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Adjusting to Generation Z: How Online Gambling Establishments Can Benefit from the Latest Innovative Technologies

24 march 2020
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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Casino Market always tries to deliver the freshest news about the gambling world to our clients. Today, we are gladly sharing some quotes by Max Dubossarsky, chief operations officer at Betinvest. The focus of the interview was to analyse the key changes in the clients’ expectations since the target audience shifted to a younger age. Mr Dubossarsky shared his views on the influence of these transitions on the global gambling world.

Who are the Game-Changers in the Modern Gambling Audience?

Modern gambling audience

One of the crucial challenges that modern casino operators and bookmakers face is the understanding of their players’ desires. Once totally perceived, it is possible to adjust the services according to the craved wishes. This is how you figure out the relevant proposition and learn whether it satisfied the demand of your target audience. The importance of repeating this process is vital for every gambling establishment due to the continually shifting accent of each generation of clients.

Currently, two influential groups of gambling service users have a significant impact on the development of the industry. These are the millennials and Generation Z – people a bit younger than the first ones but definitely above 18. The reasons for such distinctive separation are apparent:

  • swift adaptation to modern technologies;
  • the necessity to follow the latest innovative trends and high standards;
  • risk-taking nature that brings them much excitement;
  • eagerness to spend money on what makes them feel thrilled;
  • the rational ability for the analysis, allowing them to understand the benefits of gambling;
  • effortless multitasking capabilities and extensive user experience compared to older generations.

On top of that, modern millennial people and youngsters are constantly looking for secured solutions that they will be uncomplicated in usage and easily adjustable to their devices. They are also hyped about the intriguing plot spiced with the latest technological innovations.

How Did the Evolution of Gambling Audience Change Alongside with the Means?

We live in a world where the service providers have to adapt to the ever-changing needs of their consumers. Thus, the betting sphere must accept the younger generation and work towards satisfying their requirements. The key to this understanding can be the environment where the target audience is located. By building the parallels of the activities spent on the entertainment and the general attitudes, experiences, and public situations, knowledgeable operators can create favourable surroundings for receiving contented customers.

Just take a look at the Silent Generation, who were born between 1925 and 1945. Their most beloved betting activity was horse riding, even though gambling, in its pure essence, was considered unlawful and immoral.

The next generation that was born between 1946 and 1954 were the Baby Boomers. What was most essential for them? Rock’n’Roll, massive consumerism, and Las Vegas. It was the time when the milestones of the land-based gambling industry were founded, alluring the thirsty players.

Generation X (born between 1965 and 1979) was raised during the time of economic instability and increased social mobility. The time of technological leap was conveniently backed up by the massive legalization of different gambling forms.

Our Millennial Generation that was born between 1980 and 1994 were greatly influenced by their obsession with video games. It was one of the main reasons why online gambling is currently so popular. The first internet gaming platforms were introduced with the same focus as video games – no need to leave your homes to plunge into your favourite gambling activity at whatever device you might like.

The latest change-makers are Generation Z (born between 1995 and 2002). Being spoilt by the latest technological achievements, they can’t be easily impressed with the previous successful entertainment means. Therefore, the gambling establishments’ owners and software providers have to invent new absorbing approaches to involve this audience.

What are the Most Efficient Gambling Tools for Involving New Audience?

As soon as we have tracked all the changes throughout the history of gambling, we can now finally adjust to the latest generation needs much more straightforward. The critical point with youngsters is the inability to impress them too easily with the products and services that have already been widely used. You must resort to a game-changer, something completely new, and there is indeed a technology to help you with this.

Boosting graphics and introducing new in-game functionality isn’t already a way out. Just think about the latest trend in the gaming industry that took the public by the storm. Yes, it’s virtual/augmented reality. Spice it all up with additional security of personal information as well as reliable money transferring tools, and you have an ultimate recipe for success. Nowadays, smart providers have already refined their VR casino software and offer it as a perfect upgrade to the existing systems.

By the way, when we talk about the betting sphere, one can no longer rely only on conventional activities. Cybersport has already been popular for the last few years and keeps progressing by leaps and bounds. It is worth mentioning that the total market revenue of this branch has almost reached $1 billion. Add the profit that operators receive from bets and fantasy leagues, and you will get an insanely lucrative area for earning and further development. Bookmakers’ stores are already pushing the idea of individual betting lines for different kinds of cybersport throughout the world.

What are the Prospects for the Future of the New and Conventional Entertainment?

Technologies in gambling: VR

The prospects for this are thrilling. The technological advent doesn’t stop slowing, meaning the boundaries of the industry are expanding day after day. The combination of VR/AR and gambling have already proven to be insanely beneficial, so it is only a matter of time for the new tools to appear in this entertainment market. For example, tactile sensors are now being introduced as a part of an early experiment to the cybersport betting, and it seems we are going to witness another fantastic innovation recently.

Undoubtedly, the conventional sport won’t be over for good. While the youngest generation reaps the benefits of technological development, the older ones will still be engaged in traditional betting methods. Regardless of how cool the latest innovations are, times shows what is relevant for the current mixture of audience.

How do You Get a Boost for Your Gambling Environment?

Casino Market has been working on the gambling market for already a few years. We closely monitor all the latest technological achievements and know perfectly well how to upgrade and create an entirely new environment for your gaming platform. For example, our trendiest VR casino software will satisfy the youngest target audience and can also appeal to other players of your gambling website. Just contact our support team, and we will improve your operational process together. Waiting for your orders.

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