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Brazilian and Mexican Gambling Markets: Detailed Comparison

Updated 29 august 2023
Online casino, Land-based solutions, Betting
Author: James Burton

Brazil and Mexico have emerged as key players in the international gaming industry, each with a unique trajectory and approach.

Brazil's enactment of the Provisional Measure (MP) to regulate sports bidding and Mexico's contemplation of its wagering strategy have drawn attention to the contrasting yet intriguing aspects of these Latin American giants.

Gambling in Brazil and Mexico: comparison

The Casino Market aggregator compares the potential of both countries and provides full support in creating and running a project in the LatAm region.

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The Brazilian Gaming Scene

The local wagering sphere has gained considerable attention. People now spend over $2 billion every year on online casinos and sportsbooks.

Only one-third of Brazilian players use legal platforms, showing the importance of better rules.

This emphasis on regulation follows a protracted struggle that started in 2018 and has been tough. Changes in politics and money matters have made the government rethink its approach to this profitable market.

The Mexican Gambling Landscape

Even though there is a clear opportunity for growth, the outdated Federal Gaming and Sweepstakes Law from 1947 still controls the industry, resulting in a high 60% of illegal web wagering activities.

Persistent demands for modernisation and adaptability to contemporary standards underscore the urgent need for an updated supervisory structure in Mexico.

The Role of Digital and Regulatory Advancements

The impact of the recent modifications can be expressed through the following facts:

  1. The Brazilian gaming market has been influenced by its robust Internet penetration rate of 81%, coupled with more than 215 million residents.
  2. Mexico, through strategic investments in online platforms and mobile services, has the potential to leverage its tech-savvy populace to fuel the growth of its entertainment niche.
  3. Brazil's involvement in the gambling market shows the importance of strong rules that focus on fair gaming, protecting consumers, and maintaining a sustainable niche.
  4. As Mexico moves forward, dealing with regulations and using new technology will be crucial to realising the full potential of the local entertainment sphere.

The Main Things about the Brazilian and Mexican Gaming Markets

Casino business in Brazil and Mexico: analysis

With its developing economy and large population, the LatAm region presents a conducive setting for the launch of amusement businesses. Particularly in the above-mentioned countries, operators can leverage the favourable conditions facilitated by the state.

Comparing the gaming markets in 2 countries highlights the importance of custom regulatory actions, adopting technology, and dealing with specific challenges in each state.

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