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The Relevance of the Amatic Casino Software in South America

05 october 2020
Online casino, Management
Author: James Burton
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Latin America is the arena full of business possibilities. The region’s technological progress successfully keeps up with the US and Europe. That is why starting an online gambling business in South America right now is a perfect way to conquer the market. One of the most significant things in a platform-building process is obtaining first-class software.

The Amatic casino provider in South America is among the local market leaders when it concerns supplying top-notch gambling games and administrative systems. The organization has been working in Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, and other Latin America states for almost a decade and has already satisfied dozens of operators.

Amatic casino provider in South America

Casino Market is ready to ensure your cooperation with the Amatic gaming provider is fruitful and transparent. So, order the gaming and administrative content at our company from this successful representative of the South American market.

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Online Gambling Regulations in the Latin America

Amatic casino software in South America is developed for every country in the region with the consideration of the slightest cultural distinctions. It means that an operator can create unique gaming content, regardless of which state he is going to work in.

To be more specific, the majority of entrepreneurs opt for three main targets in Latin America:

  1. Colombia. As for late 2020, this country is the only region to provide operators with fully legal opportunities for the online gambling business in South America. In 2017, the local gambling commission called Coljuegos approved the first gaming license. After that, numerous entrepreneurs who wanted to start an online casino with Amatic in South America rushed here to apply for operational permits.
  2. Argentina. Apart from Colombia, the Amatic casino provider in South America also gladly develops software for platforms in Argentina. However, the country has distinctive gambling legislation here. It is based on the provincial distinction of the region, meaning Argentina does not have single gambling regulation. Nevertheless, operators still willingly launch their gaming websites for players in Buenos Aires, Rosario, Mendoza, and other metropolises.
  3. Brazil. This country is supposed to be the next to legalize online gambling business. The Amatic software provider in South America closely monitors the implementation of regulations here and offers exclusive services for operators who target this region. After the failed SB 186/2014 bill in 2016, entrepreneurs were a bit disappointed about the development of the events. However, it is still possible to open an online casino website here using offshore licenses.

Characteristic Attributes of the Amatic Supplier in South America

Casino Market wants our clients to cooperate only with the most reliable software manufacturers. South America is a peculiar market to work in. With the extensive experience that the Amatic gaming provider bears, operators’ gambling websites will swiftly attract a massive number of new players due to an individual serving of each client.

Among the distinctive attributes of this software vendor, we should point out:

  • enhanced security and boosted performance rates of the gaming solutions that are developed by an individual order of each client;
  • wide-resolution possibilities (up to 4K) of the gaming content for particularly demanding players;
  • full iOS and Android compatibility of the designed applications as well as a smooth operation in a browser for desktop gadgets and mobile phones;
  • Amatic land-based slot machines for sale for operators who also have real gambling facilities running;
  • the elaboration of bonuses, promos, loyalties, tournaments, and leaderboards for retaining the involved players and acquiring the new ones;
  • the installation of the local payment systems that correspond to the region of operation (Brazil — Itau, Colombia — Paysera, Argentina — ComproPago, etc.);
  • the integration of the most reliable firewall systems backed up by the latest 128- or 256-bit SSL encryption according to the newest security standards.

Casino Market needs to ensure our clients are satisfied with the solutions we offer. As we are 100% clear about the reliability of the Amatic software provider in South America, we assure a complete success of the purchased games and administrative tools. Order the services from the Amatic gaming provider and enjoy the benefits of working with professionals.

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Most Impactful Features of Amatic Gaming Software for Latin America

The origins of the company root back to the beginning of the 90s. It was a rather small team that promoted Amatic slot machines for sale for brick-and-mortar casino facilities. As a result, the company gained valuable maturity and started developing online slots alongside other gaming software.

Casino Market wants to refer to these most impactful features of Amatic casino software in South America:


With the modern achievements of high technologies, it was just a matter of time when Amatic casino software in South America became multiplatform. It has already been a few years when the company offers performance-based services for mobile (apps and browser) and desktop online casinos

Detailed localization of content

Even though the Latin American market is usually perceived as a single entity, the cultural approach is completely different. With 37 different language families, it could have been hard to localize the gaming content to please all players. But not for Amatic software provider in South America

Extra playing modes

Besides traditional wild symbols and bonus rounds, Amatic introduced something different from the usual gaming content. Operators receive a possibility to install risk game modes to their slots. It allows players to earn twice or even 4 times their winning if they go for the risky move. Players from Colombia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, and other local countries have already enjoyed this innovation

Personalized account

The software for casinos in South America from Amatic utilizes a unique interface solution that exists in no other service provider. The ability to customize the payment menu will allow the operator’s customers to feel special and adjust their convenience level as they want

Stunning graphics

While a lot of software developers focus on overwhelming visual effects, Amatic is more about minimalism. This approach allows orienting on the gameplay but still consider the graphical preferences of the target audience

The Main Things about Amatic in South America

Turnkey casino from Amatic in South America

The beginning of the gambling business in South America can be smooth and effortless if you choose the right partners. Casino Market is ready to answer how to buy an Amatic casino in South America. 

One of the most demanded services that Casino Market organizes is a turnkey casino from Amatic in South America. It is the entire package of utilities that are essential for the creation of a lucrative gaming portal.

Meanwhile, these are the most crucial notions about Amatic that every operator must be aware of:

  • The internet gambling business in South America is diversified, and some countries have it legal (Colombia) and others are working towards regulating it (Brazil).
  • The crucial distinctive attributes of the software supplier are the enhanced security and boosted performance, wide-resolution possibilities, full iOS and Android compatibility, elaboration of bonuses, promos, loyalties, usage of the local payment systems, as well as the integration of reliable firewalls.
  • Crossplatformity, detailed localization of content, extra playing modes, personalized account, stunning graphics make the Amatic service supplier a leading market representative in South America.
  • A ready-made business offer with Amatic software is the best opportunity for a new operator to consolidate in the Latin American market.

Casino Market confidently underlines the professionalism of Amatic experts. Dozens of online gaming portals work with their games, maintaining the level of player satisfaction on the top. Order Amatic services at the world-renowned aggregator Casino Market.

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