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15 october 2018
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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Despite the fact that gambling is prohibited in many countries, it is still popular among players. Today most of gambling establishments work on the Internet. Those clubs in which games are played on computers have become very popular, so today many businessmen intend to run their business on the Internet.

Online business on the Internet

Software for Internet clubs enables users to play worldwide and in any casino, and these clubs are considered to be totally legal, since they are not a gambling object. We offer you to buy Global Slots online casino from Casino Market. This company guarantees the high quality of all products, and its staff will advise you on issues connected with the process of the casino operation.

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The described platform is successfully operating in Russia during 9 years, and over seven hundred of gambling establishments have integrated this casino gaming system.

Global Slots Casino Platform: Software for Online Clubs

Some people may think that it is hard to run a gambling establishment on the Internet: this is not true. All you need is to have a platform, a license and payment systems. Today there is a possibility to buy qualitative gambling software from many developers and confidently take you place at the gambling market.

Experts also recommend businessmen to buy a turnkey casino, since it is one of the methods of not to miss all the details. This service includes several important steps that you can take by yourself, but it may be time consuming. And today time is as valuable resource as money.


GlobalSlots offers everything that operator needs, and its casino gaming system will function flawlessly, and this is not the only reason for its popularity.

Advantages of GlobalSlots:

  • It provides online casinos with impactful functionality;
  • installation of the system from this manufacturer does not need much effort or special knowledge;
  • a GlobalSlots collection consists of modern and interesting games, among which you may find over a hundred of titles from famous brands;
  • the quality of games is also worth mentioning — there are many HD and cross-platform video slots;
  • games have exciting themes developed by professionals, and many storylines were borrowed from famous films;
  • manufacturers have provided games from GlobalSlots with a high winning percentage;
  • protected protocols, through which the information is passed, are situated in those countries where gambling is allowed, so clients have a 100% security;
  • games can be played at any time of the day, and the technical support service is available whenever you need;
  • it has an online gaming cafe with attractive offers;
  • this brand supports Windows Vista / 7 and Linux;
  • all deposits lost due to the fault of the casino gaming system are necessarily compensated to the player;
  • if money were lost for some other reasons, which are not related to the firm’s actions, it will also return them;
  • you will see that all products are being constantly updated for free, because along with gambling software customers become owners of all related gambling products.

GlobalSlots offers software that provides computers with an access to Internet casinos, so it is necessary to integrate the Global Slots casino platform to make your club connected.

What do the owners of gambling halls with the Global Slots casino gaming system get:

  1. Owners of online casinos carries out his activity on a legal basis.
  2. The operator has a fixed base of customers.
  3. Owners of the Global Slots casino platform are provided with a qualitative service offered by an experienced company.
  4. GlobalSlots provides each client with a turnkey casino service (including made-to-measure ones).
  5. The partner will monitor the workflow directly from his computer or any mobile device.
  6. Operators can easily manage the settings of their casinos: reduce or increase bonuses, connect jackpots, introduce loyalty systems and so on.
  7. The casino gaming system allows installation and management of denominations (from 0.0001 to 4).
  8. A high level of customer service and the availability of technical support in Russia is also an important positive factor.
  9. Operators will receive reports on all activities of the Global Slots casino platform in their gambling establushments.
  10. Partners of GlobalSlots are to decide how to withdraw (or deposit) money by themselves. Among the presented options are: ATM, bill acceptor, cashier, etc.
  11. Players are attracted by a large quantity of popular games, as well as an ability to compensate for a deposit from another system.
  12. The terminal operates in comfortable conditions for operators — it does not require a hard disk, and the extra information disappears after the computer is being powered off.

How to Launch a Casino with Global Slots

One of the greatest things about the cooperation with this brand is that it makes all your actions legal: operators can run a gambling club without the risk of breaking laws — a domain name is registered in the country where gambling is allowed. Also clients are provided with gambling software (a casino platform) and payment systems. Thus, the partner of Global Slots receives a complete package of products and services, and its online casino will operate to the utmost.

You are obliged to pass several stages to launch a casino on the Internet, such as:

  1. Filing a request for a connection of the casino gaming system to your casino.
  2. Sending the following data: a full title of the casino, its address and contacts of a person to whom the company will send an answer.
  3. Finally, you will receive a response with a link important for the entrance, logins and passwords for people who operate the club: the casino’s owner, the administrator and the operator.

For software from GlobalSlots operators will need to pay a commission in the amount of 8 to 12%.

Moreover, owners buy a special currency from Global Slots — units (this is a vGPM code), through which funds can be converted into casino money. Its cost includes a commission for the usage of the platform. Units can be bought through WebMoney and Qiwi, as well as by transfer of money to a banking card.

transfer of money to a banking card

Reliability and Security of Software From GlobalSlots

The product provides a complete protection of data, since its servers are situated outside the borders of Russia. This information is completely protected from unauthorized attacks, as well as from hacking and fraud.

Besides, the GlobalSlots casino gaming system has a reliable payment and administrative structure that opens up great opportunities for operators and players: the increase of income, and the receipt of bonuses and winnings.

We should also mention that that the Global Slots casino platform has an alarm button which can turn computers into a safe mode in case of a critical situation.


This casino gaming system dominates at the global market, and it is willingly acquired by owners of gambling establishments. The platform allows users to connect the Global Slots online casino in a very short time, especially if the client has correctly decided that the best option is a turnkey casino.

This offer contains a complete package of services and products required for the launch of a gaming club on the Internet: a license, gambling software, payment systems and other related items.

After the completion of necessary formalities, operators will only need to open the online casino and start receiving income, constantly growing by the instrumentality of Global Slots.

Users will soon begin to play, slots — to function, and funds — to appear on deposits. After all, there are many games in this gambling software, which are developed by professionals and, undoubtedly, will please all players.

Let us remind you that the casino gaming system produced by the described company can be bought by any operator (even a beginner) from Casino Market. This product is high qualitative, reliable and will be paid off quickly. You can visit the company’s website right now and order great gambling software for your online club from GlobalSlots.

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