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Why buying a bitcoin casino software is a good decision?

17 august 2018
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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With the appearance of Bitcoin a business received an alternative financial service, and leading companies began to try and integrate the new currency in their activity. First of all it was about online business, because as a part of it Bitcoin was the most harmonious.


Thus, cryptocurrency was under a careful attention from online casinos, and soon quite a lot of gambling establishments appeared, which have started to work with Bitcoin and it appeared to be a good choice, because the results have exceeded all expectations. Bitcoin casino became a business that can provide clients with safe, reliable and profitable services, so it became very popular among gamblers. As a result, today many owners of an online casino business want to buy a Bitcoin casino script.

One of the most important things for online casinos is a qualitative software. That is, without the software the roulette wheel will not be spinning and the reels in a slot machine are not going to work. Therefore, experts say that in the process of development of a gambling software it very important to pay all your attention and spend a lot of time doing it, because an online casino should work faultlessly, and if something goes wrong, the owner can simply lose his money.

Bitcoin and its Features

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, which is independent of banks or other regulators, autonomous, it operates without emissions and is not subject to inflation.

The main features of Bitcoin are:

  • It is formed on the Internet through the exchange between users;
  • It hasn’t got any connection with banks;
  • It doesn’t have an emission;
  • It is not subject to inflation;
  • It can guarantee anonymity and confidentiality.

As we have already said Bitcoin is formed by an exchange between users on the Internet, and all the information is placed in the common base called Blockchain. During the registration process the user of an e-wallet doesn’t need to enter any personal data, only his name and an email address. Thus, any person who uses Bitcoin remains anonymous, no information about him can be seen to anybody, including the taxation system of any country.

By the way, the owners of cryptocurrency can share it via services similar to Torrent, which transfer files, programs and films to other Internet users.

Advantages of Bitcoin Gambling

Let us dwell upon the most important advantages of such digital currency as Bitcoin in comparison with traditional currencies.

Bitcoin gambling

Bitcoin user remains anonymous. There are people (and they are many of them!), who do not wish to specify their personal data while registering on the gambling website, and it becomes a kind of a stumbling block between users and the website. Bitcoin owners do not have to disclose information about themselves, they remain completely anonymous. But it does not mean that they are deprived of protection — cryptocurrency system is based on data scrambling, so it is not available for swindlers, viruses and other virtual troubles.

Bitcoin is not afraid of any inflation. The system is not subject to an emission, because we are speaking about digital currency, not the paper one. Emission and circulation of money is not made, so there can be no depreciation, and therefore, no inflation.

It is also impossible to block a Bitcoin account. As we have already mentioned above, this currency has no connection with any bank or other regulators, its exchange is made directly between users, so there is simply nobody who can block your account.

Bitcoin can be characterized by a high volatility. This cryptocurrency is constantly increasing in price, therefore, if there are Bitcoins on your account, you can be sure that when you are going to withdraw funds, the value of such currency will increase significantly.

As a result of the appearance of such unique features in an online business, there are now a lot of good conditions for its development, and of course, these innovations could not overpass the gambling business, a sphere with an increased competition.

Emerging Bitcoin casinos and Bitcoin games try to attract players worldwide and to make them prefer online gambling rather than traditional land-based casinos.

Why Bitcoin Casino Software is Better than Another Soft

Because of the unique software Bitcoin casinos can provide players with many new features that set it apart from usual online casinos. Some businessmen, however, are still afraid to install it into their gambling websites, because everything new is always initially unknown.

But there are still some leading companies, which acknowledge this new gambling software. Note that all of them think much of this software is a very positive way and have never regret making such choice.

We can only list the positions that put Bitcoin casino script much higher than traditional ones.

Confidentiality compliance. As we have already discussed, the registration in the Bitcoin casino doesn’t need a provision of any personal data. If we speak about a usual online casino, it is worth noting that all the information is required to be delivered.

Thus, the unique Bitcoin casino software can guarantee privacy and anonymity, and many players admire it.

Players' finances will remain with him. Unlike traditional online casino, which can immediately block player's account at the slightest suspicion of fraud or money laundering, in Bitcoin casino everything is different. Accounts of players can’t be blocked at all simply because there can be no fraud in such casinos due to the principle of information encryption during the process of Bitcoins creation.

Minimal sizes of stakes. Legendary Japanese Satoshi created Bitcoin in such a way that it can break up into very small pieces. For example, one part may be 0,0002 dollars, and a player can bet on this amount of money, and it will attract even more people to a Bitcoin casino. This is obviously very profitable for gambling establishments.

You can play worldwide. In many countries gambling is strictly prohibited, so the hosting company by order of controlling authorities can simply block an access to a gambling website. If this is a casino which is using Bitcoin, players will be able to visit it without any problems as its IP-address can’t be found.

Casino will only get better. Newly created Bitcoin casinos, despite the obvious advantages, still have to fight for a place under the sun, coming up with new ways to attract players to their websites, and it is very difficult to lure them away from their already familiar gambling clubs. Therefore, specially trained people monitor the market and create interesting marketing tools to improve crypto casinos. As a result, the level of competition rises fast, and casino services are rapidly improving.

Besides all this, we can recall the already mentioned volatility: if there is at least one Bitcoin left in your account, after a while its value will certainly increase.

How to Create a Bitcoin Casino?

Such an important element for creation of an online casino as gambling software can be purchased from companies which are professionally engaged in the production and sale of this product. Bitcoin casino software it is the key element in creating such gambling establishment, this is why you should take it responsibly.

Some operators buy it on a turnkey basis, and others buy software and integrate it into already existing casino.

It is better to buy from professionals

Buying a Bitcoin casino script you firstly need to study the market: you can’t buy it from an unknown developer. It is better to deal with those, whose portfolio consists of a sufficient number of products made for partners.

Experts advise to address to a company-aggregator such as Slotegrator, where you can buy a Bitcoin casino software and be sure about its high quality.


Specialists of the company will help you to integrate and launch it, they will give all necessary advice and assistance. In addition, experts will help in selecting Bitcoin games from best developers, and install them on your website.

The company integrates products through a single protocol, cares about its reputation and pays attention to safety, protecting the business of its partners. That is why you will get high qualitative software and games with a long-term guarantee.

Slotegrator offers:

  • high speed of financial transactions;
  • safety of all transactions without an exception;
  • conversion of all existed currencies;
  • individual setting up of an office for withdrawing funds;
  • simple and convenient digital Bitcoin wallet;
  • Guaranteed anonymity.

Specialists from the Slotegrator company will make the integration of a Bitcoin casino software very quickly and professionally, hold consultations and set up additional settings and they will also supervise your casino until its opening.


The number of transactions through the Bitcoin system is unlimited and you can pass them in any country quickly, anonymously and without any problem.

It is possible to buy Slotegrators' Bitcoin casino software from other companies, for example, CasinoMarket.

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