What You Need To Start an Online Bitcoin Casino: The Casino Market Expert Answers

27 october 2019
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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First of all you need to understand how the gambling business is organized and what steps needs to be taken to make this vision a reality. The process itself is a little bit different from the creation of a traditional online casino, and all the differences are connected with the integration of the platform which is necessary for conducting financial transactions in bitcoins.

Bitcoin casino business

There are several basic stages that every beginning entrepreneur must pass. Of course, in practice it will be necessary to resolve additional issues that may arise during this process, but it is a separate matter.

Before we start describing this subject, we would like to note this is an article intended to give you only a general idea of ​​the entire procedure. You may figure out all the details and special features by contacting the Casino Market manager.

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Business Plan

What do you need to satisfy your ambitions? Which region you would like to focus on? What content will become the main? What is the philosophy of your project? This and other questions need to be answered in your business plan.

Before you move anywhere, you need to clearly outline the task. This goals must always be kept in your mind and help you to make a decision taking into account the current state of affairs. You should also to foresee all the risks in advance in order to be ready for any problem in the future. A good business plan is a great start for a new business.

Gambling License

The license is a questionable matter. On the one hand, crypto currency has not yet been recognized as a full-fledged monetary unit, so playing for bitcoins can’t be called gambling from the legal point of view. This poses the question: why do you need to obtain a license for such a game?

But in practice things are a bit different. Leading companies that providers operators with their software want to make sure that businessmen are honest. For this reason you will need to register a legal entity and get a license for it, and it will legalize the work of your gambling establishment.

Everyone discloses their terms and conditions and specify the demands. You can shy away from this situation and contact a provider of services, who already has an official permit and will provide you with his product within the framework of an affiliate agreement. In general, one must rely upon his ambitions. The more ambitious is your aim, the higher will be the probability of not being able to operate without a legal registration.


You definitely need a high-quality platform with extensive functionality and everything that is necessary for the full support the gambling project. The platform should have modules that will guarantee security of the business, track and record abnormal customer behavior, keep statistics and conduct analytics.

It is also important to ensure that the frontend and back-end interfaces are intuitive and easy to use. A good back-end will simplify the life of the administrator and moderators, and a convenient front-end is the key to success. Today's users do not like to play only popular games — they also need to see a beautiful and convenient interface.

A Set of Games

Online games for a bitcoin casino

In order for players to be interested in visiting your casino over and over again there must be a large selection of gambling entertainment suited to every fancy. Today we can’t offer only slot machines: the current gambler is always looking for new ways to have fun and dilute its leisure time.

For not making clients to go to other casinos in search of new games, make sure in advance that they have what to do in your gambling establishment. Table and card games, live casinos, perhaps even a bookmaker office and a lottery — today’s online gambling clubs should be multifunctional and cover the maximum of the audience.

Team of Employees

The more customers you have, the more you will need technical support of the staff, moderators and other professionals involved in the life of your project, who will improve its operation and promote it.

Of course, there will also be some issues that appear out of nowhere, as well as other tasks that require a prompt decision. If you are interested in more comprehensive information, please address to one of the following contacts:

  • E-mail: manager@casino-market.com
  • Skype: support.casinosupermarket 
  • the feedback form.
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