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Explaining the Return-to-Player Rate: Importance to Punters and Managers

Updated 24 march 2023
Online casino, Tutorial / Guide
Author: James Burton
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An operator’s understanding of the necessary terms in the gambling sector directly influences the profitability of the platform. A casino RTP is a crucial aspect in iGaming mechanics that specifies the players’ possibility to win their bets back.

RTP in casino games: explanation

A subtle configuration of this element for each title allows operators to find a balance between cherished profitability and user satisfaction.

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Return to Player Rate: What is It?

The term is used to describe the percentage of the funds wagered which get back to punters over time. The higher the online casino RTP is, the better the visitors’ chances of coming victorious in the long run.

Since the term is a theoretical measure, it does not secure users to win back an indicated rate of their wagers all the time. However, return to player in casino games is an essential factor for punters to consider when choosing which activity to access.

The rate is not the same for separate gambling entertainment. RTP casino meaning implies the versatility of each session. Distinct games have unique percentages that are configured to mimic the victorious possibility of traditional activities in a physical hall.

Most commonly, users look for the best RTP slot machines at a casino. They bear a fast pace, enjoyable gameplay, and solid winning chances for participants. What is RTP in slots? On average, it is 85%, and punters are thrilled with such opportunities to get positive results.

Top 5 highest RTP casino slot machines as of the beginning of 2023:

Name of a title



Book of 99

Relax Gaming


1429 Uncharted Seas



Blood Suckers






White Rabbit Megaways



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Calculating the Percentage

RTP calculation for profit

Operators can see whether products match the theoretical RTP by dividing win and turnover numbers:

  1. A game with a configured percentage of 92% yielded a profit of $120,000 and granted punters $108,500 in winnings.
  2. Simple maths shows us the calculation of the actual RTP at 108,500/120,000 to be 0.9042 (90.4%).
  3. The difference between these numbers indicates the volatility of activity, and this is completely normal.
  4. The more punters will access a game, the lower the distinction between an actual and theoretical RTP will be.

Return-to-Player Rate and House Edge: Balance

While punters are primarily concerned about “What is RTP in casinos?”, managers should also consider the reversed term. House edge is the rate of wagered funds that are left as the operator’s revenue.

This implies that if the highest RTP online casino games have a 99% possibility to return funds (i.e. blackjack), 1% of those wagers will be left at a casino. This number also depends on the amusement title and can be as high as 35% at such activities as bingo.

The Main Things about the Percentage of Return

Operators work closely with providers to ensure an ideal balance between punters’ excitement from the gameplay and the steadiness of profit. The crucial factor here is RTP meaning online casino managers must be very thoughtful about their subtle configuration.

The adaptation of the rate is crucial since it is:

  • an essential factor for punters to consider when choosing which activity to access;
  • volatile depending on how regular particular entertainment is played;
  • a reflection of a project’s profitability in the form of the house edge.

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