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A Successful Internet Gaming Business with Aristocrat Casino Software in South Africa

23 september 2020
Online casino, Management
Author: James Burton
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One of the key peculiarities of the online gambling business in Africa is the presence of reliable software providers. The region is actively developing in terms of the popularity of the internet gaming industry. That is why such professional software manufacturers as the Aristocrat gaming provider attract more and more operators. But what country is the best to launch a gambling business? When an operator wants to start an online casino, Aristocrat recommends doing it in South Africa.

Aristocrat online casinos in South Africa

The experts at Casino Market have been cooperating with Aristocrat immediately after its appearance on the market in the Republic of South Africa. The software it provides features top-class technological approach (primarily HTML5), excellent design solutions, and the reliable security of administrative systems (128-bit SSL encryption). Besides, the Aristocrat gaming provider is an experienced manufacturer with more than 67 years on the market. By ordering their software at Casino Market, you ensure the successful development of your casino in RSA.

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Fundamental Attributes of Aristocrat Software

The company specializes its operation in HTML5 games. Aristocrat casino software in South Africa is so demanded because the manufacturer utilizes the latest innovations in the gambling sphere. RSA is one of the most developed countries on the continent. Therefore, people from the local big cities (Cape Town, Johannesburg, etc.) require progressive entertainment. By adapting to the local preferences, the Aristocrat casino provider in South Africa creates exclusive content that appeals to the residents of the country.

The company integrates not only gaming solutions. The RSA casino software from Aristocrat is also included in the platform development option. It is an excellent opportunity to receive the first-class casino environment with all the necessary functions from a single provider.

The main characteristics of the Aristocrat gaming platform include:

  • a colossal variation of Aristocrat slot machines for sale;
  • a possibility to receive the latest innovative developments from the company;
  • the system of combined jackpots that add up from all operators who use Aristocrat casino software in South Africa;
  • a unified interface that simplifies the usage of gaming software regardless of the casino environment;
  • the development of mobile-based casino websites as well as the applications for iOS and Android.

These features make the Aristocrat a unique software provider in RSA. The company’s specialists constantly monitor the latest trends. These are the most spread cultural notions in the country that players might find exciting while enjoying their favourite gambling activity.

Advantages of Cooperating with Aristocrat

Since the company has been working in the online gambling business in Africa for more than 10 years, it managed to obtain the necessary experience to hold the leading positions among the local software providers. As a result, the operators who are eager to understand how to buy an Aristocrat casino in South Africa appeal to the solutions that the company’s specialists offer.

Aristocrat acquirements

Brief description

Excellent performance rates

The development of a unique game takes the company’s experts just a few weeks of work. It includes a brand-new design, a pleasant sound accompaniment, and extensive functionality

A high percentage of RTP

The return to players rate varies from discipline to discipline among different online casino games. The Aristocrat gaming provider ensures that the operator will be satisfied with the potential profit, keeping the average RTP at 97%

Extra plays

Usually, online casino games are full of free spins, bonus rounds, Wild symbols. Aristocrat offers all these and many other exciting functions that will make players return to play more and more and keep the operator’s revenue on a decent level

Accumulating jackpots

Apart from being shared among all operators who use Aristocrat casino software in South Africa, these jackpots also have an amazing accumulating system. As a result, the amounts quickly reach impressive sums and attract a lot of players

Different versions of games

The availability of an in-browser version of games is backed up by the possibility to play at mobile websites as well as download a game from App Store or Google Play Market

Demo versions

Most of the games from Aristocrat software provider in RSA have the option of demo play. It allows the players to test whether they like a particular entertainment and move to a money-play after that

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A Turnkey Business Solution with Aristocrat

Turnkey casino from Aristocrat in South Africa

Reliable RSA casino software requires a lot of thorough development, attention to detail, knowledge of the latest technologies. While it is important to write clean code, completing the image of a product is what matters the most. The Aristocrat casino provider in South Africa knows perfectly well how to ensure your online gambling establishment receives maximum benefit from the fully-featured development of the software.

Eventually, the company’s experts came up with a convenient South African turnkey casino that includes all the essential aspects of the development process. An operator will not need to take care of anything. The company’s experts will prepare an ideal starting pad for efficient online gambling business in Africa.

A turnkey casino from Aristocrat in South Africa is beneficial due to:

  • complete development of licensed gaming and administrative software by the company’s proficient product engineers;
  • an elaborated integration of the most popular payment systems in the Republic of South Africa (BCashy, Ecompay, G2A Pay, Dixipay, Paygol, etc.);
  • a thorough configuration of highly-secured gaming environment using 128-bit SSL encryption;
  • round-the-clock technical support in case of any malfunction from operator’s or client’s side;
  • professional assistance in advertising the online casino among the people in Soweto, Durban, Pretoria, and other metropolises.

It is essential to remember that these benefits from ordering Aristocrat casino software on a turnkey basis are only a tip of the iceberg. The vendor’s B2B products include various solutions for game development, digital promotion, administrative management, and many other gambling-related opportunities.

The Main Things About Aristocrat Provider in RSA

This gambling services provider is one of the leaders of the South African market. Aristocrat slot machines for sale are among the most demanded in the entire world. Some notable mentions of the popular slots are The Walking Dead Slot Game, Queen of the Nile: Legends, The Big Bang Theory Jackpot Multiverse.

The company is also a well-known brand for a number of its other peculiar features:

  • the software for a casino in South Africa from Aristocrat is based on the latest HTML5 technology and can be adapted to any type of platform (browser, mobile, app);
  • a unified jackpot system utilizes an accumulating technology that quickly gathers a big amount, attracting more and more players;
  • excellent performance rates, a balanced RTP percentage, and demo versions of most games are the main advantages of cooperating with Aristocrat;
  • a turnkey casino solution is the most efficient way to receive a viable online gambling business with the best software from Aristocrat.

Any entrepreneur can start an internet gaming platform. Casino Market offers different types of services for any a budget with the close cooperation of professionals. Aristocrat software is the leader of the gambling content on the RSA market. You can order their best gaming solutions at Casino Market. We are patiently waiting for your requests.

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