What Company can Help me to Build my own Online Casino? Key Tips to Set up an Enterprise

05 august 2019
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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The excitement is a huge driving force of gambling. Smart people tend to make a lot of money taking an advantage of this quality of a human being if their business strategy is carefully developed. Due to this fact, the question «what company can help me to build my own online casino?» becomes more relevant.

what company can help me to build my own online casino

Really, which resource should be engaged to achieve success if one has no experience or all the necessary knowledge? The Casino Market company provides a professional advice for the particular issues of the gambling business.

A Casino Market’s customer can order the necessary attributes of a casino opening: gaming software, turnkey solutions, licenses, etc. This process is implemented quite legally and requires an understanding of some particular features.

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How Does It Work?

Each of us is a potential gambler in terms of the excitement as a feeling. However, some people make too much effort to succeed in gambling. They cannot imagine their life without acute emotions, competitive moments, fast and huge earnings.

Gambling business huge earnings

A great number of people who have once tried to play wants to continue. The gambling excitement drives players to win certain sums of money, getting a chance to make bigger wins and then betting again.

Why Is the Area so Attractive to the Investors?

The answer is obvious: they see a rapidly developing area which promises a significant profitability potential. Moreover, the Internet has opened new opportunities both for the industry and its users.

Becoming more accessible to everyone, the gambling has increased the inflow of customers to the relevant resources, and, accordingly, the growth of profits.

Can You Make a Gambling Establishment on Your Own?

Despite such obvious advantages of the websites over the conventional gambling facilities, setting up a casino platform in a cheap and prompt way may prove difficult. There are several ways of creating a setup; each has some particular subtleties and specific features.

If you are going to open a casino project by yourself using your own resources, try to do it, but remember that you would have to make great efforts.

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Such a method includes the following steps:

  • buying the software;
  • obtaining a license;
  • signing contracts with the slot game developers;
  • creating a platform;
  • conducting marketing activities.

Regarding the amount of money you would be supposed to pay when opening a gaming project by your own efforts, it may vary. The determining factors are the selected partners, quality of slots, and a media promotion strategy. However, if you want to start earning immediately, be ready to dedicate a great amount of time to this issue.

The Basic Steps

If you wish to accomplish the mission fast and spending minimum costs, we would recommend making the necessary calculations and drawing up a business plan. The competition shall be carefully considered to be prepared to make the necessary promotional steps.

If you follow a step-by-step guide to prevent a failure when implementing the key organisational moments, you can open your project in the shortest time possible.

An Online Resource Development

Online gambling website development

If you already have a website based on a reliable high-quality hosting, make use of it by linking your gambling project.

How to Choose a Provider

There are some companies offering slot machines and other casino games. When choosing a particular provider, remember about the quality and reliability. Casino Market is a well-known company with a vast experience in this area.

The Licencing

An appropriate license is needed for any casino project to make it legal.

If the gambling is prohibited in your country, you may choose a provider from an offshore location. A package of these services usually includes a support in setting all the associated affairs.

gambling business license

Let us give you a review of several countries as potential jurisdictions to obtain a license from.


Malta is commonly known as the most prestigious jurisdiction. Usually, the inveterate players versed in the intricacies of this kind of entertainments trust the casinos registered in Malta.

The activities running under this jurisdiction are absolutely legal. Any deception of the players is impossible.

However, a beginning entrepreneur would face some difficulties when opening an online casino in this country. He will have to open an office, spend huge funds on a deposit, properly register a bunch of accounting reports, bring the games in compliance with specific requirements, pay taxes, etc.


The jurisdiction of Seychelles provides a high prestige of your license.

Seychelles casino license

Here, no additional taxes are required. Just purchase a one-year licensing package extendable upon expiration and enjoy the incomes from the online gambling.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is also quite profitable and uncomplicated jurisdiction in terms of obtaining a gambling permit. Most businessmen register their casinos in Costa Rica. There are no taxes, no special requirements imposed on the software, servers or business owner.

The only tricky procedure is registering bank accounts there. Foreign citizens face a lot of obstacles; however, they are quite surmountable.

The other noteworthy offshore segments are Kahnawake (in Canada), the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, Curacao. Having obtained a license, you are acquiring the legal right to develop a business without being afraid of the law enforcement controls.

A Project Model

Regarding the choice of the model for your gambling project to be based on, we advise considering a casino script, a franchise, a White Label project, and a turnkey casino solution. Each of them has its own peculiar features presented below.

A Casino Franchise

Casino franchise

This option implies a provision of ready-made developments from the world-known established companies. An owner does not have to invest funds into promotion getting a chance to operate under an already promoted brand.

The provided items may include the following:

  • a ready website;
  • a social media community promotion;
  • ads;
  • a technical support for the customers.

Thus, the franchise option is useful if you do not have enough funds for a marketing purpose.

A White Label Casino

White label casino solution

A White Label club provides an opportunity to sell your products and services using any brand. A parent company expands its sales area, while the buyer focuses only on marketing tools.

An existing company provides its brand in turn of a certain percentage of profits along with the necessary programming products, integrated apps, services, etc.

The parent organisation receives new customers and hence the profit, and does not bear the costs of advertising. A subsidiary receives everything necessary for a quick start, stable functioning and maintenance of his casino under its own name.

A Script

Purchasing an online casino script is a very useful option. You are paying for a ready-made program, which will be the functioning base for your online gaming platform.

A casino script enables a clear indication of the following data:

  • information about a gamer;
  • information about the time spent;
  • the winnings and losses;
  • the games' results.

A software script is operated to configure all the possible options and control their functions.

A Turnkey Project

Turnkey project casino development

A turnkey project development option is a proper option for those who have enough funds but face difficulties in an instant hiring of a group of experienced professionals.

Simply ordering a custom project, a customer obtains a perfect result and enjoys getting profits from his business. Thus, he faces no trouble regarding the startup.

The Content

Today, there is a great number of companies that provide the creation of online casino software, making the selection somehow a difficult thing. The quality, diversity and fairness (winning odds) determine the inflow of users.

The Software

Pay special attention to the security of the website, as it operates large sums of money when depositing or withdrawing funds (the players make bets and withdraw their winnings). If the protection is weak, even an inexperienced hacker will be able to damage it easily, and you will lose your money.

Place the website in .com or .net zone, using a fast and legal hosting. We advise that the name of your website use one or more variations of the words related to the casino for developing the relevant associations.

Payment Systems

When making a choice, you should be guided by the reliability and popularity of payment services in the selected region. Integrate multiple options including electronic money, bank cards or a bitcoin payment system.

The Staff

Internet casino stuff

An internet casino is just a simplified version of a real gaming club. It is hard to establish one alone, unless at the earliest stages. When the project grows, you will have to hire employees.

First, the technical support specialists are needed for a continuous monitoring of the casino’s operation to demonstrate that it works properly.

Second, you cannot get along without a person watching the financial transactions. However, you can provide reports on doing business and accounting by yourself if you have sufficient skills.

The Incomes and Expenditures

The bets made by the users always cover your expenses on the payment of winnings. For example, if each user spends about five dollars, you will have 500 dollars per day if one hundred people play during a day.

To enhance the performance, order a website promotion, which results in the users' number increase and leads to the greater profits.

What Company Can Help Me to Build My Own Online Casino? Casino Market Provides the Relevant Support

Casino Market provides advice for anyone studying gambling platforms for a low price, a turnkey casino project development, etc. Make a request to the Casino Market’s professionals on the Feedback page or via a form on the website.

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