Morten Tonnesen Reveals the Future Prospects of Sportsbook Apps’ UX

20 june 2023
Author: James Burton
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Morten Tonnesen, the CCO of Kambi's Shape Games, discusses the new generation of sportsbook apps. The betting content is going to be personalised, sociable and innovative.

Sportsbook apps: Shape Games' view

Casino Market experts have analysed the representative’s statement to deliver the key notions from his speech.

Upcoming Programming Improvements

Mr Tonnesen highlighted the wagering industry’s adaptability to mobile devices. Software providers have to meet the fast-changing market demand in terms of app design and usability. To deliver a solid gambling experience to customers, the manufacturers also must improve the accessibility and the personalisation of their content.

Betting has to deal with strong competition across the entertainment industry. Shape Games plans to help operators with new-generation apps acting as an «entertainment destination product».

Mr Tonnesen also unveiled a breakdown of enhancements coming to the market soon:

Onboarding Specificity

Usually, new customers need to download a betting app and undergo KYC verification as part of the safety policy. Upon successful boarding, they get access to the whole offering. However, the general screen can confuse new bettors as they have no idea what to do next. Shape Games has found the solution to this issue.

The company will offer punters to select preferences right after the obligatory checks and update these choices later so that it prioritises the relevant information.

Players can specify the following options:

  • sports;
  • leagues;
  • teams;
  • athletes, etc.

Shape Games' technology offers flexibility that affects the user experience. Thus, players have a chance to personalise the selected product. They can customise the bottom navigation of sportsbook apps to enable quick access to their favourite features, such as wagering history, live streaming, etc. Newcomers can benefit from How to Bet guides giving detailed user instructions.

Customer Satisfaction

Shape Games' next-generation app will come with thorough recommendations in order to help operators bolster client engagement and present new wagering opportunities to players effectively. The data collected during the users' onboarding and betting activities will be processed by the AI-driven engine. Operators are then flexible to decide on how to represent those recommendations to the public.

The digital B2B platform and service provider also plans to combine 2 major categories of the gambling industry — sports betting and casino gaming. This initiative has been determined by the public need to have a many-sided experience in a single space.

Sociable Betting

Mobile betting: social factor

The provider wants to retain users of sportsbook apps for a long period of time. This requires innovations around social interactions, media consumption and gamification.

Let us see what hides behind new features:

  • The company plans to develop a share-a-bet function in the app. Players will be able to display their wagering activities to friends on social media like Facebook and WhatsApp. Using this scheme, it will be easier to attract more clients.
  • Exciting news sections are set to help bring videos and podcasts to the entertainment space. Operators can share different types of content to strengthen wagering experiences.
  • The improved trophy offering is accessible as part of the app’s top navigation. Version 2.0 promises to make betting wins even more thrilling.

These features are perfectly suitable for the US market due to high acquisition costs and the focus on retention. The new content and engagement tools can take the company to the next stage of development in terms of market recognition and business revenue.

Launch a profitable mobile or desktop sportsbook with the help of Casino Market’s specialists. Contact us to install modern software based on your corporate needs.

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