Gross and Net Income Explanation: Relevant Monetary Indicators

Updated 29 march 2023
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Author: James Burton
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The lucrativeness of the gaming sector is highly appealing to entrepreneurs, eager to increase their capital and take up a legal activity. To maximise the revenue, it is integral for operators to get acquainted with the theory, starting with grasping what GGR and NGR are.

Gross and net gaming revenue

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Gross Gaming Revenue: Where It Comes from

When managers discuss the lucrativeness of gambling projects, they refer to GGR meaning. It is a financial term that reflects the overall sum generated from interactive activities, minus funds paid out to players as winnings.

The key aspects of gross revenue in iGaming:

  1. GGR is defined by taking the total sum of wagers placed by punters and deducting funds returned in the form of prizes.
  2. This figure comprises revenue from all types of online content, including slots, tabletops, poker, and other games of chance.
  3. GGR meaning in casino venues provides relevant insights into the efficiency levels.
  4. Administrators resort to this figure to track their performance over time, make decisions about promotional activities, and plan for future growth and development.

What is GGR casino estimation when it comes to real funds? It is not the same as net revenue, as managers need to put a bit more effort into finding out their genuine income. Casino Market offers detailed guidance through the theoretical aspect of project formation and practical utilisation of the knowledge for maximising income.

How to See Real Profit with Net Gaming Revenue

Operators also should understand how much money they get at the end. Online casino NGR is a financial metric that measures the sum produced by gambling activities after covering all expenditures.

Integral notions about net income:


To determine NGR casino funds, it is necessary to have a total amount of wagers placed by punters and subtract the paid-out winnings and all service fees

Types of deductions

These costs may include software licensing commissions, payment processing compensations, and similar operational expenses

Key functions

Administrators’ activity relies heavily on NGR meaning. This reflects the direct advantage of their projects. It is utilised to compare the performance of content and evaluate the success of marketing campaigns

Legal benefit

In addition to granting relevant insights into business efficiency, NGR is also excellent for defining the percentage of income, which is subjected to taxation and regulatory fees

NGR contrasts with gross gaming revenue as it measures the funds generated by the platform after expenditures are deducted. While a casino GGR indicator is a crucial detail for perceiving a portal’s lucrativeness, net profit is a more accurate reflection of the project condition.

The Main Things about Key Financial iGaming Metrics

Casino financial metrics: key notions

An understanding of how a gambling platform makes its money is the first step towards shaping a favourable interactive environment.

An operator should keep in mind the following notions about revenue generation:

  • GGR reflects the overall amount yielded from entertainment minus what is distributed to punters as winnings.
  • Managers use gross metrics to track their performance over time, make decisions about promotional strategies, and plan future growth.
  • NGR measures the amount coming from gambling activities after covering all expenditures.
  • Net revenue is used to define the part of income that is subjected to taxation and regulatory fees.

What is casino NGR or GGR? If you need additional information on the topic, you are welcome to contact Casino Market.

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