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22 february 2020
Online casino, Marketing, Management
Author: James Burton
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A casino affiliate program is a universal promotional tool that demonstrates the strong performance of the attraction of “high-quality” traffic. The casino affiliate platform allows operators to receive a stably high profit with minimal initial capital and time expenditures.

Today, we will tell you what advantages do online casino affiliate programs bring, on what basis do the systems work, who are casino affiliates, and how to work with them.

Online casino affiliate program

From Casino Market, you can always buy ready-made solutions or order the development of an exclusive turnkey project. We are ready to offer you the best advertising and marketing tools with a guarantee of full payback in 2—6 months.

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Casino Affiliate Program: the Principle of Operation of the Platform

Affiliate service is a complex marketing tool the main task of which is to attract a new active audience.

Online casino affiliate programs work in the following way:

  1. The owner of a game service provides agents with unique links to go the website.
  2. The webmaster publishes promotional materials with the inclusion of the provided links.
  3. A potential player sees the advertising and performs the planned actions (switching to the casino website, registration, replenishment of funds, etc.).
  4. The partner of the program receives income for each attracted gambler.

Promotion of the gambling location requires the use of the following tools and solutions:

  • virtual advertising materials (banners, text content, photo and video inserts, mini-games, thematic promotions, ratings, etc.);
  • organisation and participation in gambling reviews, conferences, exhibitions;
  • streaming (online broadcasts of games);
  • thematic publications (releases of new casino games, news bulletins, and tips for the beginners).

Who are the Affiliates and How to Work With Them

Members of the affiliate network are Internet users who promote gambling portals for a certain monetary reward. An interesting fact is that most casino partners are gamblers with good experience.

So who are casino affiliates? Most often, slot machines are promoted by:

  • owners of thematic websites (news websites, gambling forums, etc.);
  • bloggers;
  • traffic arbitrators;
  • owners of pages or groups in social networks and YouTube channels;
  • webmasters.

Types of Earnings on Affiliate Platforms

Affiliate platforms: types of earnings

An affiliate in a casino can receive money according to the following schemes:

Payment for Actions (a CPA model)

The system offers a fixed one-time reward for certain actions of the attracted player. For example:

  • commission payments from a certain amount of the “burned” bets;
  • casino affiliate programs with the registration fee;
  • a percentage from the each made deposit.

The system guarantees operators the stable traffic and allows you to set individual payment limits for each action of new users.

Commission Fee From the Revenues of a Casino

The casino affiliate earns an income as a percentage of the net profit of the gaming site from a new client. This format of cooperation implies a long-term perspective and helps operators to attract a truly interested audience.

A distinctive feature of the system is the presence of a penalty fee for the so-called “negative periods” (it is charged from the partner for the inactivity or frequent wins of the attracted player).

Hybrid Payout System

The casino affiliate program combines both of the above-mentioned schemes. Moreover, there is an additional format of earnings in the form of an internal referral system. Platforms with a mixed earnings model allow you to organise the work of partners in record time following the requirements of advertising providers.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate services are rightfully considered the most effective marketing tool.

Advantages of affiliate marketing

The description

Useful traffic

A casino affiliate is interested in the attraction of an active target audience since it receives money only for the committed actions

Special-purpose investments

Owners of gaming sites pay only for a successful result

The popularity of the Brand

Advertising on thematic forums, blogs, and video channels promotes brand recognition and increases the level of trust of customers

Saving of time

Operators do not directly participate in the promotion of the project — all work is done by partners of the network

Result monitoring

The service provides advertisers with access to a special module for managing internal settings.

The platform allows you to:

  • track the quality of visits;
  • identify the most effective sources of traffic;
  • find the most effective advertising materials;
  • set individual payment limits for each position (rewards for a click on the link, the registration, replenishment of the first deposit, and so on)

Casino Affiliate Program Overview: the List of Solutions From Casino Market

Online casino affiliate program: solutions

Please find below a rating of the most popular marketing services for the owners of gambling business owners:

  1. Lucky Partners. The work of the system is based on a hybrid payout model: a percentage of the net profit of a casino (up to 55%), a standard registration fee (up to 150 dollars), and income for each deposit of users (up to 30% of the deposited amount of money).
  2. AzartCash. The service offers partners up to 50% of the amount of the “burned” bets and up to 100 dollars (a one-time payment) as the registration bonus. Moreover, payments according to the system of referral links are provided (up to 5%).
  3. Partner Earning. The platform pays for the losses of the involved participants. A one-time fixed reward and the possibility of earning according to the referral system are also provided.
  4. Posh Friends. A hybrid payment system is used here: up to 500 dollars for the active action (the CPA model) and 40—60% of the income of the platform.
  5. Game Partner. Each player attracted by an affiliate is assigned to him forever. On the website, you can get up to 70% of the net profit of a casino. A distinctive feature of the program is its focus on the Russian-speaking audience.

In Conclusion

The Casino Market team presented a brief review of casino affiliate programs that is popular with the target audience. You can always contact our specialists, and they will be glad to help you to choose a specific project or develop your own affiliate system.

Cooperation with Casino Market guarantees a record cost-benefit ratio, absolute quality, and constant updates to the assortment. We are ready to join the project at any stage of its implementation — from the creation of a turn-based strategy to the promotion of already existing online casinos in the international arena.

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You can become a part of the Casino Market family and become successful already today! Contact us:

  • by e-mail:
  • on Skype: support.casinosupermarket
  • via the feedback form.
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