Hosting for casinos: Top 10 servers for online casinos according to statistics of August 2022

16 december 2018
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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Usually, it is very easy to resolve the issue connected with high-quality hosting. This market is very competitive, which means that it is always possible to find an excellent provider at a low price. But things are not so simple if we speak about the gambling web hosting.

Gambling web hosting

The first and the greatest difficulty is that most providers do not want to provide the server space for gambling projects. The reason is simple — many countries prohibit gambling clubs on their territory, and as a consequence, they ban online casinos as well. The same can be said about virtual bookmaker’s offices and poker rooms.

If you need a reliable and stable gambling web hosting with responsive support service, please contact Casino Market. Its specialists will help you to choose a suitable provider, make up your mind about the tariff and your requirements, and make all the necessary settings. Contact the company right now!

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Hosting Requirements for Casinos

It is important to find a supplier who will not only take care of your project but also provide o less high-quality services.

Let us discuss what qualities a good hosting should have.


It is the most important factor, which partly determines the future of your online business. The gambling web hosting should be not just reliable but also as secure as possible.

For example, liken it to a usual online store. It is unlikely that there will be so many people who want to hack this kind of a website but there will definitely be a lot of hackers who want to steal from an online casino.

Firstly, there really are fraudsters who try to steal personal data of owners of gambling establishments or players, and thus earn money.

Secondly, gambling is fiercely competitive. And competitors can even use the most illegal methods from time to time. That is, an attack on your casino can be planned, massive, and paid out.

All this leads us to the fact that gambling web hosting has to be secure, reliable, and resistant to external interventions.

Stability and the speed of response

Gambling websites have a huge flow of visitors. Therefore, it is important that the server can handle a high load without any problems and respond to all actions of users instantly.

Moreover, some providers set a limit on the number of people who can access the website at the same time. For example, if a maximum of one thousand visitors is set, it will be impossible for more people to see the content of the page.

This issue can usually be resolved by purchasing a more expensive tariff. So, do not try to buy the cheapest package. It is better to invest more money in good gambling web hosting than lose players.


It is very important to pay attention to the legality of placement of a casino on a hoster. Usually, it is determined by the internal legislation of the country where the servers are located.

The three possible options

  1. It is allowed to operate online casinos with licenses from any jurisdiction in your country.

  2. It is possible to place on the hosting only those gambling websites that have received a permit to work in the same jurisdiction.

  3. It is impossible to host an online casino.

You can find out more information on this issue in the chat of the technical support service that is offered by a service provider. If you do not want to look over dozens of gaming sites in search of the right one, consult experts of the Casino Market company. They will help you to choose a country, a hoster and a package of services.

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Round-the-clock service

Every minute is important for online casinos if we speak about earnings. You will lose a lot of money if the website will fail. Most providers have round-the-clock technical support. Nevertheless, before making a final decision, try to test their work and write several requests at different times of the day.

Which Countries Have Gambling Web Hosting?

As you already understood, you need to choose the jurisdiction that encourages the activities of gambling sites and allows them to host their server in their territory. Most often these are offshore states that are generally loyal to the gambling business. Many of the European countries will welcome you.

Countries that provide hosters for online casinos without any problems:

  • Antigua and Barbuda.

  • Costa Rica.

  • Gibraltar.

  • Malta.

  • Netherlands Antilles.

  • The Caribbean.

  • Curacao.

  • The Isle of Man.

  • Panama.

  • Mexico.

But in the countries of Asia, the Middle East, and the United States online casinos are prohibited. And if you launch a gaming site in these countries, you can harm both your business and the provider with whom you cooperate.

Keep in mind that sometimes, when obtaining a license, jurisdictions make such a condition that you need to maintain a server within its territory. For example, if you get a Curacao gambling license, the server must be located in Curacao as well.

Some jurisdictions ask operators only to launch a transit server, through which all financial transactions are carried out. This is how the local regulator will be able to monitor your work and control compliance with laws and interests of gamblers.

Online casino hosting

Top 10 Providers That Have Gambling Web Hosting

We, specialists from Casino Market, went through hundreds of offers and selected ten best ones. It is worth noting that these hosters have a perfect quality-to-price ratio. And since the article cannot be too long, we have chosen only ten companies. New participants of the market give preference to them more and more often.


We would like to start with not so expensive but very reliable and professional hosters. This company offers fast shared hosting abroad, which guarantees stable operation without failures. Servers are located in the USA, the Netherlands, Russia, India, Luxembourg, and Singapore. Customers can choose a location that is more profitable for them, which is especially interesting for online casino owners.

Advantages of gambling web hosting

  • All new customers get the test period of foreign hosting for free.

  • Installation of one of more than three hundred eighty CMS takes place in one click.

  • Daily backup.

  • An unlimited number of subdomains and email addresses.

The price is less than five dollars per month for one website.

Fozzy hosting

ISPserver was founded in 1997 and over the years of its existence, it has managed to create a name, which is very famous in the Russian-speaking segment.

ISPserver offers all customers of virtual hosting the following administrative services for as a free bonus:

  • Server setting.
  • Data transfer.
  • Installation of the software.
  • Tracking and provision of security.

It is also worth noting the reliability — the provider offers multi-level protection and promises to resolve all emerging issues within fifteen minutes.

The price is also very pleasant — only one hundred ten rubles per month.


Slotegrator is an online casino software provider that has a good knowledge of matters related to the legality of gambling web hosting and therefore offers hosting services specifically for gambling projects.

Why owners of online casinos trust Slotegrator

  • The placement of websites on servers is absolutely legal and takes into account all international standards.
  • The company provides the maximum level of protection that fits with the risks of online casinos.
  • The firm ensures a stable connection even with heavy traffic.
  • The provision of the round-the-clock technical support service, specialists of which are well-versed in problems related to this field.


Ukrainian hosting offers servers in Germany, Ukraine, and the Netherlands. Taking into account the legality, German and Dutch servers are ideal for gambling web hosting.

This company provides services for both small websites and large projects. In total, today, more than six thousand resources are connected. Therefore, it may safely be said that the servers of the company are ready for the high loads, which is normal in online casinos.

As a bonus, the provider offers the first five days for free.


It is a relatively young provider with a license from Seychelles. It offers hosting services on servers in the Netherlands. This country is loyal to online casinos, so it is perfect for the needs of gambling platforms. is focused on making their services unlimited. That is, when buying any of the packages, the client receives:

  • A channel for incoming and outgoing traffic.
  • Mailboxes for all employees.
  • FTP accounts.
  • An ability to create databases.

Prices for gambling web hosting are surprisingly low — from 1.25 to 4.5 dollars per month.


The company with an intricate name — the People's Commissariat of Virtual Affairs (NKVD is a Russian abbreviation for it) — was founded in 2006. It is a part of the international holding Creative Telematics&Trade and works with Russian-speaking customers. It is has a Western approach to customer service, which means that you can count on quick solutions to all emerging problems and a really good service. offers servers in fifteen countries of the world in Europe, Asia, America, and even non-standard Iceland. Prices depend on the selected country and its technical requirements.


It is a well-known company that was aimed at protecting servers against DDoS attacks and other threats. Today, customers can order from it VDS/VPS hosting on those servers, where the protection is already reinstalled. The company also provides services for the monthly administration.

SimplyWAY cooperates with Lineage, Counter-Strike, Acura, and other world’s famous companies.

Prices for gambling web hosting start from one dollar per month.

Curacao hosting

Curacao Webhosting was founded in the late nineties. During already twenty years, has been providing hosting on a market that is considered to be licensed, regulated, and secure. It has servers in the Caribbean and the United States, cooperates with a large number of casinos, and among its customers, there are many gambling projects that have received a Curacao license.

The price for hosting services starts from twenty-nine dollars per month but in return, you get reliable gambling web hosting in a loyal jurisdiction.

Curacao webhosting


This young provider appeared on the market in 2013. It provides hosting services to gambling projects and therefore meets all the security requirements for online casinos.

Available locations: Russia, USA, Switzerland, Germany.

The service offers:

  1. Virtual servers from seven dollars per month;
  2. Dedicated servers from one hundred fifty dollars per month.

The provider guarantees the provision of the following services in the round-the-clock mode:

  • Material protection.
  • Monitoring of the condition.
  • Customer support for any questions.

Inferno Solutions

Inferno Solutions is one of the trademarks of 3NT SOLUTIONS LLP. The company is registered in the UK and provides hosting services on Dutch servers. Inferno was founded in 2005, and today it offers virtual servers for rent, which are located in ten countries of the world.

Among the main advantages of, we can name the operation without critical failures, high-quality technical support, and reasonable prices.

How to Choose Gambling Web Hosting and not Regret

Today there are too many hosting providers to be able to make such a choice easily. Many companies that are not mentioned here also provide services at the highest level.

For more information on hosters and their services, you can visit official websites of companies or ask your questions in the support chat.

To save time, we offer you to contact Casino Market directly. We will advise you on all issues related to hosting and help you to purchase the right one.

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