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How to create online casino design: 15 top features

07 july 2019
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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The sharp technology rise has offered the new opportunities for the new casino owners, whose business has gained the significant share of the Internet. Casinos are competing now for the online users by providing more and more enhanced products of their Internet platforms and other different tools of attracting the gambling public to their facilities.

Online casino features in design

An online casino shows its key features in its website. Every detail of this website, including the online casino design, has its own particular importance.

The online casino design can be developed by the professionals taking into account customization specifics of any gaming platform. To order the best design solutions or purchase the turnkey development, contact Casino Market.

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Naturally, everyone entering the website expects to have a good time while playing the slots. The inner content and its presentation are the determining factors on the decision regarding whether to stay there or leave. Besides, the attracting content inspires to return there again.

Online Casino Design

The most number of gamers never focus extensively on a website design, thinking it does not concern their playing activities. In fact, the proper and intuitive interface can create good conditions for comfortable and exciting playing online.

Besides, it is not a secret that a set of different special tricks is used in order to attract and keep users at the online casino, and the design features constitute a significant part of those tools.

As for the online casino design, it can greatly contribute to the users attraction, however, if it has a certain structure arranged in accordance with the relevant rules. The design structure shall meet the expectations and requests of gamblers, otherwise, they prefer other online resources.

Online casino tricks in design

How to Create the Best Online Casino Design

The casino design solutions shall provide easy navigation, visualization, the absence of the eye strain and any irritants. Besides, it should not contain anything irrelevant: loud ads, extremely vivid colours, confusing transitions.

Basic Features

There is a number of key things, which greatly contribute to the enhancement of the website design:

  • notification about a bonus when registering;
  • choice of games directly from the front page;
  • explanation of why you should use the website services;
  • feed of winners indicating wins for the support of the players' competitive spirit;
  • black background in order not to distract attention from the gaming content.

This set of the basic features facilitates the users to feel familiar with the main opportunities right from the start of the webpage opening.


The general view of the online casino website shall present a friendly and attractive appearance.

  • The successful online casino website should provide an easy registering;
  • Payment transitions and navigation are to be prompt and easy;
  • Notification about promotions which are proposed shall be provided;
  • The design is a secondary feature as opposed to the website content;
  • The gambling process safety, responsible handling, and storage of the personal data shall be guaranteed to a user.

The design user-friendly view provides an inflow of gamblers to the resource, as they see the particular benefits of their interaction and involvement.

SEO Support

At the same time, the online casino websites shall be provided with the SEO support. It is important to update periodically the data, adjusting it to the popular requests.

Due to this trick, it will be possible to bring an online casino to the top of the search results. Thus, it is easier to provoke an influx of customers who immediately appreciate the casino design.

Casino website logo design

The logo is the hallmark of a gambling resource, which provides its recognition and distinguishing among the others. It can produce an effect on the development of the website, making it better or worse depending on logo quality, so it is important to focus enough on a symbolic image to make it unique.

When creating a logo, the experts recommend relying on such aspects as:

  • recognisability;
  • simplicity;
  • conciseness;
  • relevance.

It is important to create a logo, which will continue to be relevant even after a few decades. Thus, the image will immediately recur before the players, when someone calls the name of the gaming resource.

Colour Scheme

As for the colour scheme, it is better to give preference to black, red, grey, blue, and green shades. These colours are well combined with each other and well perceived by the users.

Combination of Images and Symbols

It is also necessary to correctly combine the image, letters, and numeric symbols. It is important to make them harmonized without any dissonance.


Minimalism is now on trend, therefore most resources create simple logos. At the same time, they have deep implication, secrets, and philosophy. Even after ten years, such a logo will be on trend. Thus, before creating your own logo, make a study of the solutions applied by your competitors and get inspiration from them.

Web Design Structure

How to properly design the structure and navigation, creating a spectacular design for the website of an online casino?

There is UX-design (User Experience). This is based exactly on the experience which gets a player when staying at an online casino.

For example, it concerns the following points: whether it is easy to find a certain game, how much time does it take to do it. This experience can be both positive and negative.

Do not try to fill the resource with bright images (considering that the games themselves are enough colourful) or exclusive novelties. It is important to adhere to the classical style. For example, players have long been accustomed to the fact that the registration button is always placed in the upper right corner.

Everyone knows that the players using an online gaming resource are not going to spend their time searching the payment systems services or registration form all over the website. They just want to use the resource, make bets and win.

The design of the online casino should facilitate the comfortable pastime of users so that they feel like premium players receiving bonuses. These norms help to attract the users and contribute to their long stay at a gambling online club, which brings additional profits.

Interface Features

Interface features for online casino

The players need the financial transactions to be carried out quickly, transparently and without failures. This option shall be implemented in a casino website design being clearly visible.

Besides, focus on the following key points:

  • easy navigation: fast transition to a selected element, minimum delays when making a search for the desired entertainment;
  • easy function management: a user should not face difficulties to deposit and withdraw funds;
  • large and structured choice of entertainment: it is recommended to divide the games into sections so that the player can easily select the appropriate slot;
  • technical support: it should be 24-hours, operators' work must be coordinated so that they quickly respond to user requests;
  • registration field: it is better to make it simple so that players do not fill in long forms, the option of entering the site via social networks can be also provided;
  • bonuses and promotions: it is better to place this section on public display in order to facilitate customers to get acquainted with the advantages of the online casino.

The logos of the payment systems shall be located in a conspicuous place and be enough distinct. In addition, it is recommended to maximize the range of these services so that users have the right to choose. This also refers to the design of the online casino.

Create a Blog

At the same time, it is recommended to create a blog to place there the useful information about the gambling resource. The users can learn from the relevant articles about the promotions, changes in loyalty programs, strategies.

Do not forget about the players who won the large sums or tournaments. All this will help to draw attention to the resource and make it popular among the gamblers.

Casino Theme: Land-Based Gaming Club Simulation or Original Approach?

There is an approach of simulating the conventional land-based casino design when developing the design of the online gaming platforms.

It implies the following features:

  • loud colours;
  • dimmable illumination;
  • flickering lights;
  • the atmosphere of the presence of public;
  • the relevant soundtracks;
  • croupier person 3D visualization.

The website design developers often simulate the real casinos. These measures do not produce in general the expected effect on most users.

The real casinos imply quite different associations: the gamblers of the land-based gaming clubs see communication as one of the most important points of the gaming process. The online casino users seek for completely different: they escape from the reality and do not need such a public support.

Therefore, the online gamers would be rather irritated by the casino website design simulating land-based solutions.

On the other side, the relevant approach may be used for the live gaming format. The successful casino design, decorated with luxury elements (red velvet, golden candelabra), will make the live casino attractive for guests. Glorious life and beautiful girls in live casinos psychologically motivate users to continue the game.

Therefore, the main task of the developers is to identify the target category of players who often visit the real casinos, as opposed to a large number of users escaping from the reality to the virtual world.

Design Templates

Design templates for online casino

The design template of the internet casino website shall be attractive enough to make the website popular among the users. Therefore, it shall be developed by the professional designers. The online casino design is a hallmark of your project and an important tool for users attraction.

In order to make the online casino popular within a short time, it is recommended to use an attractive template. This is the basis for the success of the gambling resource, so do not neglect it.

In order to be attractive, a template must have a number of special features:

  1. The broad spectrum colours: if the online casino design is enough bright, the resource will become popular within a short time, many customers will simply come to look at the original design and remain for playing.
  2. Large slideshow: it will inform users about the promotions, new entertainments, loyalty programs, other opportunities etc.
  3. Theme customization mechanism: this function allows customers to change the design of the casino at their own discretion, making it more desirable for them.
  4. Integration into any browser: the customers use different programs to access the Internet, so you should make sure that the gambling resource is equally well displayed on any of them.
  5. High-quality and high-resolution images relieve visual perception if the large-size expansion option is available, raise the mood, contribute to the customer loyalty.

The particular template features provide different options, while the success of an online casino greatly depends on the proper choice of the website design template.


The professionals advise choosing an agile template that will allow making necessary prompt adjustments according to the innovative ideas.

This saves funds for the gambling resource maintenance in the future: just simply update the images, banners, with no need to create the website design from scratch.


One of the most noticeable tools to create an excellent website design is Bootstrap. This is a front-end framework used by HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It allows to develop different tables, forms, buttons, insert necessary plugins, enhancing the website navigation in general.

Bootstrap provides the following advantages:

  • adaptive interface: adjusted to the desktops, mobile and tablet platforms;
  • mobile-first: cell phone platform support is the primary option;
  • all browsers support;
  • easy navigation.

Bootstrap one of the most popular and versatile solutions which can be used when creating the website design. Try out different options in order to see the benefits and elaborate your own formula for the platform arrangement.

Gambling Website Design by Professionals

Gambling website design by professionals

Thus, the design of a casino website should not include anything excessive: bright colours, loud advertisements etc. The complicated transitions are not welcome, as they make navigation difficult. It is better to create a classic design, which will be easy to navigate, while a laconic logo will be its trademark.

The following features shall be achieved:

  • easy and intuitive interface;
  • colourful and rich elements;
  • availability of a wide range of games by the well-known providers;
  • excellent functional characteristics;
  • focus on the players' needs and creating the feeling luxury and comfort for them;
  • presence of a large selection of payment services, the arrangement of logos in visible places of the online casino website.

Maintaining a positive image of the resource is a crucial point, in order to facilitate each user to experience positive emotions while staying onsite, creating a desire to come back there again and again.

In order to purchase the best solutions in the area of the online casino design, trust the professionals of Casino Market.

The company specialists provide the turnkey solutions as well as the ready-made casino websites for sale.

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