AEO: “UK Exhibitions are Safe, Secure and Open for Business”

10 february 2022
Author: James Burton
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The representative of AEO, Chris Skeith, has provided a few comments on the current situation in the organising exhibition sphere during the COVID-19 pandemic. In his words, now, the industry in the United Kingdom is in a better state due to toning down many limitations regarding travel, as well as general ease of regulations.

UK exhibitions are safe, secure and open for business

Preparations for ICE

In April, a large event in the gambling industry, the ICE London exhibition, is set to take place. With this in mind, the government is being more lenient about the ongoing pandemic and easing the previous restrictions down.

At the end of January, there was an announcement about the official removal of severe measures that were originally implemented to control the spread of Omicron. Now, the event halls will not require proof of vaccination from their visitors at the entrance, and the masks will not be mandatory to wear. People will also be allowed to approach each other closer without abiding by the strict rules of social distancing.

In February, it was confirmed that people who have been previously vaccinated will not have to get tested when they enter the United Kingdom.

Official Comments

According to Skeith, the entrance of vaccines has become highly successful for the country, and now, it can open up for visitors once again. As he said, the organising team of the event continue to comply with official rules and guidelines that were introduced by the government in order to provide safe space for visitors.

The representative of a highly successful organising company, that has plenty of events in its portfolio, said that some research has shown that clients are feeling secure and optimistic about the event. Such practices as ventilating and deep-cleaning the venue have now become frequent.

Skeith added that, according to client feedback, a lot of people are planning to become customers at the upcoming event. Although the exhibition had to be made less ambitious than it used to be before the pandemic, there have been no issues with the demand from visitors who are looking forward to participating in this large-scale gathering.


According to Stuart Hunter, the main representative of the organising group Clarion Gaming, individuals and companies who have plans to attend the exhibition need to be assured that all the regulations have been complied with. He stated that almost 7 out of 10 customers are ready to recommend the companies that they have interacted with at the exhibitions to their friends and colleagues, as the recent AEO research demonstrated.

In the words of the main organiser, it proves that the in-person events will be highly beneficial for the business ventures, especially the small ones that are planning to expand their influence. He confirmed that there will be 450 companies present at this year's lineup.

The majority of those who are ready to attend the exhibition perform decision-making functions in their companies. Most of them put an emphasis on the importance of ICE London for their businesses, and are keen on finding possible partners there.

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