Slotegrator’s Specialists Spoke about the Gamblers Across the World

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08 july 2023
Author: James Burton
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The specialists at Slotegrator Academy discussed how crucial it is to understand the target audience and its demands. It can help businesses attract new gamblers, meet their needs, and keep them engaged for a long time.

Overview of Market Differences

Slotegrator Academy talks about the target audience

Knowing the target audience helps brands build a successful product offering. However, having basic data is not enough. Companies require detailed avatars of recipients of their products and services. It includes demographic characteristics such as gender, age, and social status. The habits, interests, and motivation should be considered as well.

Players across the globe are never the same, which is determined by their cultural, social, and economic backgrounds. Experts from Slotegrator made some significant highlights about various parts of the world.

Here are the distinctions between male and female gamblers:

  1. The 2017 national research conducted in Australia said that men made up 54% of the country’s punters, while women 45.8%.
  2. The 2019 UKGC survey reported an almost equal percentage of male and female players — 25% and 17%.
  3. The Geopoll analysis stated that the men-to-women ratio in Kenya was estimated at 69% to 44%, respectively.
  4. The article in the JIII mentioned the dominating number of male over female gamblers in China.
  5. The University of Lethbridge indicated that 82.4% of Canadian punters were men against 17.6% of women.

Specialists have discovered that males are more into strategy-based entertainment, while females are fond of games of chance. It doesn’t necessarily reflect the situation in all countries.

Here are the content demand tendencies worldwide:

  • European punters like playing classic and modern slot machines, table games and betting on sports. Canada and Australia have approximately the same market priorities;
  • Irish gamblers stick to traditions, preferring Gaelic football;
  • In India, cricket has become one of the most beloved national games;
  • Latin American players are mainly oriented to their local tournaments;
  • Asian punters are interested in simple slot games inspired by various cultures, such as Dragon Tiger;
  • In Africa, wagering on European football championships has turned into a common trend.

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