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ANJ: “Substantial Progress” to Be Made with Responsible Gaming Plans

07 february 2022
Author: James Burton
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The well-known French company ANJ, which is in charge of gaming regulations, has recently announced that there has been massive development when it comes to responsible gambling. The group stated that a lot of businesses have worked out their plans on how to minimise unsafe playing strategies and keep the customers in check.

ANJ: progress to be made with responsible gaming plans

Summary of the Statement

This came right after ANJ has released their annual report of the plans that need to be conducted to maximise the security of the industry. Gambling operators are now required to provide their plan of action regarding the prevention of getting addicted to entertainment products. Additionally, preventive measures are taken against gaming among minors.

It is known that each of these planned outlines needs to have a particular list of steps to be reviewed and put into action by the ANJ regulators.

A year ago, the group had already reviewed the current state of the industry and operator practices that they implement in their businesses. This report included a few major concerns mostly relating to monopoly-based enterprises.

Future Plans

One of the main focuses of ANJ in 2022 will be the prevention of gambling when it comes to minors, as well as protecting them. The company also wants to improve the identification of gamers that play excessively.

The group already has a clear strategy for preventing playing among underage individuals. Their plans include:

  • spreading the agenda related to the harm of gambling as a minor;
  • limiting their access to the operator websites;
  • emphasising on parents controlling their children's online activities.

Additionally, it is required for operators to create stronger processes of an identification check. This will contribute to the plans of restricting underage usage of wagering sites and casino games.

Steps to Prevent Gambling Addiction

Another important measure that was taken to figure out which users have an issue and support their journey to recovery was updating the official definition of addiction to ANJ's version. Apart from that, the regulating group is planning to establish spaces that identify and support gamblers that are addicted to the thrill of play.

As an extra step, ANJ encourages operators to turn to the data they have received from customers. It can be of assistance for them when it comes to detecting addictive patterns and figuring out possible solutions for them.

Comments from ANJ

The regulators have provided their insight on the issue, saying that the problem of unregulated gambling is one of the most consistent issues in the industry. Underage users indulging in these activities is also a big problem that has to be solved initially.

According to ANJ, even though there has already been a lot of progress on the matter, there are still many improvements that are yet to be made. In the words of the regulators, these changes fall on operators, which are ideally supposed to make the fight against unruly gambling their objective. The goals need to be eliminating the suspicious behaviours within the industry and getting help for those who require it.

ANJ has also noted some positive developments that have been made in recent years. The company has stressed the issues of underage gaming being more visible nowadays than it used to be a certain time ago.

Aside from that, there is currently a lot of systemic action that assists businesses in recognising and battling these problems, as well as initiating change for the better.

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