Aristocrat’s New Strategy for Stunning Growth

24 may 2022
Author: James Burton
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The gambling brand Aristocrat shared its plan of boosting profits («build-and-buy») and talked about the growth of the financial condition during the first half of the fiscal year 2021−2022.

Aristocrat’s new strategy for stunning growth

Focus on RMG to Achieve Goals

The company tried to buy one of the leading developer companies, Playtech. However, the shareholders blocked the deal. Immediately after, Aristocrat did not stop and continued to pursue online opportunities in the industry. As a result, the brand announced the launch of a new division that is responsible for creating real-money games.

Aristocrat explicitly states its intention to become the world’s premier gaming developer.

The company claims that real money games are a direct indication of the possibilities of diversification and gradual growth. It also leads to the dissemination of better company content on more sites. All this is possible through the use of strengths, such as the ability to attack attractive adjacencies through a firm strong investment profile and fast operational execution.

Aristocrat states that the new strategy is already fully operating and leading the company to its global goal of being the front-runner in real-money gaming.

Stages for Success

The first step of the company to achieve its goal is to spread to the US market. Aristocrat is going to release 2 products with new partners in 2 states by the end of the year. In the long term, this will allow the brand to occupy a significant part of the market.

Trevor Croker, director of Aristocrat, says the original focus of the new strategy is concentrated on North America. This course is justified by strong ties with its consumers and good relations with the government.

The US as the Main Market to Operate in

Although the US is the main priority of the Aristocrat for the next 5 years, the company does not exclude the possibility of expansion in other markets, such as Europe.

Aristocrat declares its power to become a major player in North America, in three of the six open markets by early 2023.

Mr Crocker says confidently that his corporation has all the capabilities and the latest technology to anchor in the American market. This will give a boost to operations in other countries.

Aristocrat’s Revenue and Expenses

Aristocrat’s revenue and expenses

In the first 6 months of the fiscal year, the brand was able to earn more than $ 3 billion. A certain part of this amount, according to the director, will go to buy projects in the field of online games for real money.

The six-month profit of Aristocrat totalled more than AU$ 2.75 billion, which shows a definite year on year increase of 23%.

The social games department, namely Pixel United, brought most of the company’s total revenue. Its volume increased by 10% in total.

Meanwhile, the organisation continues to make huge profits from slot machines, for example:

  • in America — $ 1.15 billion;
  • in Australia and New Zealand — $ 222.7 million;
  • World Class IIl Games — $ 64.0 million.

Despite staggering results and rising profits, Aristocrat’s expenses were also significantly higher during this year.

The annual expenditures of the brand are:

  • design and development — $ 313 million;
  • administration costs — $ 444 million;
  • financing — $ 178 million.

Trevor Croker specifies that the company has a great performance, even though there are some mixed operating conditions and problems. Also, Aristocrat has done its best to ensure the safety of employees and business, without shifting the organisation's focus from investment to accelerate the growth of the new strategy.

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