Why Does a Bookie Owner Need a Good Price per Head Online Casino Software

24 july 2019
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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Usually, when opening a casino or betting company, an owner tries to find the most suiting formula of its operation in terms of the involvement of professionals. However, some startuppers have no idea about the specific features of the price per head services and software used for their functioning.

Price Per Head Online Casino Software

The specialists of the Casino Market company provide an extended range of services for the gambling business. The software offered by Casino Market is developed by experienced programmers and designers. A full package of all types of technical support is available for the company’s customers.

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This article provides an overview of price per head online casino software.

PPH Services Development

The area of the price per head service has been developing in parallel with the mainstream sports betting business, as a kind of B2B service options provided to bookmaker companies by others.

The betting business has been growing consistently, and the number of casino games has increased, which has brought some changes to this area, shifting from the issues of quantity to the domain of quality. A slot game or betting technology were to be provided with the upgraded processing level.

The necessity to extend the range of the standard services rendered to a gambler has become quite obvious. Then, some companies have dedicated their efforts to develop relevant business solutions, distinguishing themselves as the first PPH enterprises.

The benefits

For example, when purchasing an automobile, it can have a very attractive appearance and even various tricky things. However, its most inherent attribute is the engine which makes it moving and functioning.

To arrange and manage your business in the most proper and effective way, the most reasonable method is using high technologies and professional knowledge (engaging a team of experts who know how to adjust technical matters and provide a relevant support, updates, etc.) A special software is to be applied in this case.

Online casino software

Here, you will a particular dilemma. You either have to make everything by yourself right from scratch spending a lot of funds and time or order a price per head service.

The main purpose of such services is to hold the users offering them a wide range of various interesting options. Besides, the users are to be kept for a long-term period.

The proper software allows enhancing your establishment’s operation quality and performance while decreasing the level of input efforts. The whole process is simplified, the managers provide full control based on the relevant reporting and other operational data.

Therefore, as the price per head services facilitate the inflow and holding of customers, which inevitably results in the incomes increase, there is another key point. This particular advantage of the price per head services is the opportunity to improve the public standing and reputation of a betting business company.

Besides, PPH companies involvement facilitates the implementation of various modern solutions like bitcoin payment systems, engages effective marketing tools, etc.

The Composition of the PPH Services

A PPH service constitutes a provision of a fully operational bookmaking line to the customers.

In addition, the whole package of a price per head service shall include the following elements:

  • a functioning website developed by specialists;
  • a customer support;
  • high-quality bookmaker lines;
  • an advanced software.

The customer support team shall be extensive enough to provide a failure-free and reliable operation.

The service’s functions

The general purpose of PPH solutions is to provide a high-level service to the betting business customer support offering them an upgraded and unique range of options. This is achieved by to the use of an advanced price per head online casino software enabling a number of technical benefits.

Price per head online casino software in betting business

In fact, they take care of your customers, handling all possible issues and problems.

Price per head services provide a sustainable infrastructure and various tools to secure the technical issues, for example, the redundancy. The servers can provide a reliable and secure redundancy option only if they are secure and updated. Their operation will be based on protected transfer protocols.

A betting company website should be provided with necessary adjustments, optimisation and localisation. This is needed to guarantee a sustainable customer base’s extension.

When ordering this service, a bookmaker activates the necessary settings based on the preferences of the users.

The best price per head online casino software should have the following features:

  • a user-friendly interface;
  • a multiple platform support;
  • online betting/online gaming;
  • a reporting option;
  • a statistics section;
  • the reliability;
  • data privacy provisions.

A lot of the existing gambling businesses use price per head solutions to provide high-quality and reliable services to the customers based on the state-of-the-art technologies.

The PPH Companies

The most popular and well-known PPH companies are IDSCA, Sports Per Head, and Real Bookies. These leaders are offering a number of important features, such as high-quality tracking and reporting, upgrades, 24/7 operation, agility, reliability and security of the software.

Reliability and security of the software

IDSCA had been providing standard sports betting services, having become a price per head company afterwards. The enterprise uses its proprietary unique software solutions.

Sports Per Head is distinguished for its customised approach regarding the clients' needs. This is achieved with the help of an extended and professional customer service. The company uses multiple methods of work to achieve its goals.

Real Bookies is a well-promoted business known around the world. Standard prices, high-quality customer services, a user-friendly and effective software are the advantages which lead Real Bookies to the top.

Choosing a PPH Software Provider

The importance of choosing a proper PPH services company is quite obvious. However, the choice would be rather tough and may require a lot of time to conduct the necessary studies. Besides, you should consider a number of several important factors.

An open communication and trust regarding a PPH service is the cornerstone of such partnership, as the company staff will keep and handle your whole business operation.

When choosing a PPH service provider, take into account that the most vital issue is the software’s quality. The second important thing is the consideration of the company's experience and market share. The equipment’s and servers' reliability is also crucial.

A PPH software operates with the newest equipment and tools. Therefore, technological investments play a considerable role in this area. The newest and the most reliable casino solution implementing provides an improved performance, a failure-free operation and the reliability.

Speaking about the trustworthiness of a PPH company, do not take it for granted. Ordering a trial software is the optimal advice to be used when selecting a partner. You will be able to track the feedback reports and see the relevant data from them. Thus, you can make a decision during this period, based on your direct involvement experience.

PPH companies often offer a free trial option for their customers. However, remember that a trial period of a week or longer, but no less, would be the best option. Two or three days would not be enough to see all the benefits and disadvantages of the product.

PPH Services by Casino Market

Casino Market PPH services

If you make a decision to order a price per head service for your bookie, contact Casino Market. The complex advanced high-quality developments and the huge experience in the gambling industry make Casino Market a strong player offering the state-of-the-art solutions.

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Order the development of a price per head online casino software, get advice, purchase a turnkey gambling project or obtain a license for this type of activity, and the Casino Market’s specialists will provide you with the best support.

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