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29 september 2020
Online casino, Management
Author: James Burton
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Americans adore gambling. According to the statistics, the annual contribution of US residents is around $138 billion. The legality of the online gambling business in the USA is different from state to state. While New Jersey and Pennsylvania offer all popular types of gambling licenses (poker, casino, betting), Hawaii and South Carolina restrict almost all manifestations of this entertainment.

Keno casino software in the USA

At the same time, almost all states are capable of issuing lottery operational permits. Keno alternative is one of the trendiest types in recent time. This popular game of chance has been holding leading positions in the online gambling business in the USA. With a colossal number of keno gaming providers, the Casino Market specialists decided to research this topic profoundly. Continue reading our guide and order the best keno casino software in the USA from the first-class manufacturers.

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Popular Types of Keno in the US

With the emergence of online gambling in the country, a lot of keno casino providers in the USA started offering their services in different directions. The locals enjoyed distinct variations of this game. Such keno gaming providers as Play’n Go, NetEnt, Microgaming, and others understood how essential it is for Americans to receive their favourite entertainment on the Internet. 

Currently, there are three most popular types of activity that keno games software providers in the USA develop:

Traditional online keno

In this variation, players choose up to 15 numbers between 1 and 80. After that, the random number generator draws 20 numbers. Players who guessed right receive remuneration from an online casino

40-ball keno

Keno casino providers in the USA came up with another variation of the game. Instead of 80 balls, the pool consists of 40 numbers. Players pick up to 10 of them and wait for the RNG to draw 10 as well. If any number matched the one that was picked, a player wins

Super/Power keno

Similarly to traditional keno, a pool consists of 80 balls. Players pick 15 numbers and the game then draws 20 balls. In addition to the ordinary matches, the game has an extra ball that multiplies the winnings

In some states of the country, keno gaming providers also have other variations of this lottery. It all depends on the cultural peculiarities of the region as well as players’ preferences. The popularity of keno gambling business in the USA allows the manufacturers of this software to focus their efforts on upgrading the visual and gameplay aspects for each order.

If you want to receive a high-quality product from world-renown keno games software providers in the USA (Aristocrat, Microgaming, Playtech, Play’n Go, etc.), contact the customer support team at Casino Market.

Peculiarities of Keno Casino Software in the USA

The game is oriented on different age groups. At the same time, the majority of the public is low-budget gamblers who have plenty of time to spend and wait for the draw. Even though the online keno casino software in the USA brought much faster content, some features of the original activity are still preserved in the internet version.

The most peculiar characteristics of online keno in the country are:

  1. Low minimum wagering amounts. It allows all types of gamblers to enjoy their favourite activity. Regardless of how much a player wants to bet, he will always be able to do it. Usually, the wagers start at $0.01. However, players can increase it as they feel necessary.
  2. Practice modes. Most keno providers develop and integrate demo versions of this game on their gambling websites. It allows players to practice as much as they want. When they are ready for the money play, they just switch modes and experience a whole new array of emotions.
  3. Hot and cold numbers. Statistics say that an 80-ball game of keno has a few numbers that are drawn most often. Considering the nature of the online RNG, it is not possible, but players like to believe that 61, 66, 67, 74, and 3 are the luckiest numbers in a keno game.
  4. Helpful bonuses. The manufacturers of software for casinos in the United States bring to keno a lot of bonus features for more enjoyable gameplay. Players are excited to receive free money for their games. As a result, it increases the client acquisition and boosts the profit.
  5. Jackpots. Microgaming, Play’n Go, NetEnt, Aristocrat and other software vendors integrate jackpots in their keno games, slot machines for sale, and other popular casino entertainments. The US residents are keen on hitting big wins. An incentive in a form of an accumulating jackpot will attract numerous customers to your online gambling platform.

A Turnkey Casino Solution with Keno in the USA

Online casino with keno in the USA

When an operator wants to start an online casino with keno in the USA, the benefits of resorting to professionals are endless. First of all, it is an amazing chance to transfer all responsibilities to the company’s experts. There should be no worries about the lack of profitability of a future gambling platform. Casino Market developers approach every order with particular attention.

The main advantages of ordering a turnkey keno casino solution are:

  • thorough development of a platform’s design, interface style, sound effects, according to the operator’s wishes and target audience;
  • a complete licensing of the platform as well as an operator’s activity in one of the established jurisdictions;
  • integration of the best in the United States casino software with a focus on keno games and its variations;
  • an elaboration of the entertainment keno content with a unique design that no other online casino is going to have;
  • installation of the necessary payment gateways that are popular in New York, Los Angeles, Florida, Chicago, and other big US cities;
  • a total security rundown, including the establishment of 128-bit SSL encryption, backed up by highly proofed firewalls;
  • detailed assistance in the formation of a customer support team with experts and technicians;
  • in-depth development of an advertising campaign of the casino with the focus on keno content in the US.

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The Main Things about Keno Casino Development in the USA

Casino Market has answers to all gambling questions that our B2B clients can ask. Quite recently, we started receiving requests on how to buy keno games for a casino in the USA. Our company has been cooperating with dozens of reliable developers. We recommend our clients only the best manufacturers that focus on the United States with their keno casino software.

Also, we let the potential operators know about other peculiarities of this gambling entertainment in the country:

  • such software vendors as Play’n Go, NetEnt, Microgaming, Aristocrat, Playtech, and other are ready to stuff your online gambling platforms with the best casino content, keno games, and slot machines for sale;
  • the main type of online keno games in the United States of America are traditional, 40-ball, and Super/Power keno that all have their unique setups, rules, as well as target audiences;
  • low minimum wagers, practice modes, hot and cold numbers, helpful bonuses, and accumulated jackpots are the main characteristic features of the keno gaming direction in the US;
  • a turnkey keno casino solution is the most efficient and budget-friendly way to create your gambling platform in the country and provide keno entertainment to Americans.

Casino Market is a powerful aggregator that offers high-quality services for potential operators. By ordering software or turnkey solutions at our experts, you guarantee yourself a successful business future. The latest offers from Microgaming, Amatic, Play’n Go, Aristocrat, Greentube, Playtech, and other top-rated manufactures of keno entertainment are waiting for you.

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Reach our customer support team and make your reservation for a cloudless business:

  • Skype: support.casinosupermarket
  • the feedback form.
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