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House Edge in iGaming: Breaking down the Odds

Updated 12 may 2023
Online casino, Tutorial / Guide
Author: James Burton
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The earning capacity of a gambling platform directly depends on the key concepts of its software. The RTP is the volume of return for user bets. But what is the house edge?

House edge: explanation

Casino Market explains the crucial terminology for estimating the lucrativeness of a gambling site and shows examples and percentages for it in different games. Order professional project elaboration at an established content aggregator.

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What Is House Edge?

A statistical favour that a virtual hall has over punters indicates how much money a gaming site holds. It is the whole wagered amount minus payouts. The house edge meaning displays the proportion of each bet that the platform anticipates keeping in the long run.

For instance, a punter starts a roulette with a casino hold of 2.7%. If they bet $100, the platform is expected to take $2.70 of every wager on average. This does not suggest the lost amount will constantly be the indicated sum. Such roulette house edge rather implies that the platform will hold those funds on average across numerous bets.

How are the Odds and Amounts Derived?

The percentage is determined based on the rules and payouts of particular content.

The standard formula for the estimation:

House Edge = Total amount of money wagered x Odds for a specific activity

All gambling content has this particular margin that ensures the profitability of the project. Otherwise, it would not be beneficial to run such a business.

Which Games Have the Lowest Losing Odds?

Some activities have a higher likelihood of winning. Usually, the percentage represented for a game is approximate. However, it all revolves around the type of bet and how a user approaches participation.

The best house edge casino games:

  1. Blackjack: 0.5–1%.
  2. Baccarat: 1–1.25%.
  3. Craps: 1.5–2%.
  4. Video Poker: 0.5–5%.
  5. Roulette: 2.5–5.5%.

It is important to note that these are just approximate figures and can vary based on the specific rulings and variations of the game. For instance, the blackjack house edge can directly change considering the skillfulness of a punter. They will know when to stop dealing, split the existing cards, burn, cut, double down, etc.

The craps house edge differs in particular bets even more:



House Edge


1 to 1


Do not pass/come

1 to 1


Field 2 or 12

2 to 1


Field all others

1 to 1


Big 6 or 8

1 to 1


Any 7

4 to 1


Any craps

7 to 1


3 or 11

15 to 1


2 or 12

30 to 1


Baccarat house edge is the most stable. Although, if a punter wagers on a tie, the odds of winning decrease, and the casino hold rises to 16%.

The Main Things about House Edge

Casino house edge: key notions

If an operator wants to make informed decisions about gambling management, they have to be fully aware of all related terms.

The key aspects to keep in mind about this concept:

  • House edge precent meaning indicates what a platform will hold from users’ wagers typically.
  • All gambling content has this particular margin that ensures the profitability of the project.
  • Some activities have higher chances of winning, but it all depends on the type of bet and how a user approaches participation.
  • Blackjack typically boasts of the smallest house edge, but it increases considering the actions a punter makes and how they perceive the activity.

Building a money-making gambling platform involves not only having the necessary software for the formation of a participating environment. It is crucial to be familiar with the theoretical background as well. “What is the house edge in casino sites?” is one of the first questions a lot of novice operators ask experts at Casino Market.

Order our proficient turnkey elaboration or inquire about individual solutions for portal improvement.

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