Best ways for your casino marketing in 2017

23 december 2018
Online casino, Marketing
Author: James Burton
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Marketing is an Engine of Progress, and That is the Most True in the Super-Stuffed Online Casino World

We live in time of abundance — of people, products, choice. Same thing is with casinos: there are giants like Betfair and Bet365, new casinos, which only enter the market and those, who are somewhere in between. How is it all possible? How can they stay in the market and get their profit?

Various marketers have made research on this question, and have gathered some interesting reports. Abundance of trends is really great, but here are the main ways for you in 2017.

Casino marketing trends

How Casinos Use to Market Themselves This Year

New bonuses

Online casino bonuses appeared simultaneously with online casinos themselves. Since there are so many casinos, which offer pretty much same standard things, came time for inventing something new.

The inventor in this sphere is Gaminator3. They implemented a based on loyal play bonus, a game for life, no wagering requirements. Time will show us, if the idea is a success.

Virtual reality

This one is now is a little seed, which will grow into strong powerful tree. In 2017 most online casinos realized, that VR is going to turn their industry upside-down. Yet, not many casinos are offering it now, more and more turn to using this perspective. Those, who dig into that virtual reality now, will control the market later.

Mobile apps

Mobile phones have taken incredible part in modern society, and the last year number of mobile players surpassed that of desktop ones.

Of course such statistics gave a great push to mobile games developers. This years making high-quality nice casinos was a top trend, and it doesn’t seem to fade away.

Mobile apps for casino

Affiliate marketing

If you try to picture what actually affiliate marketing is, you will realize that it’s pretty much your own casino, which you own without fear of financial risks. Affiliate marketing has existed for many years already, is staying up in 2017.

Social media

Every morning begins with alarm, which sets off on your cell phone. Every night you set this alarm on your cell phone. You look in the phone almost all the time — to read news, to answer a message.

Online messengers keep us in touch with those who are far and near. Advertisements, which keep popping up here and there are also a part of our everyday lives.

Social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter attract online casino markets by number of their users and possibilities they give.

Social media marketing

Self-marketing is a huge branch, which ranges from some funny mems to serious articles, all means are good for promotion.

In 2017 Facebook, the largest social media platform in modern world, announced reaching the mark of 1 billion users. We think it won’t be a mistake to say, that if online casinos don’t use this advantage, they’re missing out one of the best tools of social media marketing.

2017 isn’t over yet, so we still have time to see other ways of online marketing for online casinos. Just keep these factors in mind and try to think of some other ones.

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