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Security Verification Systems for Casino Operators: Most Efficient Online and Land-Based Solutions

03 march 2020
Online casino, Security
Author: James Burton
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One of the most widespread problems in the modern gambling world is understanding who can participate in the offered activities. While the land-based establishments can visually estimate the probable difference between a person in reality and the verification document, digital venues have no such possibility. With this in mind, several software manufacturers try to come up with the productive ways of identity authentication to prevent the underage people from taking part in gambling activities.

Casino Market has been working in this sphere for already several years and has come up with a few highly efficient products that are currently gaining increased popularity on the market. Moreover, we also gladly introduce other modern technological innovations that are capable of resolving the verification issue at both online and land-based establishments.

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What Are the Most Popular Identity Verification Methods Currently Available on the Market?

Identity verification methods

Regardless of how common the two directors of the gambling industry are, there are several vast differences that concern land-based and online gaming spheres. It is of utmost importance to understand this fine line between the two similar areas, each having distinctive verification methods.

Land-Based Gambling Direction

Modern land-based casinos are nothing similar to the ones that used to be 10-20 years ago in terms of security measures. Previously, all that the casino owner could rely on were the guards that had to monitor people around and ensure the gameplay is fair, as well as nobody uses illegal means to achieve success.

Time flies and the security measures have transformed beyond recognition. Indeed, you can still notice dozens of guards standing in different corners of the playing room, but they are rather the finishing tool that is used to stop the illegal actions.

The particular monitoring process is performed by technological means. Smart security systems scan and analyse each player, their movements, facial features, behaviour, and even eye contact. In case of suspicious actions noticed, the proper measures are conducted towards the fraudster. 

In general, security in casino serves the following processes:

  • manual and automated surveillance in the establishment;
  • protection of partners of the casino;
  • control the age of casino entrants to comply with the requirements;
  • finding defrauding players;
  • safety insurance of money, data, and other valuables of the establishment;
  • preventing fights and other unexpected incidents;
  • discharge of people who violate casino rules;
  • arresting disturbers when necessary;
  • collecting information against violators for further prosecution.

Online Gambling Direction

On the other hand, online gambling has hardly anything similar to the security measures that are used in conventional casinos. There are no guards, no surveillance cameras, no smart protective systems, or anything related. Not all online gambling establishments even have the age verification system to ensure no underage people participate in the gaming process.

The internet gaming portals use something different that prevent the fraudsters from illegal victory achievements in slots, roulette, Black Jack, and other games. All self-respected operators use 128-bit SSL certificate security. This impenetrable protective barrier can withstand the most known hackers’ attacks and breaching methods that have been used to receive a benefit in online gambling establishments.

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At the same time, while the land-based facilities at least have the entrance control checkpoint that distinguishes the underage people and prevents them from playing, the online venues can’t always check this.

What Are Innovative Verification Methods Currently Being Introduced to the Gambling World?

To resolve this issue, the Yoti company has introduced its brand-new identity verification system that can be of great help to both land-based and online establishments. Their method makes use of proficient analytical innovations combined with the highly protected database to ensure a potential gambler doesn’t lie about their age.

The actual process is distinguished by its simplicity and can be adopted at the conventional casinos and in online facilities due to the usage of high technologies.

Age verification

Specialized software is used to prove how old a client is for age-restricted services of your establishment, without revealing the entire picture of their identity and keeping all information in IDs completely anonymous

Identity verification

In case there is a necessity to prove not only age but also the identity details, it is also possible to do this with the provided security and without the need to disturb the client’s privacy

Check your clients’ details

The gambling establishment may also need to ensure the person’s criminal record in case of any incidents or suspicious activity happening in the establishment

Secured access

For online gambling establishments, it is also possible to allow their clients to access gaming platforms with face-recognition technology without any passwords that can be stolen

Password storage

All your private information is only accessible with the application itself with the possibility to link all passwords into single storage without the need to remember them all

There are two ways that the Yoti’s system ensures about the legitimate possibility to gamble safely:

  1. Age-estimated method. It is used for the players over 30 just to ensure a peaceful gaming process for the gambler and operators.
  2. Age-threshold method. If you are close to the age threshold (for gambling establishments this is 18 years old), you must use the app that will prove how old are you using the process mentioned above.

Notably, these methods comply with land-based establishments and online gambling facilities.

How Can You Upgrade Your Security Systems to Ensure Your Players Are All Legitimate Identities?

Security systems: software providers

One of the most common problems of the inexperienced operators is the choice of untrustworthy software providers that can’t guarantee complete safety to the establishments. With this in mind, you are highly recommended to resort to the tycoons of the industry that can grant a secured environment.

Casino Market has been working with similar projects for already several years. Our professional team of skilful experts is into all intricacies of the protective measures for both land-based and online facilities. Therefore, we are looking forward to receiving your orders for fruitful cooperation.

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