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Is it Worth Starting a Gambling Business in Armenia?

16 july 2020
Online casino, Land-based solutions, Licensing
Author: James Burton
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Armenia is an amazing country that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world due to its ancient history and incredibly picturesque views. Nevertheless, this is not the only advantage of this state. More and more operators are thinking about starting a casino business in Armenia.

The Casino Market team decided to study the characteristics of gambling laws in Armenia to help you understand how to start an online casino in Armenia.

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The Development of the Gaming Industry in Armenia

Gaming industry in Armenia: the development

Armenia gained independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. The young state needed financial support. That is why local authorities decided to legalise almost all types of land-based gambling in Armenia. This decision helped the government replenish the state treasury with substantial amounts of money.

The favourable geographical position of the country, its warm climate and stunning landscapes helped the state's leaders develop the tourism industry in the shortest possible time. As is well-known, tourism and the gaming business are always interconnected.

A lot of casinos and betting establishments were opened within the country. They were aimed mainly at foreigners. Besides, locals are also allowed to visit betshops and slot machine halls.

However, representatives of some public organisations protest against the casino business in Armenia, citing as a potential risk of the development of gambling addiction among citizens. Nonetheless, the authorities thought out this issue carefully in the 90s. The fact is that all large establishments are being opened outside the cities, for example, in the outskirts of Yerevan, Gyumri, and Vanadzor.

Most establishments are located near airports and hotels. In addition, some travel agencies cooperate closely with the betting business in Armenia, offering significant discounts on their services and bonuses for tourists wishing to visit casinos and betting establishments.

The Advantages of the Local Gambling Market

Gambling market in Armenia

The development of gambling in Armenia is characterised by the following benefits:

  1. A large flow of tourists. This feature is incredibly beneficial for representatives of the land-based business. Casinos and gaming halls bring their owners millions of dollars in revenue every year. Residents of many countries visit Armenia mainly to have fun and play their favourite table games.
  2. The loyalty of citizens to games of chance. In addition to tourists, locals are also big gambling enthusiasts. The betting business in Armenia is the most popular form of entertainment here. Gamers follow the development of various sports. It is noteworthy that the most demanded sports here are soccer, boxing and weightlifting.
  3. Adequate taxation. In the 90s of the 20th century, gambling laws in Armenia were characterised by incredibly high taxes for gaming establishments. Such heavy tax rates were motivated by a lack of financial resources in the state budget. However, the situation stabilised at the beginning of the 21st century. The amount of tax depends on the location of the gaming establishment today. This means that casinos and betshops located in small cities are subject to a small tax. In the meantime, the owners of the metropolitan establishments must make substantial investments in the local treasury. Despite this, many entrepreneurs want to open online casinos in Armenia.
  4. The opportunity to obtain a license. The process of licensing the gaming business in Armenia is quite simple. Besides, the cost of obtaining permission is quite reasonable. Therefore, a lot of novice entrepreneurs decided to open online casinos in Armenia. At the same time, some businessmen prefer to work under an international license obtained in an offshore zone. Such activities are not controlled by authorities and law enforcement agencies.
  5. The evolution of online gambling. The emergence of high-speed mobile Internet has allowed online gambling in Armenia to reach a new level of its development. The fact is that a significant number of gamblers could not afford to visit luxury casinos. Online entertainments have become a great alternative for many people. Mobile applications are considered the most popular and convenient way to bet on sports and play casino games in Armenia.

The Choice of the Best Way to Start a Business Project in Armenia

Unlike land-based business, online gambling in Armenia is a simpler format for launching a new business project. At the same time, virtual entertainments are in great demand among the population. Let us consider the peculiarities of opening offline and online establishments in Armenia.


Land-based gaming business

Online gambling projects

The cost of the launch

Opening a land-based casino or betshop involves substantial financial investments.

You will have to purchase equipment, software, rent premises and hire qualified staff

This option is more affordable for a wide range of entrepreneurs.

You do not need to spend money on expensive equipment, renting premises and searching for a large staff

The speed of opening a new project

You will need quite a lot of time to open a new establishment and organise its efficient operation

Buying turnkey online casinos in Armenia will save operators from having to spend their time on creating a website design, searching for optimal content and performing other tasks

The assortment of entertainments

There are quite a few really popular games for land-based casinos

The assortment of virtual establishments consists of the most innovative entertainments including VR and AR games

Accessibility to a wide audience

Visiting land-based casinos is a luxury, which is affordable mainly to high-income residents of Armenia

Online gambling in Armenia is available to players with different incomes.

The residence of the gamblers also does not play any significance here

Based on this comparison, it can be concluded that buying turnkey online casinos in Armenia is the easiest, fastest and the most profitable method of launching new gaming projects.

When choosing a reliable seller, pay attention to intermediary companies that work following gambling laws in Armenia and supply only certified content. Beware of scammers to save your precious time and financial assets.

Time-tested companies such as Casino Market are ready to provide demo versions of their products absolutely free. Such a service will allow future entrepreneurs to evaluate all the benefits of software and make the right choice without risking their money.

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Moreover, trusted companies provide free counselling on various issues related to working in the gaming industry (the launch of Armenian online casinos, the purchase of software, the selection of security systems, etc.)

The Main Things about the Gambling Business in Armenia

Gambling business in Armenia: turnkey casino

Armenia is famous not only for its beautiful nature and ancient history. This country is a great solution for entrepreneurs willing to purchase turnkey online casinos in Armenia.

The Armenian gaming market is marked by such characteristics:

  • simple business licensing process;
  • lots of opportunities for the development of land-based and online gambling;
  • low tax rates;
  • the opportunity to work under local and international licenses;
  • the possibility to launch a project in the shortest possible time;
  • the great popularity of sports betting and slot machines.

If you are interested in how to start an online casino in Armenia, contact our consultants. The Casino Market team is ready to answer all your questions and provide detailed information about the features of conducting a casino business in Armenia.

Our experts are engaged in the creation of modern gaming websites, the sale of software from the best manufacturers, the selection of effective security systems and many other activities.

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