How to Reduce the Risk of Bonus Abuse in Online Casinos

29 november 2019
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Author: James Burton
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Virtual gambling continues to grow rapidly. Undoubtedly, this trend has many advantages and potential opportunities for getting more significant profit. At the same time, such a widespread use of online gambling platforms and betting sites leads to an increase in the risks associated with various types of fraud.

Bonus abuse problem in online casinos

The bonus abuse is a real problem of our time. On the one hand, operators need to attract new players and retain regular customers. Various promotions with cash rewards can become a great incentive for many users. At the same time, the spread of cash bonuses allowed fraudsters to occupy this niche and gain lots of benefits. The Casino Market experts decided to explore this topic in more detail.

Gambling Business Development Trends

The modern virtual gambling business differs from the situation that was 10-15 years ago by a vast number of devices that can be used to place bets. Players used mainly their personal computers and mobile phones for this purpose earlier, but today they can perform different actions on the website using tablets, smart TVs, and game consoles. On the one hand, this convenient solution allows players to feel additional comfort. At the same time, it creates the risk of the emergence of new accounts aimed at bonus abuse.

Of course, all operators monitor the IP addresses of devices and prevent some attempts to create multiple accounts. However, this approach can help identify only a tiny per centage of attackers. In fact, the address of any device can be changed easily. Moreover, creating multiple accounts is not the only way to obtain illegal profit from bonus programs. However, we should not abandon the development of mobile gambling since this area brings significant income annually. At the same time, it is necessary to tighten control over actions carried out using various devices. Therefore, the main trends in modern gambling business are as follows:

  1. The development of mobile gambling and the use of various devices for participating in sports betting and virtual gaming.
  2. Identification and rewarding of honest players.
  3. Detection of fraudulent activities and blocking of accounts associated with bonus abuses.

The Most Common Types of Fraud

Common types of fraud in online casinos

According to Iovation, the incidence of bonus fraud has increased by 72 per cent over the past year. Data obtained in 2015 show a significantly lower figure, only 10 per cent. The development of modern technology has provided lots of new opportunities for improving online businesses. However, it allowed fraudsters to reform their methods. The main types of bonus fraud include:

Type of bonus fraud


Creation of multiple accounts

Receiving several first deposit bonuses (or prizes for performing some other actions on the website) at once

Chip dumping

The collusion of players aimed at receiving bonuses requiring rollover. As usual, it is applied in poker

Botnet attack

Creating a network of bots. It is used to slow down the site or stop its functioning, in order to divert attention from fraudulent activities associated with bonus abuse

Cryptocurrency fraud

Cryptocurrencies guarantee the anonymity and security of personal data. However, they also increase the risk of using a single financial account for multiple user pages

Selling VIP accounts on the black market

As a rule, the owners of such accounts have access to exclusive bonus offers. Fraudsters take advantage of this fact to launder money

Identity theft

The use of personal data of other individuals to create new accounts and carry out financial transactions

Ways to Prevent Fraud

There are many ways to prevent bonus abuse. They are associated with both artificial intelligence and human activities. Some actions taken by company management can reduce the risk of fraud significantly. For example, increasing the amount of the first deposit can stop attackers. Some changes in company policy aimed at effectively combating abuse as well as adaptation to new business needs will also bear fruit.

The use of the machine learning method will help many operators achieve good results. What are the main characteristics of this technique? In contrast to the banal verification of IP addresses, which is used by most services, this technology involves the use of a vast analytical database. The system stores information collected from various web resources, for example, data on devices associated with suspicious activities, bank cards, electronic wallets, and emails that are connected with fraudulence.

How to prevent bonus abuse in online casinos

The essence of machine learning is in the interaction of representatives of the gambling business. Operators should understand that overcoming the problem of bonus abuse is a rather tricky task, which is impossible to solve on their own. Teaming up with other owners of online casinos or betting sites, they will not only gain access to a huge analytical database but also enrich this system with the data that they managed to collect during their activities. Thus, the more operators join their forces, the higher the likelihood of a good result.

In addition, the machine learning technology will help managers of many web resources not only detect fraudsters but also identify honest players with the help of special algorithms. Operators will be able to reward only truly worthy users.


You must follow such steps to run a successful business that will attract more and more customers, and prevent the risk of bonus abuse at the same time:

  • Reward honest players with bonuses and privileges.
  • Check the data of authenticated devices.
  • Block accounts using suspicious devices (even if they have not been seen on your system before, but are in the database of other operators).
  • Monitor devices with “abnormal activity” (multiple accounts creating, conducting a large number of transactions in a short period).

A successful business is not possible without promotions and bonus programs. Learn how to use them correctly, preventing fraudulent activities with the help of modern, effective software. Casino Market cooperates only with reliable manufacturers. We will help you find the best solutions for your online project protection.

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