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09 june 2019
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Author: James Burton
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Gambling is the complicated form of business. In order to have profits, its owner has to take measures to adjust the operating processes and the activities of the personnel. Casino management software (ERP systems) is used to enhance the particular components of all internal operations.

Gaming systems control

Within this approach, almost all business processes are to be properly organized. Besides, permanent customers experience shall be considered, highlighting the support service and developing attractive loyalty programs in order to create the client-focused proposals.

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Casino Gaming Systems Control

One of the most important functions of the casino management software integration is the gaming systems control. The proper automated functioning of machines and equipment requires the installation of points of the centralized controls. The software allows keeping the gaming process in the automated mode, providing notifications on the malfunctioning and other problems.

Customer Database

The gambling company business shall have a catalogue of clients with the relevant tools for registering the newcomers. The casino management software functions are based on this point. The software for the gambling facilities makes easy to accumulate and organize the data about employees and guests of the casino.

If rightly adjusted, the database of clients allows eliminating the disorder in handling the streams of operating information, implementing the relevant approaches.

This catalogue shall be created, protecting against potential fraudsters and providing the particular focus on prospective clients. A sequence of commands gives more information with an opportunity to privately photograph a person and place the images in a file cabinet.

A good software makes any fraud by employees and clients impossible.

Customer database in gambling business

Accounting and Reports

Gambling involves working with money. This circumstance requires a particularly scrupulous and pedantic approach regarding the accurate recordkeeping system. The probability of fraud and theft is to be eliminated. The work of any casino should be transparent and easily controlled.

Understandable principles for generating reports are needed. There are absolutely any configurations for setting criteria: selection by personnel, winnings figures, the frequency of visits, etc.

Cash Flow Transactions

A special program significantly simplifies the monitoring of cash flow transactions and ensures full monitoring of the large gains payments.

Cash flow transactions

Employee’s Salary

The estimating function for the staff salary correct calculation is also useful. Engage the relevant management systems and face no more difficulties to perform this task.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

The resources planning is particularly needed in case of a large-scale amount of operating work. Any manager or owner looks for possible ways to reduce the extra work and enhance the effectiveness.

For the planning and other components of control, this approach shall be considered, however, each owner decides on his own what is the most important for his project.

The Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints (TOC) eliminates the need to introduce the most complex technologies for long-term resource planning.

The Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints

For example, consider a casino, which staff includes only ten persons. They have to implement some business strategy for the company development, attracting customers, enhancing product quality etc.

It presupposes setting some particular objectives, for example, increasing revenues by 20% by the end of the year or entry into new markets etc. Then each of the above points shall be extended to the more detailed features until reaching the specific actions that need to be taken.

There is even a special theory, BSC (Balanced Scorecard). It presupposes setting the company's strategic goals, then breaking them into smaller ones to make an objectives tree.

At the very bottom of this tree, you get simple quantitative indices that are delivered to the executors.

For example, the ultimate targets for ordinary employees might look like this:

  • 200 new users per month;
  • 5 daily visits of current users;
  • 5% increase in site traffic per month;
  • 10 monthly ads in the media;
  • 3 new regional partners per month.

Then you need a tool for accounting and controlling these indices. Meeting these formal and understandable goals makes possible to implement the general strategic objectives.

Current market share, entering new markets, company growth etc are the resources which are to be planned using ERP. The ERP system allows the effective management of all these indices.

When you have planned all these things, you need also to plan the financial components.

When all plans are already launched, but suddenly it turns out that you need some adjustments, or facing a crisis. As a result, incomes are lower than planned, which means that all the plans need to be revised. And procurement and finance, and equipment, etc. Add more planning for equipment repairs.

Any such planning inevitably and regularly faces the factors that change (if not cancel) all the plans.

Therefore, before implementing such a planning system, think carefully about whether it is better to simply change the very management ideology from the long-term planning technologies to the technology regarding the provision of a proper response to a changing situation.

As you can see, there are enough problems while there are no software products capable to remove all these problems at once. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the path of the least resistance and choose a product that solves the maximum number of problems.

It is not even about the product but about the minds of those who implement such solutions. There are people who are able to clearly articulate the goals, tasks, and problems but there are those who do not understand what problems they need to solve.

There are few universal solutions, as any planning, one way or another must take into account the peculiarities of the business. Are there any products on the market that can easily automate continuous production?

But how nice it would be if you had a complete picture of the company's condition in the online mode.

And you would know the answers to such questions as:

  1. What is the company’s revenue?
  2. What is the cost value?
  3. What is the gross profit?
  4. What are the costs for each cost item?
  5. What is the company's net profit?
  6. How much money do you have?
  7. How is the budget executed?
  8. What is your debt to counterparties and what are their debts?

Tracking these indicators changes over time is crucial. Building accounting is a troublesome matter, sometimes it takes years of hard work and immense efforts. Special software products are used to make the accounting process entirely automated.

Automated process in casino system

Casino System for Business Processes Management

The absence of the appropriate software makes managing casino operation almost impossible task. The main processes are at risk of disintegration when their control becomes extremely difficult.

If each process runs properly, it provides a huge time saving, and, as a result, money saving.

For several decades, the management of companies has been built (and continues to be built) solely on the financial data. For this purpose, a chart of accounts, a profit and loss account, a balance sheet, a cash flow statement and other reports have been invented.

However, the reports are one of the possible options to be applied. Other tools include, for example, on the basis of a balanced system of company performance indicators (BSC). But applying even these tools is not a sufficient condition for the entirely qualitative operation.

Therefore, as before, the financial indices are still the core and the basis for the business management. Meanwhile, it concerns also financial indices planning, budgeting, indices changes dynamics assessment.

In general, management is a creative process. You can drive a car without appliances, but you risk getting caught for a speeding fine or getting stuck in a forest with the empty gasoline tank.

The system of management should provide such a dashboard for the relevant indicators, presenting the company's indices to be displayed, and you clearly understand what is taken and where it goes. You understand how your indices change over time, you can make decisions, gun the engine and slow down.

Casino Integrated Management Systems

The word «integrated'» shall be particularly highlighted. For a long time, it has been believed that different tasks can be automated with the help of different systems, and then all of them are brought together in a certain center.

Operational activity is processed in one system, planning in another, reporting in the third. This approach involves considerable problems, as splicing of such products is very difficult. The manufacturers of all these systems are completely different.

Therefore, the up-to-date trends move towards unified solutions, where everything from accounting to planning and reporting is done in one system.

Complex enterprise management systems are designed to unite as much as possible processes within a single framework, as this reduces the costs of maintaining and owning these tools. Thus, the processes run faster, simplifying the end-to-end analysis.

ERP Systems Implementation

The ERP systems are valuable for the following functions:

  • automation of processes;
  • mess elimination;
  • unified system development;
  • technological improvements;
  • staff reduction;
  • planning quality enhancement;
  • project profitability increasing.

Enterprise resource planning systems functions

Automation of Processes

ERP systems provide the desired unification when the main processes become automated, however, the financial components are still pending issues. The high costs cause higher spending of the resources. The maintenance and support require additional expenses.

Consider this fact as the key point: if ERP systems functioning does not provide higher revenues, their applying is not justified and other solutions are to be developed.

Mess Elimination

Casino management systems contribute to the elimination of the disorder regarding the running of the main processes, however, you should remember, the primary factor is the efficiency and quality of handling by managers. No matter how perfect is the equipment you employ, it will not properly operate if the management is poor.

Unified System Development

The quite popular solution is to develop the unified system, however, sometimes it is not easy to implement it because of various technical issues arising in the course of improvement.

If you currently have any particular piece of equipment providing the effective operation, do not hurry up trying to get rid of it. The relevant data can be unified and consolidated at the very end. Sometimes non-unified are more effective tools than the unified solutions.

Technological Improvements

The great number of the worldwide companies still use DOS products now because of the benefits they get from this. Any technology should work and bring the desired effect to justify its usage.

Never implement any modern inventions until you clearly see all the profits you get from this.

Staff Reduction

The ERP system assumes an effective personnel management

The modern systems and technology sometimes do not provide such an option to reduce the staff of a company. ERP system presupposes effective management and it is based on the staff traditionally associated with the current operational work.

Project Profitability Increasing

In general, the proper application of ERP systems facilitates profitability improvements.

If a business project is successful from the very beginning, there is a risk of profits reduction. You cannot solve it simply by automation but you have to employ the special approach, which can be developed for several years.

The Extended List of Possible Application's Areas for the Casino Management Systems

Casino activities control involves the development of the integrated solutions for the management of the following activities:

  • Property handling.
  • Equipment procurement.
  • Business analytics.
  • Database running.
  • Reporting and accounting.
  • Workplace control.
  • Documenting.
  • Activity scheduling.
  • Professional services.
  • Control and management automation systems.
  • Operating real-time information.
  • Customized software.
  • 2D, 3D graphics applications.
  • Effective revenue protection.
  • Flexible player tracking.
  • Tickets in/out.
  • Promotion.
  • Payments.
  • Jackpot system.
  • Customer service.

Casino Management System Implementation

ERP and other systems efficiency shall be measured by the effect they provide for a company. This becomes possible in case if the company takes care of its working approach enabling excellent performance.

Casino management software covers a wide range of applications. Contact Casino Market and get a consultancy in order to identify the needs of your project.

All possible technical solutions of the casino management software are provided.

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