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What payment gateway supports gambling websites? Top 6 tools

10 august 2019
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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Playing in virtual casinos implies an input of funds to a personal online gaming account and, accordingly, a withdrawal in case of a win. Various online casinos provide several payment tools: a bank card, an electronic wallet, a bitcoin payment system, etc.

Bitcoin payment gateway

If you want to know what payment gateway supports gambling websites and how to determine the optimal way of their integration, this article would be useful for you.

The Casino Market company provides advice on understanding the specific features of the payment tools connection. The specialists offer their partners' developments and turnkey solutions.

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What Payment Gateway Supports Gambling Websites

An internet casino website is a platform providing payments for the gambling activities. The most common, easiest, universal and accepted payment tool is a bank card.

Nevertheless, sometimes, it is more convenient and secure to use the so-called electronic wallets to replenish a casino account or make a withdrawal of winnings.

How Does It Work?

Any online casino platform provides a wide range of payment systems, from international to regional ones; various currencies are offered. The users are encouraged to use multiple methods of depositing and withdrawing money.

Methods of depositing and withdrawing money

Before starting playing a slot game for money, a player should register, deposit funds and familiarise himself with the offered payment tools by analysing whether there are any offers that are easy for him to use.

Payment processing terms and charges are completely dependent on the method of depositing or withdrawing funds chosen by a player. You can select the most desirable option considering the pros and cons of each method.

Electronic Money

Electronic money is probably the best option for replenishing a game account or for withdrawing the winnings in an internet casino. The main advantage is the anonymity of the payment accounts and some diverse and useful additional options.

The electronic network-based payment systems, such as Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, Click2Pay, are popular enough. Later, we will tell you about each of them.

Which One to Choose?

Every player who deals with playing casino games for real money or betting for sports constantly faces the following issues:

  • profitable, reliable and enhanced methods of depositing and withdrawing funds;
  • charge-free methods of transferring money to other services.

The answer is simple: use the payment systems specialising in the online casino payment services. Skrill and Neteller are based on a similar business model: they cooperate with the absolute majority of the companies in the gambling industry providing the fastest possible transfers without charges.

A small charge is taken from users, mainly in case of a direct funds replenishment or withdrawal. Besides, Skrill or Neteller provides an easy registering procedure and a very high reliability.

A withdrawal of winnings deposited at Skrill or Neteller accounts is not obligatory for any player to use them. If a MasterCard is connected to the account, it is easy to pay in a shop or get cash from any terminal.

The advantages of Skrill and Neteller:

  1. A significant support in the world gambling industry.
  2. An instant processing of the deposits, the highest cashout speed.
  3. No charges for deposits or cashouts, which allows transferring money without fees between various bookmakers, betting exchanges, online casinos, etc.
  4. A MasterCard linked to a personal Skrill or Neteller account provides easy payments for purchases and withdrawing currency from ATMs.
  5. Regular promotions with various prizes. Cash prizes with active use of payment systems for transfers to the affiliate websites.

Let us browse each one of these popular payment systems separately.


Skrill (Moneybookers) payment gateway

Skrill (the old name: Moneybookers) is an international electronic wallet that allows making deposits almost instantly and easily by putting funds into your casino account or withdrawing money.

Managed by an English company, it offers the lowest charges and is accepted in various commercial resources (eBay, Skype, etc.).

Various banking cards can be used for cash operations and funds transfer.


Neteller payment gateway

Established in 1999, the payment system supports 26 currencies. The interface provides thirteen languages. Neteller issues its own bank cards. The operations processing speed is high enough.

Neteller is the world's most popular service used for the online gambling. Neteller remains the main tool to make payments for gambling in the vast majority of the major resources.

Skrill or Neteller: which one is better?

The services are similar, and it is difficult to single out a leader. Skrill attracts users with low commissions, while Neteller offers higher money limits for operations.

Bank Cards

The bank cards are an invariable tool for almost every person to interact with any financial environment. Therefore, casinos pay special attention to the availability of such international payment systems as Visa and MasterCard.

The players also tend to use Visa or MasterCard bank cards to ensure a secure entry of money and a withdrawal of winnings. As almost all the users have bank cards, this is a fairly convenient method for them. The weaknesses are delays in payments and a possible commission for processing.


Visa payment gateway

The international payment system was founded in 1958. The proprietary bank cards of this payment system are issued by almost all banks worldwide.

Visa is distinguished by the following features:

  • a prompt service of transfers;
  • a high reputation in the financial market;
  • the stability of operations;
  • no unreasonable blocking.

The funds can be deposited online, through terminals and ATMs.


MasterCard payment gateway

The international payment system operates with the bank cards of the majority of the world's banks. The Internet casinos also provide payments using its subsidiaries' cards: Cirrus and Maestro.

The payment system is highly protected from any malfunctions by using a unified financial network. A replenishment of cards is provided in the 98% of the world's cash terminals, regardless of their belonging to a particular banking organisation.


Webmoney payment gateway

As a multi-currency system, Webmoney functions with a lot of national currencies that are freely convertible among themselves through an internal exchange service.

Webmoney allows an instant transfer of funds between the accounts (wallets) of its users. When registering in the system, a user gets a unique identifier (WMID) as well as several wallets.
A 2−4% fee is charged when depositing funds. If you want to pay less, use the currency exchanges and terminals.

Webmoney is actively used by online casinos as the payments data is processed in real time. A variety of currencies are provided. Accordingly, when playing in multi-currency casinos, using this system is an advantageous option.

The Webmoney’s benefits include a high reliability, the availability of several currency wallets, many replenish options, etc.

Among the system’s weaknesses, we may name the complexity (downloading and installing a special program needed for full use) and relatively high charges.

Besides, a direct exchange with many other payment systems is not supported; the administration can block a wallet at its own discretion; certain other restrictions are also possible.


Click2Pay payment gateway

Founded in 2003, the system was aimed at making instant payments. It offers an active financial expansion, a ten languages support and allows cash operations.

Using Click2Pay, funds can be deposited or withdrawn in a vast variety of foreign casinos. The transactions are nearly instantaneous (they take about one minute). An additional commission of $ 10 is charged when withdrawing funds from a Click2Pay account to a card or a cheque.

Thus, Click2Pay is an electronic wallet similar to Moneybookers or Neteller that is managed by a German company. Perhaps, it is less convenient to use and inferior regarding the transaction rate, yet still popular enough among the users.

The advantages of Click2Pay include the provision of the system’s own bank card to enable an easy withdrawal of the customers' funds from ATMs in a prompt and anonymous way. The commission is charged in the amount of a 2% from a transaction with a minimum of $ 3.

What Payment Gateway Supports Gambling Websites?

To choose the optimal casino solution, contact Casino Market. The company also offers various alternative options regarding the casino customisation, payment systems connection’s price, marketing tools, etc.

To purchase a casino software or integrate payment systems, make a request on the Feedback page or fill in the corresponding form on the Turnkey casino section.

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