casino Market have enhanced juridical background. Together with the most reputable software providers (Novomatic, EGT, Microgaming, and others), we will help you set up a legal and lucrative gaming environment. You can always ask our specialists such questions as “Is gambling legal in South America?” or “How much does it cost to launch a gambling website in South America?”. Just pick a convenient communication method and inquire about anything you might want to know.

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