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Learn How to Buy a Novomatic Casino in Turkey — Suggestions from the Casino Market Team

16 september 2020
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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Turkey is a religion-driven country that does not welcome gambling by default. After this entertainment was completely restricted in 2007, no major changes to legislation have been introduced ever since. However, operators from around the world continue to register their gambling websites and target particularly this country. In cooperation with such professional software developers as the Novomatic gaming provider, they create a favourable entertainment environment for the locals.

The experts at Casino Market are eager to give you a detailed overview of the situation with the online gambling business in Turkey and its development in recent years. Our close partner, a Turkish casino provider Novomatic, has been focusing on the audience from Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, and other big local cities for already a few years. With the obtained experience, we will help you build a successful gambling business in this exotic region.

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Internet Gambling Legislation in Turkey

Internet gambling legislation in Turkey

Most of the people in the country practice Islam. Unfortunately for the gambling, this religion is very strict in regard to any activity of this type. The governmental opinion on the gambling business in Turkey is single-minded and ultimate — any manifestation of casino entertainment or any similar activity is forbidden. Moreover, there are considerable fines for banks, internet providers, and entrepreneurs who try to work in the gambling sphere.

At the same time, none of these stops foreign-based operators from starting an online casino with Novomatic in Turkey. The reason for that is simple. After obtaining an operational permit from a legal jurisdiction abroad, nobody can restrict such casino owners from offering their services. They purchase Turkey casino software from reliable manufactures, set up a targeted advertising campaign, and receive stable traffic from Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, and other regions of the country.

Considering that the Novomatic casino provider in Turkey has been operating for already several years, it is an ideal partner for cooperation. This software manufacturer had no problems with the local legislation while integrating the gaming and administrative systems to dozens of online casinos. Before you ask how to buy the Novomatic casino in Turkey, let us explain to you how this software provider differs from other market representatives and illustrate its main advantages.

Key Aspects of the Novomatic Gaming Provider

The possibility to work with Novomatic casino software in Turkey makes a lot of entrepreneurs choose particularly this country for their operation. The combination of favourable business prospects and the reliability of the software provider are the two decisive points for selecting the Novomatic software provider in Turkey.

Just like many other software vendors, this professional team of developers are into the latest achievements of the online casino industry. Moreover, the active focus on the local cultural peculiarities, make the Novomatic gaming provider a number one option for working in the country.

A wide range of available services (some of which are unique for the software vendor) are:

  • complete localization of Turkey casino software to ensure the online casino visitors have no issues enjoying their favourite gambling content;
  • an incomprehensive interface for all kinds of players (the new ones in particular) to understand the casino navigation;
  • Novomatic slot machines for sale are designed with the consideration of the local trends and cultural distinctions;
  • a particular focus on the most beloved local games (baccarat and craps) with dozen variation in the design but a common mechanic;
  • three platform versions of the software for casino in Turkey that Novomatic equally develops in the direction of the latest technological achievements;
  • the availability of demo games for the most popular entertainments for players to try before they opt for the money play.

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Without doubts, Novomatic casino software in Turkey is among the most demanded among the operators. On top of that, the company offers a wide range of other services that are hardly available at other manufacturers.

Most Demanded Solutions from the Novomatic Software Provider in Turkey

For people in Bursa, Istanbul, Adana, and other big Turkish cities it does not matter what software provider supplies the content. They only value quality. Therefore, the Novomatic casino provider in Turkey tries to adapt to players’ desires and work towards matching their expectations with the gaming realities by offering a wide range of popular services to casino operators:

Live casino

Not so long ago it was difficult to install a reliable internet connection in Turkey; now, the technological progress has gone so far that software operators create an authentic casino atmosphere online, regardless of what device is being used

Slot technologies

Novomatic slot machines for sale are demanded entertainment, first of all, due to the abundance of topics as well as the ability to design a unique game in the shortest period possible

Jackpot development

Considering how desirable big wins are for players, Novomatic casino software in Turkey has collective jackpot storage that increases quickly enough for players to strive towards winning it as soon as possible

Land-based casino services

Apart from online gambling solutions, Novomatic also offers Turkish turnkey casino possibilities that include a complete set up of the entire office environment with the necessary hardware and software

Lottery solutions

The younger generation appeals to sweepstakes entertainment in particular, and Novomatic casino provider clearly understands and adapts to the target audience of lottery draws

Statistical and analytical systems

Apart from the entertainment content, Novomatic also supplies its clients with highly efficient analytical tools to maximize the productivity of the overview of the players’ activity

Betting possibilities

The online gambling business in Turkey does not only focus on the casino solutions since the locals also adore wagering on various sports events, and Novomatic is ready to supply this type of software to broaden the possibilities of your websites

The Main Things about One of the Market Leaders in Turkey— Novomatic

Turnkey casino from Novomatic in Turkey

It was not an easy adaptation road for Novomatic in such a country as Turkey. The religion-based state does not favour gambling in any of its manifestation on the legal level. However, the company soon managed to get the leading positions in the major online and land-based gambling aspects, ready to serve new and returning operators.

Casino Market has been cooperating with this software provider for many years from now. Together, we helped dozens of operators enter the local market successfully. One of the key solutions that we offer our clients is a detailed informational background that includes the major characteristics of the Turkish online gambling market:

  • the driven force in the country is Islam, so it is possible to launch the online gambling business only from legal foreign jurisdictions;
  • Novomatic software vendor is one of the leaders on the local gambling market, offering a wide range of services to new and returning operators;
  • the key features of this provider are a complete software localization, incomprehensive interface, exclusive slots machines, a particular focus on baccarat and craps, three platform versions (mobile, live, and desktop);
  • the most popular Novomatic services include jackpot development, land-based casino solutions, sweepstakes direction, statistical and analytical systems, betting possibilities.

Another integral part of cooperating with this professional software provider is a turnkey casino from Novomatic in Turkey. It implies a complete transfer of all responsibility from an operator to the company’s experts. If you liked the offers from Novomatic, Casino Market suggests ordering the services at our support team via any convenient method. We are waiting for your requests.

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