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Aristocrat’s Revenue Goes Up by 17.7% in the 2022 Financial Year

18 november 2022
Author: James Burton
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The gambling company Aristocrat has issued a report about the revenue that it has amassed in the recent financial year, which ended in September. There was a 17.7% increase compared to the same period in 2021.

Achievements for the Period

Aristocrat’s revenue goes up by 17.7%

As the report stated, the profits earned by Aristocrat this year were 5.57 billion AUD, which also equals 3.62 billion EUR. Compared to 4.73 billion AUD in 2021, this number is a serious improvement.

Overall, 2022 has been an eventful year for the company. At the beginning of 2022, it agreed to acquire Playtech in what was supposed to be a whopping 2.7 billion GBP deal. However, the agreement failed to happen due to disapproval from the other group’s shareowners.

Not long after this, TTB Partners also offered Aristocrat a takeover agreement. However, the group decided to look for different ways to establish its influence on the market.

Financial Details

The majority of the Aristocrat revenue was brought by the Pixel United sector. Due to this division, the company earned $ 2.59 billion, 5% more than the 2021 number.

Some other statistics:

  1. The land-based business has brought $2.42 billion, a rise of 32.2%, in both of the American regions.
  2. Australia and New Zealand contributed $ 460.7 million, while global Class III gaming amassed $ 106.8 million out of the general amount.
  3. The revenue cost was reported to be $ 2.49 billion, which surpassed last year’s indexes.
  4. The gross profit appeared to be $ 3.07 billion, also rising by 25.1%.

The costs were divided into a few main groups:

  • general, administrative and selling;
  • development and design;
  • financial.

Many of the expenses rose compared to the last year, which made the profit before fees $ 1.22 billion, rising by 31.3%. The tax costs were enhanced by a whole 142.1%.

Generally, Aristocrat’s net profit in the financial year was $ 948.5 million, 15.6% more than in the previous period.

Comments from the Executive

The high-ranking official Trevor Croker said the yearly outcome showed very well that the group has recovered after the pandemic crisis. He noted that the company gained an almost 18% increase in profits, along with yearly earnings of $ 1.1 billion, which surpasses the results of 2019 by nearly 23%.

In the opinion of Mr Croker, this demonstrates that the company’s professionalism and ability to release high-quality products have not been affected by COVID-19. He also praised the segment Pixel United, which centres around mobile social gambling.

Company Plans

Mr Croker also stated that his group is highly focused on searching for lucrative chances. Additionally, there is a significant commitment to the recently rebranded RMG subsidiary Anaxi. The official said that the main business direction is the North American region. However, the ultimate goal of the organisation is to eventually become a worldwide RMG giant.

The expert spoke about investing in Anaxi, saying that there was no specific profitability plan on when the project could be fully paid off. He said that the strategy is to continue investing and observing its progress and voiced belief in the division becoming lucrative for the company overall.

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