A Revolution in the Online Casino World: the Advantages of Live Dealer Games

01 december 2019
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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Live content is a real breakthrough in the area of technologies of the gambling industry. This direction has first appeared in the early 2010s, and it has become truly revolutionary: today, there are more innovations in this industry than in other areas of the gambling business.

Games with live dealers in online casino

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Live Casino: a Range of Entertainment

The undeniable advantage of games with live dealers is the ability to get the most out of the atmosphere of the most luxurious casinos from any part of the world. These products can be called a spectacular reincarnation of card and table games, without which it is impossible to imagine any real gambling establishment.

The most popular games with live dealers

The title

A brief description


This is one of the most recognisable and popular entertainment in online casinos. The game pleases gamblers with a variety of transactions and an ability to play not only with the dealer but also with other real opponents at the table.

The croupier who is shuffling cards manually makes the game even more atmospheric. Moreover, the developers of software did everything in their power to make it impossible to trick the system: even with the live distribution, it is not possible to count the number of the drawn elements and closed denominations. Winning here depends only on luck


The game was reanimated by the widespread introduction of the live content. The secret of its charm is communication with neighbours at the table and the croupier.

The advantages of this entertainment include elementary rules and dynamic draws.

An interesting fact: it is baccarat that is considered to be a favourite pastime of high-rollers

Sic Bo

Entertainment has the ancient Chinese background and delights gamblers with a special oriental flavour.

In the modern version, there are three dice. Thus, the number of opportunities for concluding a transaction is significantly expanded. Today, it is one of the most popular types of dice


It is one of the most famous types of classic entertainment. If in a real casino, players can become bored of watching the slow spinning of the wheel, then in virtual versions, everything happens brightly and dynamically.

The undeniable advantage of this game with live dealers is the endless number of participants at the same table and the ability to talk to “neighbours” in a chat


This is the most difficult of the existing card games with a variety of rules. Despite this, poker is fascinating and it drags your feet. Also, you can always obtain more specific information from the dealer.

It is worth noting that, in a professional environment, it is live poker that has more credibility than games with random number generators

The wheel of Fortune

This product looks more like lottery draws than traditional casino games: a colourful wheel spins on the screen, and the ball jumps inside its cells.

Nothing depends on players, and they can only rely on a lucky strike. And the expectation of results become less glaring thanks to a nice conversation with the dealer or other visitors to the casino

Live Games as a Mark of Quality of the Internet Resource

It is worth paying attention to the following fact: the live content can be found not on every Internet platform. Such solutions are only available on truly reputable and trusted services that have appropriate licenses. The integration of games with live dealers is a kind of a quality mark and an opportunity to attract the audience that wants to pay for the comfort, safety, and honesty.

Why is live content recognised as a confirmation of the high level of the casino? There are several reasons for it:

  • live broadcasts ― the most expensive gambling product on the modern gambling market;
  • for the creation of the content, real croupiers who are professionals of their craft are hired;
  • special studios are equipped for broadcasting, and these studios have the same interiors as real casinos;
  • the video stream is recorded from several viewing angles.

Another advantage is that it is simply impossible to “falsify” the live casino content.

Seven Reasons for Purchasing Games With Live Dealers

Main reasons to integrate live games to your online casino

It is time to name the main reasons for the popularity of live broadcasts:

The Reach

A man of today spends most of his time surrounded by the screens. The interactivity of a new gaming solution has become a kind of connection between the offline and online audience. Due to the unique combination of several factors, players can feel like they have visited a traditional land-based casino.

If we are talking about the older generation, which prefers classic entertainment, live games will be exactly that bridge between pleasant memories and cutting edge technology.

A Variety of Solutions

Despite the relatively small set of offers, each operator can buy games with live dealers, which can be characterised by the following features:

  • a large number of participants (from VIP solutions with the option of a face to face private game with the dealer to the content with an unlimited number of seats at the table);
  • the format of broadcasting (it can be a professional recording studio or a live broadcast from real gambling establishments);
  • a chat for users (if a couple of years ago, players could communicate only with the dealer, now, from Casino Market, you can order the content that allows you to keep up a conversation at the table with both casual observers and opponents);
  • rules of the session (there is a wide range of products that imitate traditional versions of card and board games, as well as a series of offers with more complicated rules and parameters of bets).

The Honesty of the Game

As a rule, gamblers trust live dealers more than products based on a random number generator. Surveillance over the dealer’s movements, detailed visualisation of each moment, and real-time broadcasting simply exclude the possibility of fraud.


Broadcasts are conducted 24/7. It is also worth remembering such technological breakthroughs as the increase of the data-transfer rate and the improvement of the quality of the video stream.

The modern content is developed with the use of the HTML5 language, allowing you to adapt software for mobile platforms. Thus, an ability to play with a real croupier is literally in your pocket.

The Functionality of the Software

In comparison with traditional software simulators and land-based casinos, live studios can offer end-users a wider range of settings and bets. For example, players can place a bet not only on the outcome of the main event but also deposit money on the results of the game session of another participant. Moreover, the system automatically saves the “favourite” (most frequent) bets, making the gameplay easier and more enjoyable.


Live broadcasts are an infinite space for experiments. Some providers do not stop adding unique options to already known and popular games, focusing on the creation of new directions. For example, in the catalogue of the Evolution Gaming brand, there is a live version of Monopoly.

Since 2017, players can plunge into the world of gambling through virtual reality equipment. The first game in this format was roulette.

Users need special VR glasses that give a 360-degree view of the studio. The software provides such options as the selection of three-dimensional tokens, movement around the room, creation of your own user image, and communication with other visitors to the casino.

The Profitability of the Industry

Operators and developers of platforms with the live content report a rapid increase in their profit. According to statistics, the field shows an annual growth of about 6.6%. By the end of 2019, the turnover of the niche exceeded 118 billion dollars.

Conclusion: Where to Get a Great Deal on Games With Live Dealers

Connect live casino games with the help of Casino Market

If earlier gamblers could play only with robots, then now, an ability to play with a real opponent has propelled the Internet segment to a new level.

The undeniable advantages of the content include the following features:

  • the ability to oversee each move of the dealer;
  • the realistic atmosphere (from the background image to the sound of falling tokens and the rustle of cards);
  • high-quality graphics and several viewing angles;
  • the absence of a random number generator (users can win only if Lady Luck will want it);
  • the ability to communicate with living people (a pretty croupier and opponents).

Have you managed to see all the benefits and advantages of the live content? It is time to order the connection of games with live dealers with the help of Casino Market. Just two clicks ― and our manager will select the best solutions for you. The product range contains only the latest releases and developments from the best suppliers in the world. Moreover, we are constantly updating the catalogue of offers.

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Advantages of working with Casino Market:

  • guaranteed confidentiality;
  • individual approach;
  • flexible discount systems and pleasant bonuses for loyal customers;
  • technical support of the project;
  • ability to purchase or rent the software on the most favourable terms.

Our team is ready to start working on the project at any stage of its implementation ― from the creation of a business strategy to the modernisation and promotion of already existing gaming sites.

Gambling business with Casino Market is simple, safe, and profitable. Take a step towards successful cooperation right now! Contact us:

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