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Chatbot in Gambling: Operation Principles and Benefits

08 august 2022
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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A chatbot is a useful tool for automating operators' routine tasks. Communication with users, marketing promotion, and technical support become much more effective if you involve a virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence.

Casino with a chatbot: general info

At Casino Market, you can order the development of a turnkey casino and a chatbot. We deliver ready-made solutions with a wide range of configurations and a lot of modern settings for business.

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What Is a Chatbot in the iGaming Industry?

A chatbot is an installed internet assistant that acts as a virtual intermediary between a gambler and an online casino. The main processes — receiving and processing requests from users — take place on the server of the gambling site operator.

A chatbot is a clear example of the introduction of AI into the gambling business. The software is based on neural networks and machine learning technologies.

Since the virtual assistant is powered by AI, it understands not only basic commands but also popular languages. After each dialogue with a player, the system becomes "smarter" due to the automatic addition of new development scenarios to its memory.

Modern chatbots perform several useful functions, including:

  • communication with clients of the gambling service;
  • distribution of information and promotional materials;
  • advising gamers on some technical issues;
  • casino gaming, lotteries, poker and other entertainment.

Key Benefits of Robotic Programs

The main advantages of the solution:

Cost optimisation

To open an online casino, an operator does not need to hire technical support staff.

Chatbots provide all the requested information in a dialogue format. These are useful links and instructions for promptly solving problems of any complexity.

For a gamer, chatting is more convenient and informative compared to calling a call centre

Effective marketing

Chatbots attract the target audience through mass mailings, push notifications, and other forms of marketing promotion.

Good internet traffic will also be brought by setting up a dedicated chat in popular instant messengers

High security

The transfer of information takes place over encrypted SSL channels, which guarantees complete protection of the confidential data of operators and clients

Service quality improvement

Launching a casino business with a chatbot will provide a quick collection and analysis of information about user preferences, current trends, visit statistics and other parameters.

The received data can be used to create personalised offers for selected categories of gamers

Positive image

Most modern online resources work with built-in chats.

The integration of a robotic program into the casino software is an excellent image move to strengthen the brand's position in the market

Flexibility of settings

An operator can always personalise the chat interface, add new features and offers for players

Popular Chatbots in the Gambling Industry

Popular chatbots in the gambling industry

The choice of the program depends on what tasks the entrepreneur sets. The main focus is on customer service, attracting the target audience, and automating technical support. The operator can add non-standard functions to the software, for example, drawing random prizes for new visitors to the entertainment resource.

The gambling business uses the following types of chatbots:


The purpose of the program is to provide up-to-date information about the rules of the game on the site, available entertainment, current releases of slot machines, and upcoming contests and tournaments.

Chatbot helps to solve any technical issues related to:

  • starting the game;
  • changing the basic settings;
  • payment of winnings;
  • system update;
  • blocking bypass.

The dialogue is organised using text messages that mimic a human conversation.


Chats have a built-in game function: punters can spin the reels and place bets in the service window without going to the web gambling resource. Communication is organised both through interface buttons and by sending a text.

Programs are often created based on popular messengers:

  • Facebook;
  • Telegram;
  • WhatsApp.

The main task of the solution is to attract traffic from social networks and encourage gamers to play both within the chatbot and on the gambling site. You can open a mobile casino using special constructors based on the WhatsApp API and Facebook Messenger.

Which Chatbot Is Profitable to Connect

Messenger-based programs traditionally bring great benefits to the operator. But when choosing such a chatbot, it is important to follow all the rules of working in social networks.

Restrictions from Facebook, Telegram and WhatsApp are related to:

  • company size (chatbot configurators are available only for large and medium-sized businesses);
  • field of activity (in order to avoid blocking, the operator needs to obtain written permission from the administration to post information about the product);
  • goals of the chatbot (direct advertising of gambling is prohibited).

The Casino Market company recommends "hybrid" chats that can be installed both on the main site and on the mobile platform along with channels for social networks.

The functionality of the products is very different — from simple consulting of clients to the organisation of a full-fledged gaming process.

The Nuances of Choosing a Reliable and Effective Program

Casino chatbot: features

Entrepreneurs can create a chatbot on their own or order a ready-made solution from a trusted provider Casino Market.

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Features of the software from the company:

  1. Crossbrowser compatibility. The solutions are suitable for popular browsers and operating systems, which guarantees a seamless experience on desktop and mobile platforms. Finished products can be integrated into social networks, providing additional conversion.
  2. Built-in marketing tools. The operator receives a wide range of options for the effective promotion of online casinos. These are lead magnets, push notifications, trigger links, customisation functions, spot mailings, script sets, and automatic announcement chains.
  3. Free demo. An entrepreneur can connect casino software with a chatbot in demo mode. At the end of the trial period, the operator makes the final decision on whether to purchase the software.
  4. Payment system integration. Options for accepting payments and withdrawal requests without going to the gambling site. The system supports different currencies, including digital money.
  5. Individual design. There is a convenient interface window created in the same style as the main resource.
  6. Additional options. Monetisation, SEO promotion, adding a multilingual panel, duplicating chatbots for installation in different social messengers, and advanced analytics.

The Main Things about Using Chatbots in the iGaming Industry

The Casino Market company offers to buy a turnkey casino with a chatbot. The solution optimises the cost of technical support and ensures the influx of a solvent audience.

  • Chatbots are based on artificial intelligence technology. Programs perform a wide range of tasks — from communicating with users of a gambling resource to conducting complex marketing campaigns.
  • To choose good software, you need to pay attention to the cross-browser compatibility of the solution, the availability of advertising tools, a free demo version, and monetisation options.
  • Messenger programs are popular. They become a source of internet traffic with good conversion, but operators need to strictly follow the rules of social media promotion.

At Casino Market, you can order licensing and advertising services for the iGaming business. We offer many products for a quick start in the industry: a turnkey casino, a White Label program, and high-quality scripts.

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