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The Benefits of Working in the Asia Market

High solvency of the potential audience

Loyal attitude of Asians to gambling

The development of advanced technologies

The absence of fierce market competition

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The Prospects of the Gambling Business in Asia

1. The Benefits of the Gambling Market in Asia

  1.1. High Population Density

  1.2. Rapid Development of High-Speed Internet

  1.3. High Incomes of Citizens

  1.4. The Interest of the Public in Advanced Technologies

  1.5. Loyal Attitude of the Authorities toward Gambling

  1.6. The Popularity of Cryptocurrencies

2. The Disadvantages of the Region in Terms of Conducting Business

3. How to Launch a Turnkey Casino in Asia?

4. The Main Trends of the Gambling Business in Asian Countries

5. Where Is Gambling Legal in Asia?

6. The Main Things about the Gambling Business in Asia

The Asian market is attracting the attention of many investors for several reasons. This region has a high population density. Besides, most residents of Asian countries have high profits. That is why more and more operators want to start casinos in Asia.

Familiarize yourself with the features of Asian gambling laws and the rules of conducting business in this region with the Casino Market team.

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The Benefits of the Gambling Market in Asia

Gambling market in Asia: benefits

It is important to note that the gambling market in Asia can be considered in two different perspectives. Firstly, it is necessary to study the general features and prospects of this region. Secondly, you need to get acquainted with the laws and characteristics of the gambling market in APAC and each country in more detail.

As for the general peculiarities of the gambling market in Asia, it is characterised by lots of advantages. Let us consider some of them:

High Population Density

This feature is incredibly essential for operators, wanting to buy casinos in Asia. A large number of people from Asian countries are interested in real money games. This fact guarantees the fast growth of the potential audience. A successful example of the importance of this aspect is Hong Kong.

This administrative district is considered one of the most densely populated localities in the world. Unlike Chinese legislation, Hong Kong's gaming laws are pretty loyal. Many betting establishments are located in the district’s territory. They attract the attention of locals and tourists, bringing huge revenues to the budget of Hong Kong. It is one of the most developed centres of betting business in Asia.

Rapid Development of High-Speed Internet

Slow internet connection is no longer an obstacle for businessmen, willing to open gambling establishments in Asia. Although, only a few years ago, some remote areas of Asia encountered this problem. Therefore, the gambling market in Asia was evolving rather slowly.

The development of mobile technologies has allowed gamblers from the smallest towns and villages to visit gaming websites and make sports bets. The advent of high-speed mobile Internet has become another reason to start casinos in Asia.

High Incomes of Citizens

According to recent studies, the richest countries in the Asian region are as follows:

  • Japan.
  • Singapore.
  • China (Hong Kong and Macau).

High incomes contribute to the development of the gambling business in Asia. The financial stability of citizens guarantees a massive influx of the solvent audience wishing to make regular, large bets.

The Interest of the Public in Advanced Technologies

Residents of some Asian countries (for example, China and Japan) have the opportunity to experience all the advantages of the latest technological developments earlier than Europeans or Americans. Most of the innovations in the digital technology market appear here.

It is not surprising that gamblers from Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries prefer casino games based on advanced technologies (for example, live games, AR and VR casinos, Telegram projects, etc.)

Loyal Attitude of the Authorities toward Gambling

Asian gambling laws are quite diverse. Some states take gaming activities rather strictly and introduce severe prohibitions. At the same time, other countries consider games of chance an integral part of their national culture. The list of such states includes:

  • Japan.
  • Singapore.
  • China (some regions).

For example, traditional Japanese slot machines Pachinko and Pachisuro are legalised in many cities. Huge gaming halls attract the attention of lots of people. Regular visits to such establishments have become a “mandatory ritual” for employees of large corporations. Such entertainment is the best way to relax from a hard day and have fun.

The Popularity of Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin casinos have revolutionised the world of online gambling. They allowed players to make minimum bets, avoid commissions, and maintain complete confidentiality. Cryptocurrencies are just beginning to be integrated into the daily life of Europeans and Americans.

At the same time, Bitcoin has been actively used in Asian countries for quite a long time. Undoubtedly, this feature will please many operators who want to buy casinos in Asia.

It should be noted that the purchase of Bitcoin casino software in Asia is beneficial not only for players. Owners of gambling projects can also get a lot of advantages (for example, a high level of user data security, the opportunity to attract a wide audience, the lack of control by law-enforcement agencies, etc.).

The Disadvantages of the Region in Terms of Conducting Business

Undoubtedly, the benefits mentioned above will not leave the representatives of the gambling business in Asia indifferent. However, some circumstances have become a real obstacle for entrepreneurs, willing to launch Asian gambling establishments. Consider them in more detail.

  1. Government restrictions. Casino laws in Asia can be quite tough. Some states prohibit any gambling activities (for example, socialist or Islamic countries). Although many gamblers from such states often use foreign online gaming resources almost unhindered.
  2. Low demand for gambling entertainments. This disadvantage of the gambling business in Asia is the result of the first one. The lack of access to sports betting and casino games in some countries have led to a decrease in the audience’s interest in gaming activities.

How to Launch a Turnkey Casino in Asia

Turnkey online casino in Asia

A lot of businessmen, wanting to open a gambling business in Asia are considering two main options for launching new projects.

The first one lies in the independent collection of information, the exploration of casino laws in Asia, the preparation of documentation, the purchase of casino software, etc. It is worth noting that this approach requires large financial investments. Moreover, it may take a lot of time.

A simpler and more reliable option is to launch a turnkey casino in Asia. All issues related to obtaining an Asian casino license, purchasing casino software in Asia, creating a website and attracting customers are the responsibility of an intermediary company. This approach to conducting business will protect you from hidden financial risks.

Casino Market has been engaged in the development of turnkey projects for many years. The company offers the best casino software in Asia. The unique marketing tools used by the brand will allow you to launch Asian gambling platforms in the shortest possible time.

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The Main Trends of the Gambling Business in Asian Countries

Gambling laws in Asia in 2020 are characterised by many restrictions for land-based establishments. Therefore, operators turn their attention primarily to online projects. If you want to start online gambling activities in Asia, consider the following trends:

  1. Live games. Communicating with real croupiers will let players experience unforgettable emotions. Besides, this gaming format guarantees an accurate result.
  2. VR and AR casinos. This type of games is liked by real gambling enthusiasts who want to immerse themselves in the gaming process to the full.
  3. Fast and reliable payment methods. After opening a turnkey casino in Asia, you will provide your customers with a wide assortment of up-to-date and secure payment methods (cryptocurrencies, electronic payment systems, virtual wallets and others).

Where Is Gambling Legal in Asia?

Many beginning businessmen often ask “Is gambling legal in Asia?” Yes, the government of several states allows starting online gambling projects in Asia. Get acquainted with some of them:


As already mentioned, games of chance play an essential role in traditional Japanese culture. That is why this country is ideal for opening turnkey casinos in Asia


Land-based casinos are accessible only to foreigners and some Vietnamese. However, online establishments have become a good alternative for many gamblers

It is forbidden to register gaming projects within the state. Nonetheless, foreign virtual resources operate almost unhindered


The offline business is legalised here. Nevertheless, casinos are available only for tourists. Malaysian operators wanting to open gambling establishments in Asia are focused on the online market.

The option of registering companies in offshore jurisdictions is quite demanded here


Some types of gambling are legal in Thailand (for example, betting on horse racing and lotteries). Moreover, the government does not limit the activities of foreign gaming operators


This country is considered one of the richest in the world. Two large casinos operate here. The state is also characterised by legal online betting in Asia

Macau, Hong Kong (China)

These administrative districts of China are ideal for those who want to open gambling projects in Asia. These options are suitable for entrepreneurs working in the offline area

The Main Things about the Gambling Business in Asia

Gambling business in Asia: advantages

Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, China and other states of the region are an excellent solution for many entrepreneurs. Buy a casino in Asian countries to become a recognised owner of a top-performing establishment.

The following advantages characterise the purchase of casino software in Asia and the launch of new projects:

  • high solvency of players;
  • the development of digital technologies;
  • the polarity of online gambling;
  • the loyalty of the audience to gaming activities.

Gambling law in Asia in 2020 is marked by a large number of opportunities for the implementation of online projects. If you are thinking about opening your own casino in Asia, pay attention to Casino Market. 

We have extensive experience in this region. Casino Market work with top-notch providers popular in Asia, such as Amatic, Greentube, Novomatic, EGT and others. Our experts are ready to start working on your project at any stage of its realisation. We will be glad to offer you a turnkey casino business and answer all your questions.

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