The State of Payments in the Modern Gaming Space

16 october 2020
Online casino, Management
Author: James Burton
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Fast and secure payment methods can increase the confidence of players in your gaming resource. Therefore, it is important to create favourable conditions for clients in terms of choosing financial instruments.

Find out more about the state of payments in the modern gambling industry from this article, prepared by Casino Market experts. Order reliable financial tools from our team.

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The Peculiarities of Using Payment Instruments Nowadays

Payment instruments: peculiarities of using

As practice shows, most casino owners apply several payment systems at once. This approach will allow you to provide players with a decent set of financial instruments. Each client will be able to choose the optimal payment conditions based on his or her requirements.

At the same time, you should not consider using one payment method as an exclusively erroneous option. Everything depends on the type of the company’s activity and its development strategy.

For example, some time-tested brands operating in the home market in a given country offer decent bonuses and increased chances of winning to their customers to retain them on their websites. In this case, players are ready to agree to any terms (even to pay commission fees).

Transaction Speed

Another essential criterion for providing the stable operation of a gaming website is ensuring fast payments. Players want to deposit and withdraw their money as quickly as possible. That is why novice operators have to turn their attention to innovative payment methods that can speed up money transfers.

The Development of New Markets

It is crucial to consider the fact that some large payment systems were aimed at cooperation with American and British operators earlier. Nonetheless, new markets are developing and up-to-date financial instruments aimed at gamblers from Asia, Africa, and South America are emerging today.

In addition, online gambling is gradually moving into a mobile format. Easy-to-use mobile payment services are more relevant now than outdated methods requiring filling out long forms and entering personal data of users.

Legal Aspects

The following legal points deserve special attention:

  1. Consider the requirements of the regulatory authority. As a rule, representatives of the target country inform the owners of online casinos about the restrictions associated with the use of some payment systems in advance.
  2. Find universal payment instruments. When starting work in several countries at the same time, you need to search for versatile tools that will be relevant to many markets at once. This approach will save a lot of your financial resources and the time needed for searching decent payment instruments.
  3. Connect multiple systems. It will save you from many unexpected situations. Gaming legislation changes very rapidly. If you are unable to apply some tools, you can easily start using other available services more actively, without spending a lot of time searching for suppliers and concluding contracts. It is important to find reliable vendors and secure software that will not let you down at unpredictable moments.

Who Should Connect Multiple Payment Systems

Connecting several payment systems and concluding contracts with different suppliers may be disadvantageous for small companies focused on working exclusively on the domestic market.

If you want to go international in doing business, you may partner with a few payment services to complete the following tasks:

  • to provide a wide assortment of financial instruments for your clients;
  • to speed up and simplify money transfer processing.

Moreover, it is necessary to study the specifics of the market in which you intend to work carefully. For example, some payment systems that are in demand in the United States do not work in Europe or even contradict the laws of some countries. As a result, it makes no sense to connect them when entering the European market.

New or Traditional Methods?

Bank transfers and cards are considered traditional payment methods in the casino industry. Innovative methods include various types of electronic systems. 

Let us take a look at their specifics:


Classic instruments

Modern methods

Trust of players

Statistics show that players often trust websites that cooperate with banking organisations.

Such a partnership guarantees a transparent work of operators

Some users are “afraid” of unknown payment systems.

They prefer more familiar forms of conducting money transfers

Ease of use

The improvement of mobile banking allows customers to make payments using bank cards as quickly and easily as possible

Electronic payment instruments also imply fast and simple interaction with customers

User privacy

For security purposes, banking institutions request personal data of users

Some electronic systems require clients to enter their personal information too.

However, cryptocurrency services guarantee complete anonymity for gamblers

As you can see, different types of financial instruments have their disadvantages and advantages. The most successful option here is a combination of classic and up-to-date methods. Nonetheless, try not to overdo it with the number of financial instruments. Too many unknown names can scare off your potential consumers.

The Main Things about Choosing Payment Tools for Casinos

Payment tools for casinos

Choosing a payment method is a very difficult process. The right decision depends on many factors. There is no single model for selecting financial systems that would suit all operators.

However, when choosing payment methods for your resource, keep these important things in mind:

  • attract a wide audience by connecting innovative instruments and cooperating with banking institutions;
  • trust only reliable suppliers;
  • study the features of the target region’s legislation before installing payment tools.

If you want to connect reliable financial instruments to your website or order the development of a turnkey online casino, contact Casino Market experts.

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