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Casino Technology
Updated 08 february 2023
Author: James Burton
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Online Gaming Technology Embodied in a Modern Slots Game. A Path of Development

The history of Internet casinos is not too long but the development of the industry has been so rapid that online gambling clubs have undergone a lot of different stages filled with various events in such a short period of time. Just in some years the owners of online casinos have been able to create and resolve conflicts with many authorities and introduce a number of innovative technologies in the gambling field. On this basis, it can be concluded that the Internet gambling functions very actively throughout the world.

Casino Technology: software overview

Modern online casinos provide fun and entertainment that can make a visitor stay absorbed with the technology slot can offer for hours (of course, if we mean advanced halls with official software). A self-respecting and industrious facility cares about its players, and hence, provides quality service, the best online slot gaming solutions, and the matchless atmosphere.

A player needs an illusion of reality and longs to become the main character of the story. The combination of a beautiful, eye-pleasing quality graphics, excellent musical accompaniment, and bright, realistic storylines in today’s slot gaming products ensure that.

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Why are Slot Gaming Products are in Demand?

What is the difference between online gaming machines and regular land-based machines and what made them so popular? First of all, it should be noted that the quality of the graphics on the Internet has significantly improved over the years and is now more visually appealing. Secondly, the variety of slots exceeds all expectations. The close and smoky clubs could contain only a dozen or two slots machines, whereas any large online facility offers hundreds of games. What’s most important, any online gaming machine is available to users any minute.

The convenience of playing in an online casino made the gaming technology popular and incredibly attractive. It is one of the main reasons for the rapid increase in popularity of the gaming facilities on the Internet. Convenience makes it possible to win large prizes without even leaving the house.

Players can gamble online even on the weakest computer with the minimum Internet connection speed. It is only enough to deposit your player account or, as provided in some online casinos to play for free. Secondly, online casinos ensure that the customers have a variety of games to choose from.

Nowadays, the industrious work of developers evolved the gaming technology to make it maximally available everywhere and any time and provide the most satisfying gambling experience.

Mobile versions of the slots games

It's hard to find an online casino user today who wouldn't have a phone with mobile Internet. There’re many people who enjoy spinning roulette not only on the desktop screen but also on a tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device that they own. Mobile casino in the browser is the simplest, most secure and convenient, yet not the most primitive, option. If a user chooses to play games in a favorite online casino he won’t have to download or install anything.

This variant will also be perfect for those players who are unwilling or unable to install additional apps on their gadget for some reason. Just open any browser and enter the casino site address the same way you would from a regular computer.

Mobile casino app is the most popular way to have casino games on your gadget. Most serious gaming websites have their own mobile versions for Android, iPhone, and Windows, and these versions of the mobile casinos can be downloaded completely free of charge. Moreover, users are often offered very useful bonuses for download and installation.

If you want to install an online casino app for your mobile phone, you should take the choice with all seriousness. It's best not to turn to Playmarket or its analogues but open a browser and start by exploring the top mobile versions of online casinos. Take a close look at all the offers, compare the bonuses and gifts that are offered to install the offer, and make the choices consciously.

Casino with live dealer

Casino with live dealer

Perhaps every player expects a game to evoke strong emotions, be many-sided, unpredictable and honest. In this case, the perfect choice will be a gam, which is operated by a computer program but by a live person, and the action is not drawn on the screen, but is actually happening in a casino hall. The best online casino decided to meet these desires, and now everyone can try an online casino operated by the live dealers.

The principle of online casino with live dealers is simple. The most reputable online casinos own not only a website, software and gaming technology, but also to the real gambling rooms, which are equipped for quality video and audio broadcasts. There are usually several cameras, so a player can switch between them to get the necessary angle of visibility.

The two biggest advantages of a live casino are:

  • Atmosphere. It's so much easy to dive into the atmosphere of gambling and big money while simply watching a charming girl dealing cards. Players can see a roulette spinning, hear the ball knocking and the sweet voice of a dealer.
  • Communication. You can’t talk to the game app, and or ask it something, whereas a live dealer is willing to support the conversation. It will be useful for beginners to ask questions during the game and get answers to them. Players can as well chat with their opponents, who are also live people.

It's easy to start playing casino with a live dealer. It only requires a computer that meets the minimum requirements for a casino client, with a video card and sound. If you have those, you can download a client from any online casino that suits you. The installed program gives player an access to the camera system of a game room, any of which a user can connect to.

Trial version

One of the main features of online slots, which is the most appealing to gambling enthusiasts and newcomers,is the ability to play free of charge. Most online casinos offer players a kind of a test drive of their games, which you can play for free before betting real money. If a player is not sure about his skills and is not ready to risk real money a free version of a game will help. These free "tests" have long become a good tradition in many large casinos and online poker rooms.

As what concerns the benefits of free play, the demo mode is essentially a way to familiarize yourself with all the capabilities of a slots game. It is set up so that a player could try out all the bonus rounds within the shortest period of the game, assess the advantages of a risk game, see which combinations are most profitable. The trial mode of a game is a chance for a gamer to consider all the best parts and the maximum capabilities of an online gaming machine without investing your own money.

In order not to lose everything players have an opportunity to test games in demo mode. So, studying all the nuances of the game, building an individual strategy and gaining the invaluable experience is done without financial loss on the part of a player. This way, once appreciating the quality and profitability of a game a user is very likely to return again.

Another pleasant feature is all kinds of bonuses offered to customers by Internet gaming facilities. Literally anything can be a bonus but most often it’s a specific amount deposited on a player’s account. In addition, there are all kinds of bonus rounds, which can increase a player's chances of winning.

Casino Technology Online Casino Software

Casino Technology corporation, which is famous worldwide for Mega Jack slot gaming machine, is the largest casino software and hardware developer. Almost every ground-based casino in the USA or Europe offers the Casino Technology slots.


Casino Technology began its way in 1999. The young engineer Milo Borisov became the first one in Bulgaria to get license for developing game frames and established the organization. Year one of its existence was marked by Casino Technology being awarded with G2E for the best design of a game i. In 2001 Mega Jack was introduced to the world and immediately gained popularity in Bulgarian casinos. 2002 – the corporation started to provide game equipment to Baltic countries, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine. A year later, Mega Jack was listed number one sought-after gamble product among Eastern Europe casinos.

The Bulgarian company joined the Gaming Standards Association (GSA) in 2005 and represented the newest slots game as well as the Mega Jack updated version.

Between 2005 and 2011, the corporation was expanding the geography of its partners and entered the global gambling market: United States, Latin America, European Union countries. During six years of successful activity new slots, game frames, and multiplayer gambling products for the ground-based casinos have been emerging.

In 2012 Casino Technology was developing online casino gambling system content. Collaboration with Playtech brought quality online casino software. In 2014 the company launched the Leopard online casino platform and multifunctional system of casino management, the Big Five.

One year later Casino Technology remote gaming servers running the Elephant platform appear in several jurisdictions.

At this point Casino Technology is considered a gaming sector leader and one of the best suppliers of casino software and equipment. The company's offices are located in 15 countries around the world having more than 1,500 dedicated young professionals working at there. The online casino software is certified by most authoritative jurisdictions.

You can order online casino development or online gambling software from the Casino Market corporation. There are also options for renting, buying, or developing of a ready-made turnkey casino available.

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Gaming club system from Casino Technology

Casino Technology is now producing 9 game frames and Trinity, the multi-user "3-in-1" system for ground-based casinos. All of these products are featured by high quality equipment, software, and graphics. Still for the realities of Russian gambling online casino software proves to be more relevant. The Casino Technology portfolio now contains about 500 slot games.

The success of the games developed by Casino Technology is conditioned by the unique online casino platform system that was called the Big Five by the developers. These platforms were named after the mighty African beasts. The Big five includes all the necessary tools for the casino's online and offline infrastructure. The platforms can both be used together for ground-based facilities or browser casinos, and separately. Modern system The Big Five is handy for operators and safe for players.

It consists of the following platforms:

  • Rhino. A platform to manage ground-based casinos. With the help of this system, an operator can control the game area and improve customer service.
  • Buffalo. A server to generate jackpots on online and offline sites. The platform allows you to use a variety of configurations, flexible settings, and to connect ground-based slot machines and online slots with to a single jackpot.
  • Elephant. A remote gaming server providing internet casinos and mobile games with content. Over 100 HTML5 gaming products for online casinos have already been created on this platform.
  • Leopard. Gaming system for online casinos providing an operator with a wide range of gambles, product integration, single wallets for casinos.
  • Lion. A financial control system of casinos. This platform helps to ensure a smooth flow of credit as well as reliable financial transactions. Lion system could be integrated both in a land-based and online version of a casino.


The Big Five allows you to use all advantages of the stock-up jackpot, create a single casino wallet and a general loyalty program. Wherever the casino customers are, they can enjoy their favorite games from any gadget.

Online Casino Gambling System

Online casino software developed on the Leopard system makes it an advanced technology of graphics and game dynamics. Leopard platform by Casino Technology is meant for operators wishing to acquire functional, inexpensive for managing an online casinos.

The customer back office is well-consistent with quality and versatile content: slots, Roulette, Bingo, virtual racing, soccer.

The platform is a convenient interface that adapts to necessities and requests of an operator. The Leopard system is compatible with casino payments, and business instruments for marketing, accounting, reporting. An operator can perform effectively and accurately monitor online activities.

Slot Machines for Online-Version Casinos From Casino Technology

Over the past few years Casino Technology has become the leader in online-mode gambling area. The Elephant remote server provides full Casino Technology portfolio of slot games. Besides paid games, operators could add a demo version as well. Online casino gambling system is easily embedded into most internet platforms for gambling business.

The slots interface provides a comfortable access to options of slot game machines. Casino Technology games are downloaded from any channel in just a few seconds.

The company slots are differentiated according to the following characteristics:

  • number of reels (from 3 to 5);
  • number of payment tables (from 1 to 50);
  • volatility (percent of risk).

Casino Technology gaming machines for online casinos feature fascinating storylines, high-quality animated graphics, pleasant sound, and a variety of symbols. In addition to card characters and special slot symbols, each game has wilds and scatters. Video slots also have a bonus game, in which a user can multiply own winning.

List of popular slots from Casino Technology

  • Golden Hand;

Slot from Casino Technology — Golden Hand

  • Three Nymphs;

Game machine from Casino Technology — Three Nymphs

  • Fusion Fruit Beat;

Online slot from Casino Technology — Fusion Fruit Beat

  • American Gigolo;

Slot from Casino Technology — American Gigolo

  • Wild Hills;

Slot machine from Casino Technology — Wild Hills

  • Lucky Dollar;

Video slot from Casino Technology — Lucky Dollar

  • Gaelic Warrior;
  • Groovy Automat;
  • Chili Baby;
  • Purple Hot;
  • Jade Heaven;
  • Cat Queen;
  • Duck of Luck;
  • 40 Treasures;
  • Tesla Power;
  • Mighty Rex;
  • Queen of Fruits.

The game collection would be incomplete without the famous Mega Jack slot machine, which made Casino Technology so hugely popular.

Feel free to buy Casino Technology platforms, software for online casinos and slot machines from the Casino Market company. Moreover, we can develop and launch at your request an online turnkey casino with an already integrated online gambling software, payment systems and set up operator's office.

Your casino is guaranteed to become successful and profitable due to game slots from Casino Technology providing software and equipment. The company has already proven to be a reliable partner on the Russian-language gambling market and is now an undisputed market leader of the gaming solutions for offline and online casino development.

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