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Gambling Business in Qazaqstan: How to Start Your Own Business, Regulation, Laws, Taxes

19 august 2019
Online casino, Land-based solutions, Licensing
Author: James Burton
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According to official statistics, more than 18 million people live in Qazaqstan (as of January 1, 2019). This country ranks fourth in terms of population among the post-Soviet states, which means it is very attractive for entrepreneurs.

Qazaqstan is located on the border of Europe and Asia, which influenced the mentality of its residents: they are open-minded to innovation and monitor fashion trends.

The government is working to improve the legislation governing the gambling business in Qazaqstan, and you should know more about it. Pay heed to the country if you plan to open a new gambling project or expand your business.

Gambling business in Qazaqstan

Casino Supermarket experts offer to get acquainted with the latest information about the attitude of Qazaqs to gambling entertainments, trends and prospects of gambling development.

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What Is Allowed According to the Law on Gambling and Amendments

The law on gambling in Qazaqstan was adopted in 2007, but later amendments were introduced to eliminate the «shadow» gambling business segment. The innovations caused conflicts between the authorities and casino owners, but the differences were bridged.

Changes in the legislation have benefited the budget: during the first 9 months of 2018, the gambling business received 23 billion tenges (about 60 million U.S. dollars). This is 9 billion tenges (23.7 million U.S. dollars) more than in the same period of 2017. Experts are confident in the further development of positive trends.

Good news for honest businesspeople: in Qazaqstan the cost of a license is lower than in most other countries.

Land-Based Casinos

Now the country has gambling zones located in Akmola and Mangistau regions, Khorgos. Here operate 13 legal casinos. The law allows for the opening of land-based slot machine parlours.

Poker is not prohibited by law in Qazaqstan. Moreover, a major online tournament Eurasian Poker Tour was held here in 2013.

Virtual Platforms

The situation with gambling web resources is ambiguous. Virtual casinos using servers located in Qazaqstan are prohibited. If the technical and software equipment of the web venue is outside the state, its activities are quite acceptable.

Measures Against Ludomania

In addition to the allocation of special entertainment areas, the government of Qazaqstan has decided to introduce a system of additional measures aimed at preventing addiction.

Thus, only sports bets are allowed, and they are attached to the players' TIN. It allows keeping track of the number of gamers, monitoring their spending on gambling entertainments and at the same time controlling the income of clubs.

Players are offered the option to «self-exclude» from the casino, and many people have agreed that the measure would be useful to them, but in practice, it does not work.

Gambling Business in Qazaqstan: Taxation

All legal entities are obliged to pay taxes for providing such services:

  • casino;
  • slot machine parlours;
  • sweepstakes;
  • betting shops.

As objects of taxation included gaming tables, slot machines, cash desks of totalizators and bookmaker offices (including electronic).

Taxation rates are attached to the monthly calculation index, which is set at the beginning of the tax period. The amount of deductions depends on the facilities that the gambling establishment is equipped with.

Taxation rates are calculated as follows: the monthly calculation index is multiplied by a certain coefficient. The formula is transparent, so the businesspeople can know in advance how much they will have to pay each month if they decide to install new equipment.

We offer you to get acquainted with the coefficients of taxes on gambling business in Qazaqstan for different objects:

  • slot machine — x30;
  • game table — x830;
  • land-based cash tote — x150, electronic — x2, 000;
  • offline cash of betting shop — x150, online — x2 000.

Current Situation on the Gambling Market and Prospects

Gambling market in Qazaqstan: current situation

As for the legal land-based gambling establishments in Qazaqstan, most of them belong to foreigners. Among the casino owners are mostly Russians. There are also underground gaming parlours, which are often opened by visitors from Uzbekistan. Oddly enough, it is not easy for a resident of Qazaqstan to launch his own gambling business: although the legislation does not limit it, the niche is occupied by foreign citizens.

In the nearest future, Qazaqstan will have a luxurious casino resort. Nowadays, there is a construction of the entertainment zone, which is invested by billionaire Stephen Wynn — a real legend who changed Las Vegas. If the richest people in the world invest in the gambling business of Qazaqstan, then it certainly has bright prospects.

Online casinos are formally prohibited, and this is only to the benefit of entrepreneurs whose servers and equipment are located outside of Qazaqstan. Many gamers find it difficult to search for reliable web venues.

If you open a resource with a trustworthy license and launch a powerful advertising campaign, you will be able to attract new players and expand the audience.

How to Launch a Gambling Project in Qazaqstan

There are two ways to start a gambling business in Qazaqstan:

  1. «White». Entrepreneurs obtain licenses in the Republic of Qazaqstan, open offline establishments (it is impossible to start virtual platform «officially») in the special entertainment-gaming area and operate legally. The activities of businesspeople are absolutely transparent and controlled by the regulatory authorities.
  2. «Grey». This way is chosen by operators of online platforms. They open web casinos in other countries and attract traffic from Qazaqstan. Formally, businesspeople do not violate the law, because there are contradictions in the normative documents.

A good solution for a novice entrepreneur is to seek help from an intermediary who knows the nuances of the gambling legislation of the Republic of Qazaqstan. A reliable partner will help you to open an online casino with minimal risks.

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Qazaqstan is a promising country for businesspeople seeking to make money in the gambling industry. To launch a successful project, it is necessary to study in detail the local legislation and skilfully use the contradictions in the norms. You will certainly need support, and Casino Supermarket lawyers are ready to provide it. Our company specializes in launching gambling projects of any format. We provide comprehensive turnkey casino development services, select software and gaming content, provide round-the-clock technical support and effective marketing.

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Contact Casino Supermarket specialists to learn more about the trends and prospects of gambling business development in different countries.

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