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African Gambling Industry: Overall Situation and Predictions

22 august 2022
Author: James Burton
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Economies in emerging nations frequently present investment opportunities not to be passed up, and this is specifically the issue in the African iGaming industry.

African gambling industry: state and predictions

Dario De Robertis, an expert in 1Stop Translations, talked about operational capabilities for European brands in the ambitious and fast-growing sector.

Current Situation

The digital gaming sector in Africa is in disarray. However, the locals are anything but technologically behind in terms of using electronic gadgets for entertainment.

For instance, in Nigeria, more than $ 2 billion is spent annually on gambling activities, including:

According to the expert, this is not a sudden phenomenon but rather a normal outcome of the continual advancements the region is making across many fields, particularly in digital communication and development.

Local Players

The passion for gambling and technology among locals is generally a result of the continent's rising standard of living. In comparison to European nations, Africa's medium age is quite low, making young people the majority of the population.

The 18 to 40 age demographic, which is technology-friendly, is extremely drawn to innovations, as is the case around the world. The popularity of sports betting is expanding along with the widespread use of smartphones and other electronic devices.

Mr Robertis continued by predicting that the gaming sector will develop at an annual compound rate of 12% between 2021 and 2026.

Reasons for Evolution

The Covid-19 pandemic had a favourable impact on the African gaming market since it forced people to often stay at home and spend more money on games and consoles. This increased expenditure on entertainment options contributed to a rise in the industry's sales.

African sports events and European tournaments are immensely popular among locals. Ground betting locations have long been a preferred meeting place for young Africans in both big cities and remote communities.

A true boom in virtual wagering has resulted from the obvious shift in social patterns brought on by the pandemic. It has also increased interest in different gambling activities — from slot machines to VR casinos.

Good Performance

Mr Robertis believes that Africa is prepared to provide high-standard gambling services. Due to investments and assistance from the most developed nations, the region has modern web facilities that guarantee the accessibility of online services that are similar to that of Europe.

The expert does not consider it dangerous for an international distributor to enter a market that is still developing. He mentioned that the actual hazard is being shut off from a growing industry, which will continue to increase in the next few years and provide great benefits to those who can act quickly.

Why Is the Business Assistance Needed?

Gambling business in Africa: assistance

To enter the market, an entrepreneur needs to consider numerous variables. Therefore, having a specialist who is knowledgeable about the African gaming business and skilled at identifying the finest solutions for the audience is crucial for the company. Finding the best destinations to operate in is the first step.

Every African nation has behavioural peculiarities, regulations, and cultural norms. For instance, there are certain regions where sports betting is officially legal but traditional gambling is not. In other areas, the absence of relevant rules and regulations encourages the admission of foreign distributors, who are free to sell their services without too many restrictions.

It is essential to establish the optimal fit between the operator's offer and the legislative and cultural aspects of a specific jurisdiction.

How to Select an Operational Partner?

Novice entrepreneurs often choose to collaborate with businesses that help with:

  • localising the partner gaming company's offer according to regional standards;
  • adjusting corporate communications and promotional materials to the needs of clients in that particular country.

The partnership involves performing digital marketing tasks that enable successful business growth:

  • website translation;
  • social media configuration;
  • digital PR, etc.

Mr Robertis adds that to ensure the gaming company has the most possible online exposure, allies should pay close attention to the creation and translation of SEO material. This outcome is also attained through specific technical solutions, such as an effective link-building plan.

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