Influence of the Coronavirus On the Major Sporting Events and Gambling Facilities

03 april 2020
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Author: James Burton
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Casino Market continues to follow the situation with the coronavirus outbreak and its impact on the gambling world. Our expert analysts have gathered the latest news from the major sporting events. Stay in touch with our informative announcements.

Influence on the World’s Football

Influence on the world’s football

The international pandemic of Covid-19 still prevents gambling establishments in the entire world from making their clients enjoy the entertainment content. The mass suspension of all sporting activities caused even more disruption though slowed down the contagion rates.

The UK

One of the most popular football tournament – The Premier League – stopped the championship up until April 3, with the prediction prolongation of the suspension. The key moments that caused the termination were the positive coronavirus tests of Chelsea’s forward Callum Hudson-Odoi and Arsenal’s coach Mikel Arteta. It is also claimed that the entire Everton team was asked to self-isolate after an unnamed player showed Covid-19 symptoms.

The English Football League that is in charge of three lower-tier leagues also announced the suspension of all matches until April 3. The games of the FA Cup, as well as Women’s Super League, were mentioned to stop as well until that date. Furthermore, the planned friendly matches of England’s men’s national team that were previously meant to be played against Denmark and Italy were postponed for the time being.

Richard Masters, the PL chief executive, mentioned that their main hopes are about the health of the infected players and the preventative measure to decrease the contagion rate as much as possible.

He also claimed that the PL management team, FA, EFL, and all clubs would support the governmental methods of reassuring the adequate conditions for slowing down the virus spreading.

European Tournaments

European football’s governing organization, UEFA, also postponed all UCL and EL matches for the unspecified period. Also, the draws for the quarterfinals have been suspended until the situation with coronavirus gets better.

Other Major Leagues

In Italy, Spain, and France, the situation is similarly critical. Seria A, La Liga, and Ligue 1 stopped all upcoming matches for the indefinite term. Nothing is different to the Scottish football – all professional football tournaments were postponed for the time being.

In Germany, some matches have been played without fans, but the Bundesliga authorities also decided to suspend the tournament for at least the recommended date – April 2.

Massive suspensions in America

One of the last popular sporting events to be suspended turned out to be the National Hockey League in North America. But due to the worsening situation with Covid-19, the executives of the tournament decided to stop the games for now.

Regardless of how pitiful the decision is, all teams have supported it, claiming that their fans’ health is much more important. Following the worldwide preventative measures, the National Basketball Association, as well as Major League Soccer and Major League Baseball, suspended the upcoming matches.

Unfortunately, Utah Jazz player was the first to get a positive result for Covid-19. Since a lot of teams use the same sporting facilities to conduct training sessions, the decision to stop all major tournaments was reasonable.

Some other US key sporting events that have been cancelled include the NCAA championships, The Division I of both women’s and men’s basketball contests, and all other National Collegiate Athletic Association tournaments.


The Formula 1 drivers and their teams have asked FIA to postpone the opening Grand-Prix in Australia as well as all upcoming pre-season testing. Unfortunately, one of McLaren’s team members has already been infected.

Wide Closure of Gambling Facilities

The impact that the coronavirus has made on the gambling market around the world escalated exceptionally quickly. Following the massive closure of Italian retail betting establishments, several other countries announced the suspension of the local gambling facilities due to the quarantine measures.

The instructed lockdown made several huge operators close their stores all around the globe. Thus, Playtech mentioned to shut down their Snaitech betting offices, and Newgioco complained that the operation termination would have a disastrous influence on their profit.

Following Italian suspension, Holland Casino decided to stop the operation of its establishments till the end of March. In total, 14 gambling facilities have been temporarily closed in the Netherlands.

A similar suspension is taking place in Belgium, where all casinos, betting facilities, and sweepstakes were closed until April 4.

The US Valley Forge Casino Resort was also shut down due to the quarantine measures, following public schools, leisure centres, and places of mass gathering at least until March 27.

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