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Features of Baccarat

Baccarat is an old game with simple and clear rules. There are two participants in each round — a gamer and a banker. Their goal is to make a better hand than an opponent (but not exceeding 9 points).

During the first dealing, each participant receives two cards. It is possible to change them or take additional ones. An ace gives one point. Cards from 2 to 9 are paid at their face value. A jack, queen, and king do not bring points at all.

Users can apply different strategies in live baccarat. Sessions are characterised by dynamic gameplay: rounds last only 2–3 minutes.

Providers improve baccarat with side bets (on the difference between the points of the winner and the loser), bonuses, video replays, detailed statistics and analytics.

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Live Baccarat Providers
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Connect Live Baccarat for Casinos: Certified Products from Casino Market

Baccarat with a live dealer is in great demand among the audience. It brings stable profits to operators. The software developers provide an authentic gaming experience and good customer retention thanks to the system of auxiliary bets and good bonuses.

Live baccarat for casinos: certified products

You can integrate live baccarat on a turnkey basis at affordable prices by contacting Casino Market. We supply only licensed solutions from the leading providers of the iGaming industry.

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The Rules of Live Baccarat

The ancient card game appeared in Europe at the end of the 15th century. Its founder is the Italian Felix Falguere. Initially, players used tarot cards. However, over time they were replaced with traditional decks (36 or 52 cards).

Baccarat with real dealers is very popular among online casino visitors. It is presented on all live platforms in European and Asian countries.

The live baccarat software is complemented by an auxiliary betting system, random draws, and other audience retention options.

The entertainment has simple rules:

  • In the traditional version (Punto Banko), a user plays «one on one» against a dealer. A gambler’s task is to collect a combination of two cards. Their sum has to be greater than a croupier’s points or equal to nine.
  • Six decks (52 cards) are used in Punto Banko. It is possible to connect baccarat with a live dealer in other options, for example, with 8 decks or for 4−12 participants.
  • The entertainment implies three classic types of wagers: the bet on a gamer's win (1:1), a dealer's (banker's) luck (1:1) or a draw (8:1). Live casinos have supplemented the classic version with auxiliary bets, for example, on the amount of the winner's cards or on the number at which there will be a tie.
  • In baccarat, cards have their value. Cards from «2» to «9» bring points equal to the value of their face value. «A» gives 1 point. «J», «Q», «K», and «10» do not bring points at all.

The System of Auxiliary Bets

Let us consider the main bets in live baccarat:





Gamers predict whether a pair of cards will fall on a player’s or a dealer’s side of (for example, two fours)



This is a bet on the number of cards that will be dealt during the main round. If a croupier uses 4 cards, then the «small» wager will win. In the case of 5−6 cards, the «big» bet will bring prizes to users


Dragon Bonus Bet

The bet on the difference between the points scored by the winner and the loser


Sum Bonus

Gamblers guess the total amount of hands after all rounds have been played


Egalite Bonus

The bet on the number, which will result in a draw


Lucky 6

In this wager, the amount of the combination has to be 6 (this applies to both a dealer and a gamer). The prize is paid out only in the version without commission


Tie Bonus

Gamblers predict 5 or 6 ties in a row with certain amounts of two cards


Why Do Users Prefer Live Baccarat?

The entertainment is popular for several reasons:

  1. Authentic gameplay. It is achieved thanks to modern audio and video equipment for 24/7 Full HD broadcasts and a friendly atmosphere in casinos. Gamers can play baccarat without leaving their home and chat with users from different countries.
  2. The use of betting strategies. Live baccarat software for casinos works without a built-in RNG. All combinations are determined randomly. Gamblers often use different strategies (for example, Martingale or Whitaker systems) to increase their chances of receiving good prizes.
  3. Different game formats. Gamblers can participate in draws or watch what is happening in the halls as guests. Broadcasts are conducted from professionally equipped live studios and real casino complexes (for example, Portomaso Casino in Malta).
  4. System of auxiliary bets. It contributes to greater customer retention and an increase in clients' average checks. Any user can place a bet on a gambler, banker, or the sum of cards without sitting at a virtual table.
  5. Quick draws. The entertainment is characterised by high dynamics and short rounds (lasting for several minutes). Simple rules attract a huge audience that is ready to place bets and enjoy the authentic gameplay.

The Benefits of Installing Live Baccarat

Live baccarat: benefits of installing

Here are the key reasons to buy live baccarat games for casinos:

Good traffic monetisation

Gamblers visit a live platform to play a popular game. They bet on the outcome of rounds and intermediate results, participate in promotions and bring stable profits to operators

Simple installation

The integration of live baccarat for casinos takes a minimum of time thanks to seamless API tools. Data is transmitted over secure SSL channels following international HTTP protocols.

Developers supply only licensed and certified software

The improvement of business image indicators

It is hard to imagine a modern gambling site without baccarat. Producers offer the classic game, accelerated versions, solutions with bonus multipliers, and other options

Offers from Top Providers

You can buy live baccarat casino games from reputable software providers by contacting Casino Market.

Lucky Streak

The Israeli developer offers the game in two formats: one-on-one with a croupier and multiplayer mode.

Broadcasts are conducted from state-of-the-art studios in Latvia and Lithuania. The company guarantees 24/7 HD streaming. Dealers provide friendly communication via internal chat.

The features of the branded software:

  • practical user lobby (you can view replays and statistics, set limits, change currency and language);
  • complete safety (the product is licensed by the prestigious Curacao regulator);
  • 360-degree image coverage and access to live casino 24/7;
  • video streaming from the famous land-based entertainment complexes Oracle and Portomaso in Malta.


You can connect live baccarat from the Asian developer in several formats:

  • traditional Punto Banco with 6 decks;
  • accelerated version Quick Hall;
  • VIP Baccarat with increased betting limits;
  • BidMe Baccarat with a special laydown order.

The key benefits of the branded content are as follows:

  • the Multiplay function for simultaneous participation in 8−32 draws;
  • cross-platform environment with flawless work in operating systems Windows, iOS, and Android;
  • user-friendly interface (viewing statistics, changing the dealing order, visiting a casino as a spectator);
  • first-class studio development (the company manages 5 gaming halls with different limits, breaks between rounds, and generous bonuses).


The provider occupies a leading position in the Asian market. Besides, it supplies professional live content to many European and American operators. The developer's studio with 24/7 streaming is located in Manila (Philippines).

Here are the benefits of live baccarat from n2-LIVE:

  • multicurrency environment (you can place bets in over 30 monetary units and digital assets);
  • loyalty program with multipliers and bonus incentives;
  • excellent image quality with the effect of presence in the hall (thanks to widescreen shooting from different angles);
  • built-in CRM-system (options for managing accounts, blocking, and creating PR content).

Evolution Gaming

The assortment of the European developer includes several versions of the game:

  1. Classic Punto Banco with extra features. It includes the possibility to view statistics and moves of opponents and auxiliary bets on pairs.
  2. Salon Prive Live Baccarat. The VIP room contains four baccarat tables with different minimum bets.
  3. Multi-Camera Baccarat. Shooting from different angles and support for close-ups are provided thanks to the use of modern equipment.
  4. Baccarat Control Squeeze. Gamblers can control the compression of cards and change the order of dealing.
  5. Live Speed Baccarat. Accelerated version with 27-second rounds.
  6. No Commission Baccarat. 5% commission is not charged at the table.
  7. Dual Play Baccarat. Support for dual play for better audience coverage.
  8. Baccarat Multiplay. Participation in 8−12 draws at the same time.

The features of live content from Evolution Gaming:

  • prestigious licensing of the Maltese jurisdiction;
  • high security (cards are hidden by optical filters and overlay masks until they are revealed);
  • the Red Envelope bonus program with random multipliers (from x2 to x8);
  • the system of additional bets with odds up to 200:1.


The Swedish developer offers three versions of live entertainment: traditional Punto Banko, accelerated Speed Baccarat, and Baccarat Pro (the solution for high rollers).

The benefits of the products are as follows:

  • multilingual and multicurrency environment (the lobby has been translated into 24 languages​; the solutions supports 27 monetary units);
  • high-quality studio shooting (round-the-clock broadcasting, 360-degree view);
  • the certification of content in the independent laboratory eCOGRA;
  • road maps with detailed statistics.

The Main Things about the Connection of Licensed Live Baccarat

Live baccarat software: key notions

Live baccarat is a popular card game. It is played by thousands of gamers around the world.

  • The entertainment is characterised by simple rules and the presence of auxiliary bets. Developers support authentic gameplay and offer different entertainment formats. It is possible to use different betting strategies to increase gamblers' chances of getting winnings.
  • The installation of live content will ensure good traffic monetisation for an operator and attract a solvent audience to his or her site. The integration of the solution takes a minimum of time thanks to seamless API tools.
  • Certified live baccarat in different versions (from classic to accelerated and multiplay options) n2-LIVE, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Allbet, Lucky Streak, and other manufacturers is available to customers.

Casino Market offers the installation of baccarat in several ways:

We provide marketing promotion for ready-made iGaming projects, help with business licensing, and online casino branding.

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