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Aspire Partners with TrueLayer to Deliver Payment Innovation

20 october 2022
Author: James Burton
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TrueLayer, the platform which specialises in web banking, has agreed to cooperate with the gambling developer Aspire.

Aspire and TrueLayer release a payment service

The gaming group will get an inventive payment solution, which is expected to cover the brands in the UK and, in the future, the European markets.

About the Cooperation

Aspire has been one of the gambling niche leaders for many years, always creating the most fitting products for operators to use. The company follows technological trends and works on improving the user experience.

The latest financial technology brought up by the company was banking innovations. It is meant to help players with convenient methods of monetary transactions.

With the new invention, gamblers would get:

  • secure environment;
  • immediate depositing;
  • quick money withdrawals.

Using the services from TrueLayer, customers will easily perform transactions and feel safe with their funds. Players also will have an opportunity to put money into accounts at any time without issue. For this, gamblers do not need to type in their data, such as card or bank information.

More Details

Thanks to API, Aspire will be able to manage customer accounts and provide immediate withdrawals of player winnings. The employees of the enterprise will not have to deal with the failures in the system, and gamblers, in turn, will not want to leave the platform because of that.

The integration is performed on a White Label basis. It means that only an operator and a player’s bank will be involved instead of third parties. This leads to the clients putting more trust in the company since all the payment affairs are handled by the operator.

Comments from the Executives

Gil Tal, who represents Aspire, spoke out on the lucrative opportunity of banking improvement, saying that it is an innovative invention that opens up plenty of possibilities for customers. In the executive’s words, it contributes to the players seeing the brand as more trustworthy and staying with it for a longer time.

The official said that partnering up with the banking business is a key to the strategic plans of the group, which are focused on providing the best possible ways of transactions to clients.

TrueLayer’s spokesperson Roberto Villani also provided some insight. He said that cost reduction is in the best interest of operators, and they are trying to come up with different ways to preserve the expenses. This is why the company suggests using its convenient and easy service, which also saves money.

The executive said that the group considers immediate depositing and funding accounts a great benefit for both entrepreneurs and punters. Mr Villani expressed his delight in cooperating with the global enterprise and giving new players a chance to experience gambling at its finest.

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