Lebby Eyres on Attracting More Women in the iGaming Industry

Updated 17 august 2023
Lottery business, Management
Author: James Burton
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Lebby Eyres, the head of The Health Lottery, has undertaken significant efforts to address gender imbalance both within her organisation and the expanding gambling sector.

Lebby Eyres on women in the gambling industry

Upon entering the gaming field, the executive, with an extensive career in journalism, recognised a stark difference between the amount of male and female workers. This motivated her to initiate changes aimed at fostering greater diversity and inclusivity.

Gender Balance in the Gaming Sector

Having spent a considerable part of her career as the main editor of women's magazines, Ms Eyres was accustomed to the workforce with predominantly female employees. However, as the CEO transitioned into the gaming sector, she noticed a marked difference in gender composition, especially at the executive level.

Women in management positions surrounded Ms Eyres at her previous job. But as for now, she is the only female at C-suite level gatherings.

However, the executive perceived this as a challenge rather than an obstacle, viewing her position as an opportunity to drive change. She decided to actively work towards altering the dynamics of such meetings, aspiring to see a more equal representation of genders around the table.

Recognising the importance of diverse perspectives and ideas, the CEO aims to contribute to reshaping the future of such gatherings.

Challenging Aspects

However, the difficulties of achieving gender balance extend beyond boardrooms. The composition of the industry workforce remains skewed, with a higher proportion of male employees compared to females. Nevertheless, this inequality is not reflected in the customer base, where the distribution is relatively even.

Statistics from the Gambling Commission indicate:

  • a diminishing gender gap in wagering participation;
  • a slight difference between the amount of men and women engaged in gaming activities.

Industry leaders, acknowledging this trend, have openly voiced their commitment to gender equality.

The Approach of Lebby Eyres

Gender imbalance in the iGaming Sector

The executive's strategy for bridging the gender gap encompasses various actions. As the head of The Health Lottery, she has focused on ensuring that their product appeals to both men and women. This has involved making nuanced changes to resonate with a female audience, such as partnering with Tastecard.

The recent overhaul of The Health Lottery's branding and website was approached with a keen awareness of their female players. Ms Eyres expanded the platform's section dedicated to real-life stories of individuals who have profited from the lotto. Understanding the appeal of relatable narratives, she enhanced this aspect of the site to engage a diverse user base.

To validate the effectiveness of these changes, the organisation conducted a customer panel involving 20,000 players, encompassing both men and women. This allowed them to garner feedback directly from their audience and ensure that their adjustments were resonating positively.

While progress has been achieved on the customer front, the workforce's gender balance remains an area that Ms Eyres is committed to improving. The challenge of attracting women into the industry is evident, with a predominantly male applicant pool. To counter this, the executive leveraged recruitment consultancies and marked the successful hiring of female professionals into key roles within the organisation.

Personal Beliefs

Ms Eyres is driven by the notion that a diversified workforce can bring:

  • fresh perspectives;
  • innovation;
  • improved decision-making.

She recognises the importance of helping female workers advance their careers while balancing private and professional responsibilities. Emphasising flexibility in job arrangements and creating a supportive environment for women to start families, she envisions a more inclusive workplace that caters to a wider spectrum of employee needs.

The CEO aims to effect modifications within her organisation and across the expanding gambling industry through these deliberate actions. Ms Eyres's approach highlights the transformative power of proactive efforts toward gender balance, demonstrating the potential to drive positive change and create a more equitable and inclusive future.

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