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Costa Rica
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Costa Rica Gambling License

Modern Costa Rica is one of the most friendly and peaceful countries. It managed to build the economy not only through tourism but through gambling as well. Eventually, Costa Rica online gambling license is spread worldwide today. There are professional lawyers, financial consultants and many other experts who know how to get a casino license and are always willing to help their clients working in this country.

Costa Rica online gambling license

For many years the Government have been encouraging gambling business, which allowed the vigorous development of the telecommunication infrastructure. There is only territorial taxation in this country, which makes Costa Rica online gambling license greatly advantageous. This means that an employer is not obliged to pay taxes on income earned outside the country. Furthermore, there is no tax on capital gains.

In short, online casino license issued under this jurisdiction is a perfect solution for a young business person. Next, we will look at the reasons why to buy Costa Rica casino license is a wise solution.

Specifics Of Costa Rica Online Casino Licensing

Costa Rica online gambling license is one of the most profitable. There are currently several hundred online casinos licensed by Costa Rica all over the globe, although no legislative framework was developed to regulate online gambling.

This means that all legal entities in the state including offshores have the right to offer video slots, poker, lotteries, bingo, etc. to players worldwide legally. However, Costa Rica online gambling license forbids the citizens of the state to participate in such projects, so the future online club owner is required to block the local IP addresses.

No legislation means no monitoring, regulations and testings. As noted above, online casino license in this country does not provide for taxing the profits from gambling activities.

Casino licensing shall cost about 12 000 dollars a year for an operator. Through these means, the Government receives additional money to fight terrorism and financial frauds. A fixed tax, by the way, is paid by all companies registered in the country.

Why is gambling company registration in Costa Rica is advantageous:

  • the state has a high level of stability;
  • no software requirements;
  • servers can be located in any part of the world;
  • no management requirements;
  • permission to create a bank account outside of Costa Rica;
  • no income taxes;
  • no need to file reports;
  • fast issuance of licenses;
  • opportunity to use the nominal service;
  • Costa Rica is not considered an offshore at the international level, so an online casino license allows working even in Europe and the United States.

Steps To Follow In Order To Get A License

Gambling industry in Costa Rica

An online casino license is issued fast enough for all its benefits.

In order to buy Costa Rica casino license, you need to prepare a set of documents:

  1. Confirmation that a legal entity is registered on the territory of Costa Rica.
  2. Passport (copies) of each company founder.
  3. Information on the targets and objectives of the enterprise.
  4. Information on the software (game description, percent of winners, etc.).
  5. Online casino license cannot be issued without a completed business plan (featuring the projected profit and data on financial investments).

As soon as you file the necessary documentation you will have to create a casino facility.

Casino licensing calls for certain stages to be performed before your establishment will become fully functional:

  • draw up corporate Charter;
  • submit corporate Charter to the committee of control;
  • name the club;
  • check the opportunities to register;
  • pay licensing fees (it is obligatory for casino licensing);
  • rent the office space within Costa Rica;
  • create a bank account (not necessarily in the state);
  • register the mail address;
  • receive permissions from the Department of Healthcare;
  • formalize an insurance;
  • record the staff.

Also, the Costa Rica online gambling license does not require a trustee through whom all the questions should be resolved to be within the territory of Costa Rica, and therefore a specialist authorized to represent your concerns should be appointed.

You will have to pay 24 000 dollars to buy Costa Rica casino license. As mentioned above, a 12 thousand dollar tax is levied every year from all businesses operating in Costa Rica.

The official legal entity acquires the international status and the opportunity to work worldwide. The wise policy of Costa Rica (with regard to the license prices), the terms of casino operation and the advantages provided by the jurisdiction made this country very attractive for operators.

If you cannot get to the bottom of things in how to obtain casino license, contact the Casino Market representatives. The company's specialists will make every effort to ensure that the online casino license is issued as soon as possible. Would you like to avoid any difficulties or delays in the paperwork? Here you can buy turnkey casino with license and receive helpful consultations on how to get a gambling license for casino.

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Casino Market is ever ready to advise on any important casino licensing issues.

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