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A Casino Platform: The Basis of a Profitable Gambling Project

10 march 2020
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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The decision to transfer “one-armed bandits” to the online space became a jump-start for the active development of iGaming. The industry’s turnover is estimated at billions of dollars, while the gambling niche continues to grow rapidly. Every day, providers release original slot machines, and new gaming sites appear on the Internet.

Casino gaming platforms: basis of the business

To make sure that the whole system works clearly and smoothly, vendors create casino gaming platforms. In this article, Casino Market specialists will tell you more about the specifics and advantages of such solutions.

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Features of Online Casino Platforms

In fact, this is the key part of any gambling establishment. All external programs necessary for the functioning of the project are installed on it. In other words, the casino platform is the same as the service software.

Such software is integrated into personal computers, laptops, tablets, mobile gadgets, and other devices to provide users with round-the-clock access to the website.

The first online casino platforms required an additional download to a gadget or desktop computer. Modern technology is light years away from it. Now, in order to spin the reels in your favourite slot machine, it is enough just to have access to the Internet.

Most casino gaming platforms work on the basis of Flash or HTML5 technologies. This approach allows products to support multiple browsers and also lowers the requirement baseline of hardware.

In the process of development of gambling solutions, Java, PHP, Python, and C# programming languages are used. Thanks to this, the ready-made service becomes reliable and diverse.

Technical Characteristics of the Solution

The choice of a platform for a casino is closely related to the script performance analysis. When looking for the optimal product, it is important to make sure that it meets the following parameters:

  • high-quality program and graphic elements;
  • reliability and security;
  • stability and sufficient data-flow rate;
  • support for files of various sizes and types.

Well-known developers tend to have separate testing teams, so casino platforms are checked for the quality and functionality of the source code by skilled specialists. This is the only way to be sure that they will provide users with transparent and fair playing conditions.

Additional Features

Like any other type of technology, casino platforms are constantly being updated and improved. Some of the functions are added to an already existing design by presenting the next release. Other options, on the contrary, are integrated via the installation of external units (RTP protocols for data transfer).

Payment Systems

Payment systems for online casinos

The choice of a platform for a casino is directly connected with the presence of a payment module. Many providers present their transaction solutions that are installed on the website after it is purchased.

The second option is to sign contracts directly with payment systems. Then, technical specialists of the parent company will deal with the integration and subsequent support of the gateways. Currently, the most popular products are Visa, MasterCard, WebMoney, LiqPay, PayPal, etc. When players see these brands on the chosen gaming site, they have more confidence in it.

Regardless of which payment system is installed, it must be multicurrency, stable, provide fast transfers, and offer loyal commission fees. Available payment methods deserve special attention: the more of them, the better.

A good system should support:

  • bank transfers;
  • payments with electronic money;
  • interaction with debit and credit cards.

Products that support payments in cryptocurrency are of particular interest these days. This is the trend of the coming decade. Already today, many companies, including Casino Market, offer operators to buy a turnkey bitcoin casino.

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The Catalogue of Games

As in the case of payments, a casino platform should have a basic set of entertainment. It includes popular “one-armed bandits”, several versions of poker, baccarat, American and European roulette, a virtual wheel of fortune, and scratch cards. With such a product range, you can easily launch a virtual gambling establishment, hoping for a quick increase in customers.

It is no secret that many providers of video slots also are focused on the development of individual services. Such platforms are most often equipped with the manufacturer’s branded slots.

In any case, it is necessary to add stylish new releases to the catalogue of your gaming site on a timely basis. This is the only way to retain customers and keep them interested.

CRM Systems

This is another storehouse of useful functions for casino operators:



Convenient back-end office

It allows entrepreneurs to easily and with maximum efficiency manage the administrative panel of the website

Advanced reporting system

It makes possible a detailed analysis of the work of the casino platform. Tables, graphs, and diagrams can be formed in a few clicks.

It is also possible to draw a detailed business plan or think of general steps for the future operation of the gaming site

Customisation tools

They allow entrepreneurs to develop relevant offers for each segment of the platform’s audience

Marketing Services

They are necessary for the effective promotion of the website:

  1. Loyalty systems are aimed at attracting and retaining casino visitors. These are various welcome bonuses, extra cashback, free spins, and additional tournaments within the resource.
  2. Affiliate programs allow operators to build effective cooperation with affiliates. These are external specialists who, for a certain fee, attract traffic to the gaming site.

When buying a platform with built-in advertising tools, it is important to gradually implement unique ideas. The fact that an entrepreneur is focused on individuality will be a demonstration of the fact that he cares about his customers.

It is strongly recommended to integrate an exclusive progressive jackpot. It applies to absolutely all entertainment in the casino's catalogue. Players will be able to win in a poker tournament or simply by spinning the reels in their favourite slot.

User Interface

User interface on a casino website

A casino platform is not only a set of technical characteristics and additional features. The general impression of the resource is also important, and it is difficult to form it without an attractive design and a well-thought-out structure of the website.

The decision to purchase solutions from the best manufacturers implies several cooperation schemes:

  • Choice of the design from several standard templates. Operators are allowed to make minimal changes but everything must be agreed upon with the provider.
  • The use of the design selected by the customer. The task of the developer is to do everything the way the customer wants.
  • Collaboration between a provider and an owner. This approach allows businessmen to create a high-quality and unique picture that meets the market trends and satisfies the needs of users.

All information on the website should be as structured and understandable as possible. The most useful functions should be taken out of the main menu, and the remaining options should be correctly distributed between the sections.

The Main Things about Gaming Systems

An online casino platform is the basis of any gaming site since it provides its smooth operation. The integration of payment modules or installation of colourful video slots is impossible without a reliable foundation.

The Casino Market aggregator offers the development of a turnkey online casino. The product is fully tested and ready to launch. It is characterised by flawless software, a wide range of games, and affiliate programs.

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